Morpeth 10k

On Tuesday 7th August Morpeth Harriers hosted their undulating two lap 10k just outside the town at Tranwell, a race which formed part of our 2018 Grand Prix series. Following on from his outstanding performance in the recent Northumberland Coastal Run Dan TURNBULL once again put in an amazing run to finish 2nd, just over a minute behind the race winner. Dan clocked a very good 33.54, to hold off the 3rd placed runner by just a couple of seconds. James WILLOUGHBY was next back for us in a very good 20th, just over 30 seconds ahead of Dominic HARRIS. Also within the top 50 were Ian SIMON and Jon ARCHER, whilst reasonably new Harrier Laurence REEVES was 51st in 40.24. Peter GREY was winner of the male 60 category and also took home the North East Masters 10k Championships 10k gold medal! 1st Alnwick female back was Tracey SAMPLE in 46.44, whilst Bev BLYTHE ran well and Lorna STEPHENSON clocked a 10k pb! A very good night all round for our athletes.


2-Dan TURNBULL 33.54

20-James WILLOUGHBY 36.54

28-Dominic HARRIS 37.32

31-Ian SIMON 38.19

40-Jon ARCHER 39.07

51-Laurence REEVES 40.24

59-Peter GREY 41.10

62-Jason DAWSON 41.37

79-John CUTHBERT 42.52

120-Tracey SAMPLE 46.44

134-Cris ATWELL 48.50

141-Ian STEPHENSON 49.30

145-Bev BLYTHE 49.53

204-Lorna STEPHENSON 1.04.01

Photos of Dan TURNBULL and Tracey SAMPLE courtesy of Steve MILLER (Sportypix). Grand Prix standings will be updated soon……

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North of Tyne Athletics Network Meeting

Eight younger members of the Junior Alnwick Harriers attended the 5th North of Tyne Athletics Network minors meeting at Whitley Bay on Sunday. A large number of entries attracted good competition on a fantastic day. Ava FINDLAY, Lilia, Xara and now youngest sister Alesia PURVIS all achieved good personal best performances in all the running, jumping and throwing events.

The regular team of year 6 boys also put up a good show with good performances from Harris HALL, Alfie TEMPLE and Oscar CHISHOLM. Liam McDONOUGH was Alnwick’s only Y5 boy but competed well against some good athletes from the other north east clubs.

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Druridge Bay Parkrun/York Parkrun/Aviemore Parkrun/Rutland Water Parkrun/Sheffield Hallam Parkrun/Powburn Show Fell Race/South Shields 10

On Saturday 4th August Millie BREESE continued her impressive form by finishing 1st female once again at the Druridge Bay Parkrun in a very good 19.50. She was also 1st overall Harrier finishing 9th over well over 200 runners. Next home was Robert BADDELEY in 22nd followed by David BARNES in 37th. Our next female home was Alice TETLEY-PAUL who just held off Jo POWELL. Also of note Mel STEER won the female 50 category!


9-Millie BREESE 19.50 (82.10%)

22-Robert BADDELEY 20.56

37-David BARNES 22.20

40-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 22.40 (65.37%)

42-Jo POWELL 22.54 (69.36%)

51-Chris STEWART 23.44

58-Justine NORMAN 23.59 (67.55%)

59-Bev BLYTHE 24.00 (66.18%)

60-Neil HAMILTON 24.01

61-Phil HALL 24.02 (58.53%)

62-Mel STEER 24.04

82-Louise CALLAGHAN 25.26 (70.26%)

114-John ROSS 27.16

126-George WILLIAMS 28.21 (61.49%)

127-Jennifer KNIGHT 28.25

166-Lorna STEPHENSON 31.30 (51.96%)

Down at York Junior Harrier Joseph GODDEN was 35th in 20.26, up at Aviemore David HENDERSON was 16th in 22.30, Junior Harrier Hannah TAYLOR was 62nd at Rutland Water in 23.42 and Kim BRONZE was 194th in a big field at Sheffield Hallam in 25.19.

Later that day 5 Harriers were in action at the 4 mile Powburn Show Hill Race. Mike TELFER won the family battle by beating son Ollie. Kim MORALEE, formerly REDPATH, was our sole female and finished ahead of Ian STEPHENSON and Mark HUME. Results:

15-Mike TELFER 30.24

31-Ollie TELFER 32.34

46-Kim MORALEE 36.00

48-Ian STEPHENSON 36.45

71-Mark HUME 52.36

The following day Shaun LAND had a really good run at the South Shields 10 where he finished 13th of over 450 runners in a splendid 1.06.14!

Above photos are of Bev BLYTHE and Phil HALL/Justine NORMAN at Druridge Bay.

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Druridge Bay Parkrun/Wepre Parkrun/Frimley Lodge Parkrun/Houghton Hall Parkrun/Rising Sun Parkrun/Stratford upon Avon Parkrun/Bakewell Parkrun/Fell Em Doon 10k

A smaller than usual number of Harriers took part in the Drurudge Bay Parkrun on Saturday 28th July, no doubt due to the race of the year the following day, the Northumberland Coastal Run. There were some excellent performances from those who did take part, however, with James WILLOUGHBY putting in another eye catching run. James notched a course pb and finished 4th in 18.21. Carole PAGE was 1st female finisher yet again! She was 20th overall in 21.04. Robert BADDELEY was just behind Carole, with Chris STEWART our 4th finisher. Also of note 9 year old Rebecca HEELEY smashed her previous 5k pb to finish in a splendid 26.30!


4-James WILLOUGHBY 18.21 (71.12%)

20-Carole PAGE 21.04 (88.29%)

21-Robert BADDELEY 21.22

56-Chris STEWART 24.13

63-Neil HAMILTON 24.38

88-Rebecca HEELEY 26.30 (66.23%)

113-Eleanor HEELEY 28.39 (58.06%)

127-George WILLIAMS 29.10 (59.77%)

138-Laura McLEAN Jr 30.07

167-Mark HUME 32.51 (55.86%)

Elsewhere Denis KERR finished 6th and won the male 55 category at the Wepre Parkrun in Flintshire, finishing the 5k in 21.27. Rob ENSER had a rare race at the Frimley Lodge Parkrun in Surrey where he ran a pleasing 21.59 to finish 78th. At Stratford upon Avon Jo POWELL was 3rd female finisher in 22.33, whilst at the Houghton Hall Parkrun in Bedfordshire Alison HUTCHINGS was 83rd in 30.08. At the Rising Sun Parkrun Ian STEPHENSON was round in 24.33 and wife Lorna in 32.32. Finally down at the Bakewell Parkrun Kim BRONZE was 80th in 25.07. Well done Harriers!!

Back on Wednesday 25th July 5Harriers took part in the Fell Em Doon 10k, organised by Ashington Hirst RC.

Here’s how we did……

32-Peter McEWAN 45.18

48-Angie EMBLETON 48.02

101-Chris STEWART 54.40

151-George WILLIAMS 59.57

165-John ROSS 1.02.33

Photos are of Rebecca HEELEY and James WILLOUGHBY at Druridge Bay, and George WILLIAMS at the Fell Em Doon 10k.

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Northumberland Coastal Run

Here are the results for the 2018 Northumberland Coastal Run, held on Sunday 29th July…

Many, many thanks to the superb marshals who cheered on the participants so well despite the grim weather! And of course many thanks to race organiser Tracey SAMPLE who did a fantastic job in organising another great event. The committee would also like to thank several organisations who made the race possible including Rothbury Motors, Alnmouth FC, The National Trust, Rapid Reaction, Alnmouth Links Golf Club and Hipsburn First School. Finally well done to the runners who braved the rain and headwinds!! Hope to see you again next year!

Well done to the race winners who were Tyne Bridge Harrier Tom CHARLTON and for the 2nd year running Morpeth Harrier Jane HODGSON. Tom was the clear winner of this race for his first time, finishing over 3 minutes ahead of 2nd placed Ross FLOYD of Morpeth Harriers. Stephen JACKSON of Elvet Striders was 3rd, ahead of our very own Dan TURNBULL who retained the 1st male Harrier shield. For the women Jane won the event for the 2nd year on the spin, finishing just over 6 minutes ahead of Horsforth Harrier Aisling WALL. Former winner Judith NUTT was 3rd, whilst Alnwicks first finisher was Laura STUBBINGS, having a rare run in a Harriers vest!

2018 Harriers results:

4-Dan TURNBULL 1.26.23

34-Steve PATTERSON 1.35.24

75-Allan FOGGON 1.41.01

117-Adam FLETCHER 1.45.20

123-Jason DAWSON 1.45.52

156-John CUTHBERT 1.47.54

175-Laura STUBBINGS 1.49.33

185-Ian HORSLEY 1.50.30

192-Steve STUDLEY 1.51.20

204-Gareth PEARSON 1.52.05

245-Lisa BASTON 1.54.27

247-Tim FALCONER 1.54.49

343-Mel STEER 2.00.36

484-Ian STEPHENSON 2.10.32

521-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 2.12.32

600-Jo WOODCOCK 2.18.26

631-Emma McGEE 2.20.27

646-Chris FRIEND 2.21.31

678-Stuart EABORN 2.24.43

788-Richard EASTOE 2.34.51

789-Gay EASTOE 2.34.51

818-Eileen GUTHRIE 2.38.16

822-Nell GAIR 2.39.05

827-Linda PATTERSON 2.40.06

831-John ROSS 2.40.42

846-Laura McLEAN Jr 2.43.17

870-Sheelagh WOODCOCK 2.45.58

897-Peter EMBLETON 2.52.25

898-Carol WALL 2.52.29

899-Helen PATTERSON 2.52.30

901-Wendy APPLEBY 2.52.31

902-Helen THOMPSON 2.52.31

903-Laura McLEAN Sr 2.52.31

904-David COOPER 2.52.31

905-Una McCAIG 2.52.32

906-Brenda MALLEN 2.52.33

908-Emma GIVENS 2.52.34

Photos are of female race winner Jane HODGSON (courtesy of Steve MILLER), 1st Harrier Dan TURNBULL and Laura STUBBINGS/Steve STUDLEY.

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Two Nations 7k/NFR LGBT 5k/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Aviemore Parkrun/Holkham Parkrun/Bakewell Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Kings Lynn Junior Parkrun/Wallington 10k

On Sunday 22nd July 3 Harriers took part in the Two Nations 7k, a race organised by the Friends of the Union Chain Bridge in order to raise funds and awareness of the 200 year old wrought iron suspension bridge near Paxton. The highlight of the race from our point of view was Junior Harrier Lauren BROWNs performance where she was 8th overall and winner of the ladies race in 33.29! Just over 2 minutes ahead of her and 5th overall was Adam FLETCHER in 31.19, whilst Mike TELFER was 11th in 34.02.

Back on Friday John CUTHBERT and Laura McLEAN Jr took part in the Northern Frontrunners organised LGBT 5k at the Town Moor in Newcastle. John was 48th home in 20.32 and Laura was 306th in 28.21.

In the world of parkrun the quickest time by our runners on the morning of Saturday 21st July was by Peter GREY at Druridge Bay. Peter finished 11th overall in 20.20 and was comfortably the 1st male 60 home. Just under a minute behind Peter and 1st female finisher once again was Carole PAGE in 21.10. Also for our ladies Jo POWELL was 3rd, Alice TETLEY-PAUL was 4th, Mel STEER was 1st female 50 and Nell GAIR knocked over a minute off her previous 5k pb! Results:

11-Peter GREY 20.20 (78.85%)

15-Carole PAGE 21.10 (87.87%)

32-Jo POWELL 23.14 (68.36%)

33-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 23.16 (63.68%)

36-Mel STEER 23.48

43-Peter EMBLETON 24.43 (69.12%)

71-Neil HAMILTON 26.43

74-Nell GAIR 27.21

82-David COOPER 27.42 (63.66%)

121-Eileen GUTHRIE 31.11 (56.55%)

122-Jennifer KNIGHT 31.12 (48.50%)

123-Linda PATTERSON 31.13

137-Alex KNIGHT 33.07

139-Mark HUME 33.29 (54.80%)

162-George WILLIAMS 41.35

170-Eleanor HEELEY 48.27

Elsewhere David BARNES was winner of the male 45 category at the Aviemore Parkrun where he finished 11th in 21.20. David HINDMARSH was at the Holkham Parkrun on the north Norfolk coast where he was 25th in 21.49. Kim BRONZE was 89th at the Bakewell Parkrun in 24.10 and at Newbiggin Ian STEPHENSON was 22nd in 23.49, whilst wife Lorna was 84th in 34.00.

The following day also in Norfolk young Tess HINDMARSH ran really well at the Kings Lynn Junior Parkrun where she was 7th of 70 runners and 2nd female in 9.14. Well done Tess!!!

Finally, back on Wednesday 18th July 2 Harriers took part in the notoriously undulating Wallington 10k. Angie EMBLETON was an excellent 5th female and winner of the female 45 category, by finishing 35th overall in 46.56. George WILLIAMS was 111th and 3rd in the male 65 category, finishing 111th in 1.01.39.

Above photos are of Lauren BROWN/Mike TELFER at Paxton, John CUTHBERT/Laura McLEAN Jr at the Town Moor and Jo POWELL/Alice TETLEY-PAUL at Druridge Bay.

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North East Youth Development League-Fixture 4

Going into the 4th and final North East Youth Development League athletics meeting on Sunday 15th July Alnwick Harriers were placed 3rd overall. They were just one place behind Tynedale Harriers who were 2nd to Gateshead Harriers. The combined team of Alnwick Harriers and Blyth Running Club were well represented with a turnout of nearly 40 athletes. It was a hot day with a light breeze so although not ideal for the middle distance runners, conditions were excellent for sprinting, throwing and jumping.

Talia THOMPSON (U15) had another excellent days throwing managing personal best throws in all her events. Talia won the discus with a new club record (CR) throw of 19.47m and team mate Maddy HALL was runner up with a good 15.22m. Maddy threw further in the hammer with an excellent personal best of 18.55m (CR) to finish 2nd overall and Talia was 3rd with 18.07m. Finally in the Shot Put Talia was runner up (8.84m) and Maddy 6th with 6.08m. An excellent days throwing by the girls.

Finlay TELFER (U15) threw an excellent personal best and club record of 18.41m in the boys hammer (4kg) to come 3rd. Finlay was also 3rd in his Shot Put and Javelin competitions. In the U13 throwing events Ellie PRICE showed exceptional promise finishing in 2nd place in only her second shot put competition throwing 5.79m. In the Javelin Billy CLAYTON managed a long throw of 22.12m and Harris HALL 18.59m.

The high jump provided much excitement with Ollie TELFER surprising himself by jumping a fantastic 1.60m setting a new club record to win the U17 boys competition. Joseph GODDEN jumped 1.35m, Millie BREESE 1.28m, Ellie PRICE 1.20m and Beth CARRAGHER 1.15m. An excellent day for the high jumpers who have been practising hard recently with Sue SKIRROW.

In the long jump Joseph GODDEN (U15) jumped furthest on the day of the Alnwick athletes with 4.55m. Sam POTTS and Hannah JOHNSTON both managed 3.86m jumping furthest for the girls. Jess MOSES managed a good 3.48m and in the U13’s Evie GODDEN jumped 2.79m.

On the track the fastest Alnwick Sprinter was Sam POTTS completing the 100m in 14.0s. Eleanor HEELEY was the quickest U13 girl in 16.6s.

In the 800m the fastest times were recorded by Millie BREESE and Hannah JOHNSTON only being separated by 0.1s. Hannah ran a well-paced race finishing strongly over the last 100m but wasn’t quite quick enough to beat Millie to the line who finished in 2nd overall place in an excellent personal best of 2.32s. James CARRAGHER and Joseph GODDEN ran the U15 boys race and Ellie PRICE ran a good 3.01s in the U13 race.

The exceptionally warm conditions seemed to discourage the 1500m runners and as a result of the low numbers the U17 and U15 boys and girls were combined for their race. Lauren BROWN, Ollie TELFER and Ben MURRAY JOHN all lined up together for their race. Ollie was second home overall in a personal best time of 4.41s, Ben next Alnwick runner with 4.54 then Lauren winning the girls race in a good time of 5.05s. Max MURRAY JOHN (U13) ran an excellent race finishing 2nd in a good time of 5.10s. In the girls race Beth CARRAGHER was first Alnwick girl home in 6.14s with Evie GODDEN and Eleanor HEELEY not far behind.

It was an excellent day for the Alnwick and Blyth team and a fantastic conclusion to the league. All of the athletes performed superbly and made excellent progress, dozens of personal best performances were achieved and several Club records broken.

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Sunderland 5k/Beacon Hill Fell Race/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Fountains Abbey Parkrun/Vogrie Parkrun/Basingstoke Parkrun/Sheffield Hallam Parkrun/Whitley Bay Parkrun/Kelso 10k

Well done to Dan TURNBULL who on Wednesday 11th July smashed David KIRKLANDs previous 5k club record of just over 16 minutes, by clocking a quite outstanding 15.43 at the Sunderland 5k. Superb! He finished 21st in a high class field, whilst Peter McEWAN was 147th Senior male in 20.43. Mark HUME also took part and finished 32.39.

The following night renowned fell pony David HINDMARSH was in action in the Beacon Hill Fell Race near Rothbury, a race known amongst some Harriers as “The Gary Cowell”. David was 53rd finisher in this tough 6 miler in 1.35.01.

On Saturday 14th July Carole PAGE was 1st finisher at the Druridge Bay Parkrun for the 44th time! She was 12th overall and was 1st Harrier home in 21.41. David BARNES was one place further back, whilst Alice TETLEY-PAUL was our 3rd athlete home. Also of note Junior Harrier Louise SYERS knocked almost 2 minutes off her previous 5k pb as she finished in 26.47! Results:

12-Carole PAGE 21.41 (85.78%)

13-David BARNES 21.46

31-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 24.08

65-Louise SYERS 26.47

66-Graham SYERS 26.47

90-David COOPER 28.32 (61.80%)

91-Peter EMBLETON 28.33 (59.84%)

99-John CUTHBERT 28.53 (44.89%)

100-Laura McLEAN Jr 28.54

103-Eleanor HEELEY 28.59

140-Mark HUME 32.53

144-Rebecca HEELEY 33.25

At the Fountains Abbey Parkrun Harris HALL was 50th in 21.52, 1 place and 1 second ahead of dad Phil. Mum Justine NORMAN was in 107th in 24.21 and Maddy HALL was 137th in 25.12. John ROSS was 55th at the Vogrie Parkrun near Edinburgh in 28.07, George WILLIAMS was 306th at Basingstoke in 28.45, Kim BRONZE was at the Sheffield Hallam Parkrun where he was home in 30.22 and Alison HUTCHINGS was at Whitley Bay where she was 388th in 31.58.

The following day John ROSS was in action again when he finished the Kelso 10k in 1.01.57 to finish 144th.

Photos are of Dan TURNBULL at Sunderland and David COOPER/Peter EMBLETON at Druridge Bay.

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Chevy Chase/Druridge Bay Parkrun/South Shields Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Bakewell Parkrun/Frimley Lodge Parkrun/Great North 10k/Tynedale 10k/Bridges of the Tyne 5 Miler/Berwick Curfew Run/Peterhead Half Marathon

On Saturday 7th July 3 Harriers took part in the tough 20 mile Chevy Chase Fell race in scorching heat! Adam FLETCHER was our 1st runner home in 29th pace overall in 3.52.04. Our other 2 finishers were Karen KELLY and Lisa BASTON who finished within seconds of each other in 5.11.37 and 5.11.42. Well done to all 3 for completing this race in such tough conditions.

Earlier in the day 11 Harriers took part in the Druridge Bay Parkrun. 1st home for us and in a course pb was new member Laurence REEVES. He was 7th home in 19.48. Also of note Diana WEIGHTMAN was 1st in the female 55 category, whilst Junior Harrier Eleanor HEELEY scored a huge pb and Sue SKIRROW also notched a course best. Results:

7-Laurence REEVES 19.48 (65.15%)

23-David BARNES 22.17

51-Diana WEIGHTMAN 24.54

58-Eleanor HEELEY 25.37 (64.93%)

75-Laura McLEAN Jr 27.33

81-Justine NORMAN 27.46

87-George WILLIAMS 28.12

103-Phil HALL 29.19

106-Sue SKIRROW 29.31

136-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 31.35

158-Mark HUME 34.47

In other parkruns elsewhere round the country there were some more decent performances, including age category wins! Just down the coast Peter GREY once again won the male 60 age category at South Shields clocking 20.27 to finish 11th overall. David HINDMARSH finished a splendid 8th and 1st in the male 55 category at Newbiggin By The Sea in 22.28. Further away Kim BRONZE was 55th at the Bakewell parkrun in Derbyshire in 25.20 and John ROSS was home in 29.21 at the Frimley Lodge Parkrun in Surrey.

The following day 2 Harriers were in action in the Great North 10k. Adam STOTT was across the line in 46.49 and Jo POWELL finished in 48.14.

Back on Wednesday 4th July 2 Harriers travelled down to take part in the Tynedale 10k. Both put in decent performances with Angie EMBLETON finishing 128th in 47.00, whilst Denise DRUMMOND was 183rd in 50.52.

The night before just the 1 Harrier took part in the Bridges of the Tyne 5 Miler. Well done to Laura McLEAN Jr who finished 273rd in 43.50. As Laura is the only female to tackle a 5 mile race this year so far she is in our Hall of Fame at the moment!!

Annabel LILLICO took her second trophy in 2 successive road races by winning the first lady trophy in the Tweed Striders organised Berwick Curfew Run on Wednesday 4th July, a 1.3mile dash, single circuit around the town’s Elizabethan Walls, on a circular route to beat the sound of the Curfew bells with a challenging steep hill included. Annabel completed the circuit in 8.56 to take the first senior lady trophy following winning the First Under 40 Female trophy at the Peterhead half marathon in June. Annabel and dad Jim marked their 4th half marathon in 2 months by completing the recent Peterhead Half Marathon. The challenge over the 4 runs, was to run together at all times, carry out a European Run (Berlin Half Marathon), Large City Run ( Leeds Half Marathon), a half marathon trail (the challenging, some say brutal Durham Coastal Marathon) and a running club arranged run at Peterhead.

The plan at Peterhead, the last of the quartet, was to gain a PB for Annabel and best in age group for Jim. Success for Annabel as she came first in the under 40 women class and Jim finished 2nd in the male 60 category. Both received their awards in a podium presentation and represented Alnwick Harriers in team colours. Well done to Annabel as through hard work, training and commitment it all paid just rewards!

Above photos are of Lisa BASTON/Karen KELLY at the Chevy Chase, Laurence REEVES at Druridge Bay and Annabel LILLICO at Berwick.

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Whitley Bay Junior Parkrun/Run Northumberland Coquet Valley 10k and Half Marathon/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Riverside Parkrun/Run Northumberland Kirkley 10k

On Sunday 1st July Lauren BROWN headed down to Whitley Bay to take part in their weekly 2k Junior parkrun. Lauren ran superbly to win the race! She was 1st of 251 runners in a brilliant 7.03. This was not only the 4th fastest overall time in the events history, but is now a female course record! Great work Lauren!

Also that day there was another race win courtesy of Carole PAGE at the Run Nation Coquet Valley 10k! Carole was 1st female and 9th overall in a very good 44.42 on a testing course. Meanwhile in the Half Marathon Mel STEER was 2nd female home in 1.47.03 and was 2nd in the female 50 category!

The previous day a decent number of Harriers took part in the Druridge Bay parkrun, with Steve PATTERSON finishing a very good 3rd overall in 17.58. Not far behind in 5th place was Ian SIMON in 18.28. Next home for us was Carole PAGE who finished 2nd female in 17th overall. Also of note Junior Harriers Rebecca HEELEY and Louise SYERS ran huge 5k pbs!


3-Steve PATTERSON 17.58

5-Ian SIMON 18.28 (78.61%)

17-Carole PAGE 21.12 (87.67%)

22-Robert BADDELEY 21.34

111-George WILLIAMS 28.10

113-Rebecca HELLEY 28.16

115-Linda PATTERSON 28.34

120-Louise SYERS 28.44

121-Graham SYERS 28.46

122-John ROSS 28.49

131-Jennifer KNIGHT 29.30

160-Stuart BRUCE 32.19

200-Jason DAWSON 40.38

Just down the coast Dominic HARRIS put in a great run to finish 2nd of 118 runners in a brilliant 18.44 at the Newbiggin Parkrun. Finally for the 5k distance Mark HUME took part in the Riverside Parkrun at Chester le Street and finished 351st in 32.53.

Finally, back on Wednesday 27th June 2 Harriers were in action in the Kirkley 10k. Mel STEER was brilliant once again, finishing 38th overall and 2nd in her age category in 47.23. Meanwhile George WILLIAMS was 84th and 2nd in the male 65 category in 58.15.

Photos are of Lauren BROWN at Whitley Bay and Ian SIMON/Carole PAGE at Druridge Bay.

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