Port of Blyth 10k/Manchester Marathon/Berlin Half Marathon/Druridge Bay Marathon and Half Marathon/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Crissy Field Parkrun

On Sunday 8th April a good number of Harriers were in action in the latest of the 2018 Grand Prix races, Port of Blyth 10k. There were some excellent performances not least from new signing Dave RICHARDSON who was a brilliant 11th finisher in 34.39. Also in the top 50 were Ian SIMON and Steve PATTERSON, who were just a few seconds apart. Allan FOGGON and Jon ARCHER were a couple of minutes further back and were both inside the top 100. Slightly further back John CUTHBERT notched a 10k best, whilst Tim FALCONER is getting his form back and Peter McEWAN had a decent run. For the ladies Tracey SAMPLE worked her way through the field to finish 1st female Harrier ahead of Lisa WILLIAMS and Angie EMBLETON. Grand Prix results will be out asap!

Results (chip timings):

11-Dave RICHARDSON 34.39

46-Ian SIMON 37.39

48-Steve PATTERSON 37.46

83-Allan FOGGON 39.29

87-Jon ARCHER 39.35

119-John CUTHBERT 41.13

134-Tim FALCONER 42.18

176-Peter McEWAN 43.58

223-Neil HAMILTON 46.18

245-Paul ROBINSON 47.45

252-Tracey SAMPLE 47.59

257-Lisa WILLIAMS 48.19

258-Angie EMBLETON 48.12

279-Mike HENRY 49.06

304-Chris FRIEND 50.09

307-Denise DRUMMOND 50.20

325-Louise CALLAGHAN 50.57

347-Ian ATHERTON 52.26

404-John ROSS 56.04

421-Laura McLEAN Jr 57.09

563-Mark HUME 1.14.17

Elsewhere 2 Harriers took part in the Manchester Marathon that day. On his marathon debut Dominic HARRIS finished in a fine 3.16.52, whilst Lisa BASTON was round in 3.49.01.

3 Harriers also travelled overseas to take part in the Berlin Half Marathon. Annabel and Jim LILLICO ran together and both finished in 1.52.01, whilst Jackie PROUSE completed the race in 2.10.55.

Finally for Sunday 3 Harriers were in action in the Druridge Bay Marathon and Half Marathon events. Cris ATWELL represented us in the full marathon, his 50th ever race at the distance. Despite not being fully match fit Cris finished 29th in 4.33.33. In the 13.1 mile race Mel STEER performed very well to win the female 50 age category. Mel finished 19th overall in 1.45.05, whilst Paul DELLBRIDGE was 70th in 2.19.41.

The previous day a whole host of Harriers were in action in the Druridge Bay Parkrun. The highlights were another splendid run by Junior Harrier Millie BREESE who was 2nd female finisher, whilst Robert BADDELEY and Mel STEER were both victorious in the aged 50 categories.


11-Millie BREESE 20.58 (77.66%)

15-Robert BADDELEY 21.22

31-Harris HALL 22.44 (67.30%)

32-Phil HALL 22.45

33-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 22.49

34-Dominic HARRIS 22.54

40-Neil HAMILTON 23.24

41-Mel STEER 23.29

46-Graham SKIRROW 23.56

50-Chris STEWART 24.10 (56.07%)

63-Euan FRIEND 25.24

65-Ian STEPHENSON 25.38 (60.99%)

66-Cris ATWELL 25.39 (60.95%)

95-Beth CARRAGHER 27.24 (59.43%)

104-Laura McLEAN Jr 28.22

133-Linda PATTERSON 30.45

134-Sarah GRAY 30.48

182-Lorna STEPHENSON 35.18 (46.36%)

Across the pond Jo POWELL took part in the Crissy Field Parkrun, a lovely looking 5k in the shadow San Franciscos Golden Gate Bridge. Jo was 1st in the female 45 category in 23.54 to finish 31st. Finally John ROSS was in action at the Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun where he finished 42nd in 28.51.

Above photos are of Dave RICHARDSON and Paul ROBINSON/Lisa WILLIAMS at Blyth, the LILLICOs in Berlin, whilst Chris STEWART and Lorna STEPHENSON were at Druridge Bay.

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Good Friday Relays/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Stratford Parkrun/North Tyneside 10k

On Friday 30th March 3 Harriers teams entered the Elswick Harriers organised Good Friday Relays at Newburn. The trio of Tracey SAMPLE, Jocelyn BOLAM and Alice TETLEY-PAUL battled well and finished 62nd of 114 teams. Thanks to Jocelyn for stepping in at the last minute! Meanwhile for the men 2 teams of 4 took part and again all ran really well. For our A team Dan TURNBULL and Dan LENG finished within a second of each other, whilst Steve PATTERSON and Dominic HARRIS were 3 seconds apart. In the B team all 4 Harriers were also close together in terms of times, with James WILLOUGHBY and Ian SIMON also finishing within a second of each other. Our A team were a brilliant 17th of 188 teams, whilst our B team were 45th. There are 2 other Relays to come so keep your eyes peeled for info….


17-Dan LENG 11.27, Steve PATTERSON 12.16, Dominic HARRIS 12.13 and Dan TURNBULL 11.26. Total 47.22.

45-Allan FOGGON 13.38, Ian SIMON 12.42, Jon ARCHER 13.06 and James WILLOUGHBY 12.41. Total 52.07.


62-Tracey SAMPLE 15.34, Jocelyn BOLAM 19.02 and Alice TETLEY-PAUL 15.23. Total 49.59.

At the Druridge Bay Parkrun on Saturday 31st March Tim FALCONER and Robert BADDELEY were our 1st finishers in 16th and 18th places, whilst for the women Carole PAGE was 3rd finisher on her 100th parkrun. Also for our women Justine NORMAN was 1st in the 45 category.


16-Tim FALCONER 21.41

18-Robert BADDELEY 21.56

30-Carole PAGE 23.09

38-Justine NORMAN 24.18

39-Phil HALL  24.21

41-Chris FRIEND 24.28

50-Peter EMBLETON 25.18

64-Euan FRIEND 25.54

81-Cris ATWELL 26.53

87-David COOPER 27.30

107-Mairi CAMPBELL 29.17

115-John ROSS 30.16

141-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 35.01

159-Lorna STEPHENSON 37.58

Down at the Newbiggin Parkrun David HINDMARSH was 1st in the male 55 category in 22.42, finishing 9th overall, whilst Mark HUME was 64th in 37.38. Finally at the Stratford upon Avon Jo POWELL ran well to finish 87th overall and 1st in the female 45 category.

The following day 5 Harriers took part in the North Tyneside 10k. John CUTHBERT was 1st home for us in 44.08, followed by Laura McLEAN Jr in 52.35. Further back Phil LEE finished in 56.00, Carol DAVISON in 56.24 and Ron McCORMACK in 1.14.20.

Above photos are of Ian SIMON and our women at the Elswick Relays.

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Blaydon Race Bus

The race is sold out and the bus is now booked for the Blaydon Race on Saturday 9th June! Many thanks to John CUTHBERT for sorting the online booking system where Harriers can bag a seat for a measly £5 return!! Non Harriers are also welcome to buy a seat. Its a 33 seater so get on-board asap! All the details are here  https://www.sportsentrysolutions.com/product_page_preview.php?recordID=200799.

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Brough Law Fell Race/Kielder Dark Skies 26.5 and 14/Beeston Parkrun/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Rising Sun Parkrun/Camperdown Parkrun

On Sunday 25th March 2 Harriers took part in the Brough Law Fell Race, the curtain raiser to the 2018 fell racing season. On a glorious morning Steve PATTERSON finished 20th of over 150 finishers in 44.18, whilst Steve STUDLEY finished the 5 mile race in 51.51 to finish 69th.

Also that day 3 Harriers were in action in the Kielder Dark Skies 14. John CUTHBERT ran a superb race to finish 12th overall in 1.59.14, one place ahead of Adam FLETCHER in 1.59.38. Laura McLEAN Jr was 100th in 2.34.01. The previous night 4 Harriers took part in the longer version of the Dark Skies weekend, the 26.5 mile race. Dave and Maureen BARTRUM ran together and finished 135th and 136th respectively in 5.06.02 and 5.06.05, whilst Carol DAVISON was 162nd in 5.18.03 and Shelley COATES was round in 6.52.12 to finish in 273rd.

On Saturday morning last weeks North East Harrier cross country hero Dan LENG was in action in the Beeston Parkrun, near Nottingham. Dan ran comfortably the fastest 5k of the year by a Harrier so far to finish 3rd in a brilliant 16.57.

At the Rising Sun Parkrun, Wallsend Mike HENRY ran 24.58 to finish 1st in the male 65 category in 24.58, whilst up at the Camperdown Parkrun, Dundee Neil HAMILTON was 16th in 22.17.

Close to home a large number of Harriers descended on Druridge Bay to take part in the parkrun, which was held in decent conditions for seemingly the first time this year! It was a good morning for the Junior Harriers as Ollie TELFER was the 1st of 3 to gain course personal bests. Ollie knocked just over a minute off his previous best to finish an amazing 2nd in 18.26. In 10th was Joseph GODDEN, whilst slightly further back Euan FRIEND was the 3rd of the successful Juniors round in 24.31. Also of note new Harrier Jo POWELL was 3rd female finisher, whilst another new recruit Ian STEPHENSON completed his 100th parkrun! Results:

2-Ollie TELFER 18.26 (76.94%)

10-Joseph GODDEN 20.31 (70.67%)

17-Tim FALCONER 21.15

22-David BARNES 22.02

34-Chris FRIEND 24.17

37-Jo POWELL 24.22

38-Euan FRIEND 24.31

41-Robert STEPHENSON 25.03 (54.69%)

43-Chris STEWART 25.10 (53.84%)

45-Ian STEPHENSON 25.28 (61.39%)

66-Kim BRONZE 27.59 (55.39%)

83-David COOPER 29.24 (59.30%)

84-Peter EMBLETON 29.24 (58.11%)

115-Lorna STEPHENSON 33.28 (48.90%)

123-Rebecca HEELEY 34.41

147-Graham SYERS 42.11

Above photos are of Steve PATTERSON at Brough Law, John CUTHBERT and Laura McLEAN Jr at Kielder and Ian STEPHENSON in his 100th parkrun at Druridge Bay.

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Trimpell 20/Hardmoors 55/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Cheltenham Parkrun/Sheffield Hallam Parkrun/High Fells Of Thrunton Night 10k

On Sunday 18th March 3 Harriers headed across the Pennines to Lancaster to tackle the Trimpell 20, a popular training race for those taking part in spring marathons. Richard JOHNSON ran an impressive time of 2.05.52 to finish a superb 8th overall, whilst John CUTHBERT was 104th in 2.38.01 and Laura McLEAN Jr was 255th in 3.04.06.

The previous day Andy STEPHENSON was in action in the Hardmoors 55, a race from Helmsley to Guisborough, in what he described as the worst weather he’d ever encountered with a wind chill factor of -16. Andy finished in 13.06.40 which was over 2 and a half hours faster than last year, a brilliant performance. The weather was so bad that the local mountain rescue team were called into action to help over 100 runners after it was deemed unsafe for them to carry on. He’s some man is Andy!

Also that day at a cold and muddy Druridge Bay Alice TETLEY-PAUL was 1st female finisher in 23.23 to finish 13th overall. Also for the ladies Mel STEER was 3rd finisher, whilst for the chaps David BARNES was 11th overall. Results:

11-David BARNES 22.57

13-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 23.23

19-Mel STEER 24.50

38-Ian STEPHENSON 28.34

42-Jennifer KNIGHT 29.18

50-Linda PATERSON 30.57

61-Lorna STEPHENSON 35.10

Elsewhere David HINDMARSH rounded off a week at the Cheltenham Festival by finishing the local parkrun in 25 minutes dead, whilst Kim BRONZE was 268th in 28.12 at the Sheffield Hallam Parkrun.

Finally 3 Harriers were in action in the High Fells Of Thrunton Night 10k. Held in pretty grim and freezing weather Dave and Maureen BARTRUM ran together to finish 32nd and 33rd respectively in 2.03.44 and 2.03.47, whilst Helen DICKINSON was 45th in 2.09.38.

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NEHL Alnwick

The curtain came down on another North East Harrier League cross country season at our rearranged fixture in The Pastures on Saturday 17th March. The snow from 2 weeks before had gone, though the conditions were tough and muddy, coupled with cold temperatures. Many thanks to the members of Alnwick Harriers who turned out to volunteer on the day and to the members of the committee who helped to make the event a great success, particularly Adam SPILLER and Steve STUDLEY. Also many thanks to Northumberland Estates, Alnwick Gardens and to the North East Harrier League committee amongst others.

Going into the fixture the Senior Men were in with an outside chance of promotion to Division 1, sitting 3rd in Division 2. However a top place finish on the day coupled with slip-ups from Jarrow & Hebburn AC and Gosforth Harriers were needed to gain promotion. Team captain Dominic HARRIS has done a superb job all season getting decent teams together to participate in the fixtures, and despite his best efforts we fell short finishing 3rd on the day thus missing out on promotion narrowly. There were some amazing performances from the men including a race victory for Slow Pack runner Daniel LENG! Dan made the long trip up from university in Nottingham to take part in his first race of the season and easily won the race, finishing well over a minute ahead of his closest rival. David MILNE, from the Fast Pack, ran the 5th fastest time of the day to finish 10th overall of the 345 finishers. He has been immense all season, as has Dominic HARRIS. Early on in the season Dominic indicated that he hoped to be promoted to the Fast Pack and in this final race of the season he was promoted in some style, finishing 28th overall. Other counters for the team were Jon ARCHER from the Slow Pack and Medium Pack runners Steve PATTERSON and Adam FLETCHER. There were also decent club debuts for Denis KERR and Michael APPLEBY. Many thanks to all the Senior Men who’ve turned out this season. There’s always next season!

Senior Men:

1-Dan LENG 38.42 (S)
10-David MILNE 42.17 (F)
28-Dominic HARRIS 43.44 (M)
79-Jon ARCHER 45.25 (S)
132-Steve PATTERSON 46.56 (M)
141-Adam FLETCHER 47.05 (M)
156-Denis KERR 47.28 (S)
163-Rob MURRAY JOHN 47.42 (S)
171-Steve STUDLEY 47.49 (S)
214-Mike TELFER 49.34 (S)
234-Michael APPLEBY 50.51 (S)
236-Andrew WILDE 50.53 (S)
243-Tim FALCONER 51.25 (S)
247-Chris CALVERT 51.57 (S)
251-Dave HENDERSON 52.31 (S)

The Senior Women secured their Division 1 status in the penultimate fixture of the season at Thornley Hall Farm recently, so just had pride to play for in this final race. The team battled well, with captain Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS leading from the front, to finish 6th of the 10 teams in the Division giving them a 7th placed overall finish which is a decent effort considering the size of our squad compared to others in the league. Jo was 18th overall on the day from the Fast Pack, finishing just under 30 seconds ahead of Tracey SAMPLE. Tracey was meant to be competing elsewhere however inclement weather meant that she stayed local and put in a brilliant effort, just missing out on Medium Pack promotion! Our 3rd finisher was Medium Pack runner Alice TETLEY-PAUL who had already finished 1st female at the Druridge Bay Parkrun a few hours earlier, whilst 4th home was Frances WILDE. In terms of the overall Grand Prix standings Jo was a superb 2nd of over 600 runners in the Veteran Women table, whilst Alice was 10th in the Senior Women charts. Also well done to Alice who has taken part in all 6 of the races this season.

Senior Women:

29-Tracey SAMPLE 34.31 (S)
61-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 35.44 (M)
84-Frances WILDE 36.45 (S)
97-Justine NORMAN 37.04 (S)
115-Bev BLYTHE 38.03 (S)
132-Louise CALLAGHAN 39.14 (S)
133-Ruth DOCTOR 39.16 (S)

In terms of the Juniors there were too many individual results to mention, but thank you to each and every one of the Juniors who pulled on a Harriers vest throughout the season. Thanks to the parents and to the marvellous coaches who got the kids trained and inspired to compete this season.

Thanks to the Under 13 Girls who stepped up to compete whilst Lauren BROWN and Millie BREESE were away at the Schools Nationals that day. Their result on the day was good enough to win the overall league despite North Shields Poly putting out a team that won on the day. A brilliant team effort by everyone who competed in any of the 6 races this year. The Under 15 Boys won on the day, securing them 4th place in their league and the Under 13 Boys were 2nd on the day. Results:

Boys Under 17s:

9-Daniel HARRISON-FRATER 30.42 (S)

Boys Under 15s:

2-Barnabas HARVEY 13.53 (S)
5-Cameron PRENTICE 14.41 (S)
7-Ben MURRAY JOHN 14.56 (F)
10-Max BREESE 15.02 (S)
11-Oliver TELFER 15.03 (F)
24-James CARRAGHER 16.02 (S)
26-Joseph GODDEN 16.13 (F)
27-Owen DOUGLAS 16.35 (S)
29-Ryan HARRISON-FRATER 17.12 (S)

Girls Under 15s:

8-Ailsa BATLEY 17.08 (S)
16-Maddy HALL 19.07 (S)

Boys Under 13s:

3-Gregor BATLEY 14.54 (S)
8-Max MURRAY JOHN 15.32 (F)
23-Finlay WILDE 16.32 (F)
30-Luke STUDLEY 17.03 (S)
41-Finlay TELFER 22.02 (S)

Girls Under 13s:
15-Sam POTTS 18.06 (F)
16-Katie KNIGHT 18.13 (S)
19-Beth CARRAGHER 18.26 (S)
31-Abbie DAVIES 19.52 (S)

Girls Under 11s:

6-Molly JOHNSTON 5.09
8-Lilia PURVIS 5.11
17-Evie GODDEN 5.29
22-Tilly HALL 6.11
24-Xara PURVIS 6.14
25-Rebecca HEELEY 6.20
26-Louise SYERS 6.25
29-Jess CARTER 6.34
34-Grace O’MALLEY 7.14

Boys Under 11s:

9-Harris HALL 4.59
13-Liam MCDONOUGH 5.04
16-Cooper WILDE 5.06
17-Jack PRICE 5.09
18-Ruaridh BATLEY 5.11
29-Harry KNOX 5.26
30-Alex KNIGHT 5.27
41 -Ben STUDLEY 5.40
42-Alfie TEMPLE 5.41

Here’s the full list of results from Alnwick http://www.harrierleague.com/results/2017-18/Alnwick/ and the final league standings http://www.harrierleague.com/results/2017-18/teams/. You can put your spikes away till the Autumn!

Photos are of Dan LENG, Jon ARCHER, Frances WILDE and some of the Junior Harriers!

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North East Combined Sportshall Regional Finals/Gateshead Indoor Series

The North East Combined Regional Sportshall Regional Finals sadly clashed with the rescheduled North East Harrier League cross country at Alnwick on Saturday 17th March. Despite that 12 Alnwick Harrier Juniors travelled to South Shields to represent Northumberland. Their team comprised of athletes from Blyth RC, Morpeth Harriers and Tynedale Harriers, and they took on strong opposition from the counties of Durham and Tyne and Wear.

The athletes are required to participate in a range of indoor events with emphasis on competing as a team and encouraging the individuals to partake in a range of different track and field events. The Alnwick Juniors bonded together well with the athletes from the other clubs and formed an excellent team.

The reduced team meant all the athletes had to enter the maximum number of events often competing outside of their comfort zone. Ben CARTER and Antje HALL didn’t limit themselves to their preferred throwing disciplines, performing admirably in the endurance races. The Under 11 girls had to compete at virtually all the events with Eleanor HEELEY barely drawing breath between heats. Leila and Talia THOMPSON were both in throwing action with Talia winning the shot putt. Both the THOMPSONs even had to run to make up team numbers. Olivia TEMPLE ran an excellent four lap race and qualified for the final.

All the athletes showed excellent team spirit and did everything they could on the day to contribute to a successful team performance.

Talia THOMPSON also took part in the shot putt at the Gateshead Indoor Series on Thursday 15th March. Talia performed superbly to win the competition with an excellent throw of 8.04m to extend her own club record! This was the final indoor event of the winter with competition moving outdoors next month.

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Druridge Bay Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Bushy Parkrun/Workington Parkrun/Ingram to Wooler Border Trail Race/Inter Counties Cross Country Champs

On a filthy old morning down at Druridge Bay 7 Harriers battled their way through mud and puddles to finish the 5k parkrun. 1st Harrier home was reasonably new Harrier Robert BADDELEY in 22.15, whilst other headlines include Mel STEER and Carole PAGE who were 2nd and 3rd females home. Results:

13-Robert BADDELEY 22.15

26-Mel STEER 24.02

27-Neil HAMILTON 24.05

28-Harris HALL 24.18

31-Carole PAGE 24.35

36-Phil HALL 25.15

121-Lorna STEPHENSON 36.09

Elsewhere Helen DICKINSON travelled down to tackle the original Parkrun at Bushy Park where she finished in 28.22. Richard EASTOE completed the Workington Parkrun in 29.13 and Stuart BRUCE finished the Newbiggin event in 37.38.

The following day a number of Harriers were in action in the first race in the Border Trail series, a tough 10 miler from Ingram Valley to Wooler. Well done to all for taking part. Steve STUDLEY improves week after week and finished a brilliant 13th of over 100 runners, whilst Alice TETLEY-PAUL was our 1st female finisher. Results:

13-Steve STUDLEY 1.23.59

47-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 1.39.09

49-Dave BARTRUM 1.41.22

52-Mel STEER 1.42.29

67-Maureen BARTRUM 1.50.09

83-Carol DAVISON 1.56.36

84-Kim BRONZE 1.56.46

89-Mairi CAMPBELL 2.00.11

Finally well done to Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS and Junior Harrier Lauren BROWN who both represented the region in the Inter Counties Championships at Loughborough on Saturday. The course at Prestwold Hall was exceptionally muddy setting a challenge for all the teams. Lauren ran a good race finishing 24th of the 300 runners and as first counter for the north east team. The U13 girls team finished a respectable 15th place out of the 42 teams. Next week sees more of the Juniors compete again at National level at the English Schools Championship in Leeds where hopefully their success will continue.

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Upcoming Grand Prix Races!

The 2018 Grand Prix season is underway after the Brass Monkey Half Marathon, Thornley Hall cross country and the weekly Druridge Bay Parkrun. There are other events in the series which are taking entries now, so get entering:

Sunday 8th April-Port of Blyth 10k. This very popular fast and flat race is now SOLD OUT!!!

Sunday 13th May-Sunderland City Half Marathon. This excellent race takes in some of the most iconic sights of this great city, and entries are being taken now! Enter here http://www.sunderlandcity10k.com/sunderland-city-half-marathon/event-info/.

Wednesday 23rd May-George Ogle Memorial Race. A superb race which has a bit for everyone. Nice flat road sections, trail, a hill and grass make for a top race, organised by a friendly club. Entries open now here https://derwentvalleyrunningclub.co.uk/georgeogle/.

Wednesday 23rd May-Clive Cookson 10k. On the same night as the George Ogle this well attended 2 lap race is now taking entries here http://nspoly.org/clive-cookson-10k-2018/

Sunday 27th May-Druridge Bay 10k. This race is always well attended by Harriers and hopefully it will be the same this year, as this year the race is in aid of Hospice Care North Northumberland. Entries are already open with a decent chunk of the places gone already, so enter here asap! https://www.sientries.co.uk/list.php?event_id=3973.

Saturday 9th June- Blaydon Race. SOLD OUT!!!!

Sunday 24th June-Hadrians Wall Half Marathon. This is a unique opportunity to run close to a section of Hadrians Wall with outstanding views of the World Heritage Site. Now in it’s 7th year, the route is of mixed terrain grass path, forest track and approximately 4.4 miles of road. Perhaps not a pb course but it sounds like a corker! Enter here http://www.hadrianhalf.co.uk/.

Entry details for the other 2018 races will be announced asap.

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Duergar Run 10 Miler/National Cross Country Championships/St Albans Parkrun/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Keswick Parkrun

On Saturday 24th February 6 Harriers were in action at the Duergar Nightcrawler 10 miler at Simonside, a night time head torch race near Rothbury. Congratulations to the race winner who was Harrier Dan TURNBULL! Also well up at the business end were 6th placed Ian SIMON and 11th finisher Steve STUDLEY. There was also a brilliant race from Tracey SAMPLE who was the 2nd female home, showing that she’s benefitted from lots of hill training of late. Slightly further back were Jennifer KNIGHT and Linda PATTERSON. Results:

1-Dan TURNBULL 1.13.42

6-Ian SIMON 1.27.13

11-Steve STUDLEY 1.31.19

29-Tracey SAMPLE 1.43.54

178-Jennifer KNIGHT 2.30.18

185-Linda PATTERSON 2.33.05

Earlier that day Diana WEIGHTMAN was our sole representative in the National Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill, London. In a massive field of well over 1100 Diana battled well to finish the 8k race 800th in 45.29.

In the morning parkruns there were some very good results at the Druridge Bay Parkrun where Phil HALL was 1st Harrier home in 5th, winner of the male 40 category. David HENDERSON was winner of the male 60 category. For the women Mel STEER was 3rd female finisher, and the were age category wins for Ruth DOCTOR (40), Carol WALL (65) and Una McCAIG (70).

5-Phil HALL 19.06 (73.65%)

26-David HENDERSON 23.04 (70.16%)

34-Mel STEER 23.43

55-Ruth DOCTOR 25.51 (60.86%)

95-David HINDMARSH 29.16

100-Kim BRONZE 29.38

106-Una McCAIG 30.52

107-Carol WALL 30.52

110-Christine HARDY 31.10 (53.16%)

148-Jenni WILSON 34.14 (60.13%)

151-Christine MAVROMICHAELIS 34.24

153-Lorna STEPHENSON 34.52 (46.94%)

Down at the St Albans Parkrun in Hertfordshire Ollie TELFER was 4th home in a course pb of exactly one minute, finishing in 19.06. Dad Mike was 15th finisher and winner of the male 45 category in 20.38. At Keswick Mike HENRY was 42nd finisher in 24.58 and was 1st in the male 60 category. Finally at Newbiggin Paul ROBINSON was 19th in 25.13, and Mark HUME was 1st in the male 70 category by finishing in 35.30.

Above photos are of Diana WEIGHTMAN at the Nationals and David HENDERSON at Druridge Bay.

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