North Eastern Cross Country Championships

Two Alnwick Harriers made the journey to Sedgefield for the NE Championships but what the Alnwick Harriers lacked in quantity, they made up for in quality. Especially Dave Richardson from Berwick, who was recently crowned Alnwick Harrier Athlete of the Year.

It was a calm and crisp morning when men’s team captain, Andy Squires arrived to put the tent and flag up and fortunately the rain held off until after the senior men’s race had finished. The course was challenging due to some very slippery and muddy conditions, and also the length of the course, which was 12km rather than the usual 10km for harrier leagues.

Dave Richardson’s valiant effort resulted in a time of 42:05, which put him 24th overall and Andy Squires came in with a time of 58:36, which he was very pleased with, considering he only started running again this season, after an extended break of several years.

After the race Andy was pleased to hand Dave his Athlete of the Year trophy, which was thoroughly deserved.

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