Whitley Bay Parkrun/Newcastle Parkrun/Colwick Parkrun/Brueton Parkrun

Members of the club took part in 4 Parkruns on Saturday 7th July, the highlight being the performances of Peter GREY and Phil LEE at Whitley Bay, where they finished 1st and 2nd in the male 50 category. Other Harriers competed at Newcastle, Colwick (Nottingham) and Brueton (Solihull). Harriers Parkrun results:

Whitley Bay Parkrun:

6-Peter GREY 18.07 (1st male 50)

24-Mark DOCTOR 20.58

40-Phil LEE 22.38 (2nd male 50)

Newcastle Parkrun:

89-Phil BASTON 23.51

122-Charlotte BASTON 25.40

Colwick Parkrun:

29-Caroline FINDLAY 22.44

Brueton Parkrun:

19-David NOLAN 20.38

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