Druridge Bay Parkrun Takeover Day!!

Many thanks to all the Harriers who’ve signed up to help out at the Druridge Bay Parkrun on Saturday 17th February. Please can all those who’ve offered their services meet at the front of the Visitors Centre at 8.40am that morning. You’ll receive an email from the events Volunteer Coordinator a few days beforehand to remind you! The roster can be found here…….


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Druridge Bay Parkrun/Sheffield Hallam Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Workington Parkrun

Whilst Harriers comrades were preparing for the North East Harrier League cross country fixture later in the day a handful of our runners were taking part in parkruns on Saturday 6th January. Fastest time of the day by some margin at the Druridge Bay Parkrun was Dan LENG. Dan was 1st finisher in a course best of 18.02. Phil HALL was 3rd home, with Neil HAMILTON in 7th. For the ladies Carole PAGE was 1st across the line for the 42nd time in the events history, whilst 3rd home was Justine NORMAN in her fastest parkrun of the winter. Results:

1-Dan LENG 18.02

3-Phil HALL 19.48 (70.54%)

7-Neil HAMILTON 21.28 (63.59%)

10-Steve COWELL 22.10

12-Carole PAGE 22.33

25-Justine NORMAN 24.00

34-Mel STEER 25.10

98-Jayne McKENNA 31.12

131-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 34.59

Elsewhere Kim BRONZE was home in 26.24 at Sheffield Hallam, Laura McLEAN Jr finished Newbiggin in 29.49 and Richard EASTOE finished Workington in exactly 30 minjutes.

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NEHL Herrington Park

The fourth fixture in the North East Harrier League cross country series took place at a cold, windy and exceptionally muddy Herrington Park near Sunderland on Saturday 6th January.

The Under 13 Girls team went to Herrington Park looking to maintain their first place position in the league. The muddy, wet and hilly 3.4km course was certainly challenging and the very cold north-easterly wind made conditions harsh! However the girls were undaunted and running from the Fast Pack Lauren BROWN and Millie BREESE finished in excellent 2nd and 8th places, Lauren once again running the fastest time of the day (13.57). Ellie PRICE (Slow Pack) had another good race coming home in 14th place to secure the girls an overall 2nd place finish, with Beth CARRAGHER and Sam POTTS also contributing to the outstanding result. The girls maintained their 5 point lead in the league and look in a strong position with just two fixtures remaining. Having now been fastest in the first four races of the season Lauren BROWN has also secured the overall Grand Prix competition, an impressive feat with still two fixtures remaining. Of the 123 Under 13 Girls to have taken part so far Millie is also 3rd and Beth is 23rd.

The Under 13 Boys were led home by fast packer Max MURRAY JOHN in 10th place. Max ran an excellent time of 13.48 making him fastest overall Junior Harrier on the day. Newly promoted Finlay WILDE had a good race and finished in 43rd, followed by Finlay TELFER in 61st. The team was placed 8th overall.

The first finisher for the Under 11 Boys was Harris HALL running the 1.6km course in 7.46. Next was Cooper WILDE just three places behind, then Thomas GLADSTONE. Ava Findlay was Alnwick’s sole representative in the girls race but ran well to finish 54th.

First finisher for the Under 15 Boys was Max BREESE in 17th position with the fast packers Ben MURRAY JOHN, Ollie TELFER and Joseph GODDEN closely grouped from 37th place. The boys finished 8th overall. Maddie HALL was the only Under 15 girl to run but managed a good race.


Under 11 Boys:

28-Harris HALL 7.46

31-Cooper WILDE 7.56

62-Thomas GLADSTONE 11.13

Under 11 Girl:

54-Ava FINDLAY 9.47

Under 13 Boys:

10-Max MURRAY JOHN 15.33 (F)

43-Finlay WILDE 17.13 (F)

61-Finlay TELFER 21.32 (S)

Under 13 Girls:

2-Lauren BROWN 15.42 (F)

8-Millie BREESE 16.45 (F)

14-Ellie PRICE 17.09 (S)

28-Beth CARRAGHER 18.09 (S)

43-Sam POTTS 19.30 (F)

Under 15 Boys:

17-Max BREESE 14.55 (S)

37-Ben MURRAY JOHN 15.43 (F)

41-Ollie TELFER 15.58 (F)

51-Joseph GODDEN 17.16 (F)

Under 15 Girl:

34-Maddy HALL 19.30 (S)

Our Senior Women had an amazing overall result by finishing 2nd of the 10 teams in Division 1 on the day, a remarkable feat. This pushes the women into 5th place in the division, thus easing any nagging relegation fears. Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS put in her usual amazing performance by finishing 6th overall and running the 3rd quickest overall time from the Fast Pack. Alice TETLEY-PAUL continues to improve and finished a brilliant 9th from the Slow Pack, thus is promoted to the Medium Pack for the next season and a half. Diana WEIGHTMAN was 3rd counter in 26th and was cock-a-hoop with her Medium Pack promotion, whilst Tracey SAMPLE was 4th and final counter. They were backed up by some good performances from the likes of Bev BLYTHE, Mary PLUMLEY and Helen DICKINSON.

For the Senior Men a slightly depleted squad still had some excellent results and under the circumstances should be happy with finishing 5th of the 11 Division 2 teams on the day. This sees them drop to 3rd in the league, though with the Grand Prix fixture at Thornley Hall and the home race in Alnwick Pastures to come promotion to the top flight remains a possibility. From the Slow Pack Ian SIMON finished a very good 25th of over 400 runners and sees himself promoted back to the Medium Pack. Mens captain Dominic HARRIS had his best cross country performance in a Harriers vest to finish 63rd from the Medium Pack and surely has one eye on Fast Pack promotion. Jason DAWSON was our 3rd counter from the Slow Pack, just holding off our fastest runner on the day Steve CARRAGHER who ran impressively from the Fast Pack. Steve PATTERSON was next, with Jon ARCHER being our 6th and final counter. Though not counters the likes of Mike TELFER, Rob MURRAY JOHN and Chris CALVERT all helped to give he club a decent result.

Senior Women:


9-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 33.33 (S)

26-Diana WEIGHTMAN 34.47 (S)

64-Tracey SAMPLE 35.54 (S)

180-Bev BLYTHE 39.24 (S)

182-Justine NORMAN 39.28

211-Laura McLEAN Jr 41.07 (S)

240-Mary PLUMLEY 42.43 (S)

244-Helen DICKINSON 42.50 (S)

288-Sue SKIRROW 46.53 (S)

Senior Men:

25-Ian SIMON 42.35 (S)

63-Dominic HARRIS 43.56 (M)

102-Jason DAWSON 44.46 (S)

143-Steve CARRAGHER 45.34 (F)

149-Steve PATTERSON 45.42 (M)

188-Jon ARCHER 46.37 (S)

194-Mike TELFER 46.50 (S)

285-Rob MURRAY JOHN 48.54

310-Adam SPILLER 50.18 (S)

321-Andrew WILDE 50.42 (S)

393-Chris CALVERT 54.15 (S)

Photos are of the Girls Under 13s, Boys Under 11s, Boys Under 15s, Diana WEIGHTMAN, Ian SIMON, Justine NORMAN and Chris CALVERT, with the action shots coming courtesy of Harrier John CUTHBERT.

Next up is the long trip to Thornley Hall Farm near Peterlee on Saturday 10th February. Though as its one of our 2018 Grand Prix event we hope to see lots of Harriers vests out there!

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Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Morpeth 11k/Hardmoors 30

On New Years Day the Run Directors at Newbiggin and Druridge Bay got their heads together and gave runners the opportunity to take part in not one, but two parkruns that morning! 14 Harriers took part in the Newbiggin Parkrun at 9am, whilst 28 took part in the Druridge Bay event at 10.30 with a decent number taking part in both! In fact not only did Cris ATWELL complete these 5ks but he also tackled the Morpeth 11k at 1pm.

Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun, founded by Harrier Jackie PROUSE, saw in the New Year with a huge record number of participants. Ian SIMON was 7th of the 349 runners in 19.18, with Alice TETLEY-PAUL the 3rd female finisher in 22.02. Well done to David HINDMARSH who finished in 24.30, then jetted off to set up the Druridge Bay leg of the morning.


7-Ian SIMON 19.18

42-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 22.02

47-Neil HAMILTON 22.13

49-John CUTHBERT 22.13

93-Tracey SAMPLE 24.16

100-David HINDMARSH 24.30

126-Denise DRUMMOND 25.10

136-Ian ATHERTON 25.32

154-Kim BRONZE 26.18

161-Cris ATWELL 26.31

182-Laura McLEAN Jr 27.27

227-John ROSS 29.30

270-Nell GAIR 31.31

294-Jayne McKENNA 32.23

90 minutes later up the coast Steve CARRAGHER was an excellent 4th finisher at Druridge Bay in 17.38, winning the male 40 category in the process. His 79.77% WAVA score also sees him top the very early 2018 Grand Prix standings! Phil HALL was next followed by Junior starlet Millie BREESE who was once again first female finisher, this time in a splendid pb of 20.26. Also of note Carole PAGE was 1st in the female 55 category and Gareth BREESE wore a Harriers vest for the first time in a decade!


4-Steve CARRAGHER 17.38 (79.77%)

21-Phil HALL 19.54 (70.18%)

28-Millie BREESE 20.26 (79.69%)

56-Stuart MORRIS 21.45 (64.21%)

57-Andrew WILDE 21.46

61-Jim LILLICO 22.01 (72.22%)

68-John CUTHBERT 22.23 (57.93%)

72-Carole PAGE 22.34

86-Max BREESE 23.04 (61.49%)

87-James CARRAGHER 23.05 (62.82%)

88-Finlay WILDE 23.06 (64.36%)

118-Andy SQUIRES 24.14

137-Gareth BREESE 25.00 (60.47%)

140-Denise DRUMMOND 25.10 (68.28%)

154-Justine NORMAN 25.36

166-Ian ATHERTON 26.07 (63.05%)

180-Beverley BLYTHE 26.28 (59.48%)

196-Sue BOLAM 27.02

197-Jock BOLAM 27.03

199-Cris ATWELL 27.05 (57.72%)

206-Kim BRONZE 27.15 (56.39%)

231-Laura McLEAN Jr 27.54

242-Linda PATTERSON 28.11

251-Mary PLUMLEY 28.41

349-Jayne McKENNA 32.33

399-Nell GAIR 35.08

444-Mark HUME 37.15 (49.26%)

478-Lorna STEPHENSON 39.36

3 Harriers took part in the Morpeth 11k, an excellent reasonably undulating race around the Mitford and Whalton Road areas of Morpeth. Other than the hero Cris ATWELL, Richard JOHNSON and Rachelle FALLOON also took part. They both finished in 42.08, with Richard pipping 3rd female Rachelle into 21st place. Cris was back in 130th coming home in 58.57 and should be very pleased with his efforts!

Finally for the day Andy STEPHENSON, our Ultra running legend, took part in the Hardmoors 30 which is a 30 miles (ish) loop around Whitby, including Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar, and Cloughton. He’d trained hard beforehand and knocked a massive 30 minutes off his previous best from 2 years ago, this time completing in a brilliant 5.28.22. Andy was an impressive 29th of the 188 finishers!

Photos are of Cris ATWELL at Druridge Bay, Kim BRONZE and pals at Newbiggin, Neil HAMILTON at Newbiggin, Gareth BREESE at Druridge Bay and James CARRAGHER/Max BREESE at Druridge Bay.

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2017 Hall Of Fame!!

Well done to all the Harriers who’ve raced so well for us in 2017, in the cross countries, on roads, trails, fells and on the track! The highlights of the year in terms of best times over the various distances were courtesy of Dan TURNBULL and Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS. Club legend Jo, who already holds all the club records over all distances, set a new record in the 10 mile distance at the Brampton to Carlisle event in November. Meanwhile Dan almost beat Dave KIRKLANDs long-standing 5k record at the Quayside 5k in August, as well as running a super fast 10 miler in November! Also of note David MILNE ran a blinding 10k at the Leeds Abbey Dash, whilst others in the 2017 Hall Of Fame are Richard JOHNSON, Laura McLEAN Jr, Shaun LAND and Mel STEER! Here’s to 2018!!!

Fastest 2017 times:

5k (Men)                              16.06 Dan TURNBULL         23/08/17 Quayside 5k

5k (Women)                        18.59 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 07/10/17 D’Bay Parkrun

5m (Men)                             28.31 Richard JOHNSON     04/07/17 Bridges of the Tyne

5m (Women)                      41.11 Laura McLEAN Jr         04/07/17 Bridges of the Tyne

10k (Men)                           33.27 David MILNE                 05/11/17 Leeds Abbey Dash 10k

10k (Women)                     38.19 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 09/04/17 Blyth Valley 10k

10m (Men)                          56.28 Dan TURNBULL           19/11/17 Brampton-Carlisle

10m (Women)                    1.02.12 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 19/11/17 Brampton-Carlisle

Half Marathon (Men)        1.18.25 Richard JOHNSON  15/10/17 Manchester 1/2

Half Marathon (Women) 1.22.38 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 15/10/17 Manchester 1/2

Marathon (Men)                3.07.22 Shaun LAND              28/05/17 Edinburgh Marathon

Marathon (Women)          4.05.17 Mel STEER                   21/05/17 Stirling Marathon

For 2016’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=10796

For 2015’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=9466

For 2014’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=8122

For 2013’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=6175

For 2012’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=4028

For 2011’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=1781

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Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Alice Holt Parkrun/Workington Parkrun

On Saturday 30th December the fastest time by a Harrier across various parkruns was by Rachelle FALLOON at the Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun. Rachelle was 1st female finisher in 5th overall in 19.06. This was not only a parkrun personal best for Rachelle but also smashed the female course record at the event by just over a minute!

Up the coast at Druridge Bay there was yet more success for our female runners as Millie BREESE was 1st female across the line once again, this time in 12th overall place. Also of note on a slippy course was Carole PAGE who won the female 55 category. Results:

12-Millie BREESE 21.29

24-David HINDMARSH 23.57

35-Neil HAMILTON 25.29

39-Chris CALVERT 25.45

54-Kim BRONZE 27.06

66-Carole PAGE 28.47

112-Jayne McKENNA 34.03

133-Mark HUME 40.46

A long way south Chris FRIEND took part in the Alice Holt Parkrun in Hampshire where he finished 82nd in 25.31 and Richard EASTOE completed the Workington Parkrun in 30.25.

On Christmas Day Druridge Bay hosted a festive parkrun where a huge number of Harriers turned up, some racing and some jogging round with family. Of the racers Rachelle FALLOON finished 2nd female, John CUTHBERT was dragged round to a superb sub 20 minute 5k pb by Richard JOHNSON, Carole PAGE was 3rd female finisher, Junior Harrier Harris HALL ran another pb and there were age category wins for Justine NORMAN (female 45) and Ian ATHERTON (male 60). Results:

9-Rachelle FALLOON 19.43

10-Jon ARCHER 19.46

11-Richard JOHNSON 19.56

12-John CUTHBERT 19.57

18-Neil HAMILTON 21.52

20-Jason DAWSON 21.56

21-Carole PAGE 22.36

23-Harris HALL 22.44

24-Phil HALL 22.45

37-Justine NORMAN 24.27

47-Ian ATHERTON 25.55

61-Tracey SAMPLE 27.15

62-Ian SIMON 27.16

66-Maddy HALL 27.30

69-Tania CONWAY 27.47

73-Laura McLEAN Jr 27.55

78-Laura McLEAN Sr 28.42

79-Mel STEER 28.43

84-John ROSS 29.12

91-Nell GAIR 31.07

104-Rebecca HEELEY 32.52

107-Eleanor HEELEY 32.59

Above photo is of Harris and Phil HALL on Christmas Day.

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Elgin Parkrun/Druridge Bay Parkrun/St Helens Parkrun/Workington Parkrun/Saltwell 10k

On Saturday 23rd December David MILNE was north of the border taking part in the Elgin Parkrun. David, who was on the shortlist for the Athlete of Year Award, was 1st home in an excellent 16.43.

Down at Druridge Bay a huge number of Harriers were in action, with some acting as pacers to help other runners hopefully get round in pbs. First home in 3rd place was Steve CARRAGHER, whilst 2nd back and winner of the female race was Rachelle FALLOON. Rachelle ran the 5th quickest time of the year by a female at Druridge Bay by clocking 19.26. Dom HARRIS was a 20 minute pacer, and was 3rd home in 19.57, whilst John CUTHBERT was next rounding off a fabulous year with yet another course pb. Also of note Carole PAGE was 2nd female finisher, whilst Junior Harriers James CARRAHGER and Harris HALL also performed very well.


3-Steve CARRAGHER 17.57

11-Rachelle FALLOON 19.26

15-Dominic HARRIS 19.57

18-John CUTHBERT 20.25

24-Carole PAGE 22.06

31-James CARRAGHER 22.57

33-Chris FRIEND 23.17

38-Harris HALL 23.32

45-Jason DAWSON 23.52

48-Mel STEER 24.11

58-Justine NORMAN 24.38

61-Phil HALL 24.55

62-Neil HAMILTON 25.01

65-Thomas DAVISON 25.28

79-Andrew WILDE 25.57

89-Linda PATTERSON 26.56

106-John ROSS 28.46

109-Nell GAIR 28.57

Finally for parkruns Jayne McKENNA ran 31.31 at St Helens and Richard EASTOE was back in 31.12 at Workington.

Also that morning Steve PATTERSON was the sole Harrier taking part in the Saltwell 10k in Gateshead. On an undulating course Steve ran very well to finish 31st on the 461 finishers in a splendid 39.08. A decent time of a hard course.

Photos are of Steve CARRAGHER and John CUTHBERT at Druridge Bay.

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Christmas Parlauf and End of Season Awards!

Many thanks to all those Harriers who turned out for an excellent night on Wednesday 20th December, when the club hosted both the Christmas Parlauf and the End of Season Awards. Also many thanks to those who helped organise the events, in particular Mike HENRY who not only was the main Parlauf organiser but also booked the Alnwick Rugby Club and buffet for the awards.

12 teams took part in the Parlauf which for the first time took place at the Alnwick Gardens carpark, a vast improvement on the previous venue with no potholes and plenty of light! The winning trio, after a decent battle with the 2nd placed team throughout, were Graham SKIRROW, Gareth BREESE and Steve STUDLEY. Graham won the family bragging rights as the 2nd team consisted of wife Sue, son Peter and Kevin McGEE. 3rd home were Alice TETLEY-PAUL, Linda PATTERSON and Stuart MORRIS. Adam SPILLERs sought after wooden spoons were won by Justine NORMAN and Tania CONWAY. Justine and Tania were the only team of 2 runners, therefore were forced to tackle 3 laps of the carpark rather than the 2 run by every other runner. Well done to everyone for taking part in this excellent event!

After the Parlauf the End of Season Awards were given out at Alnwick Rugby Club. Club Chairwoman Tracey SAMPLE announced the following awards. Well done to the winners!

Most Improved Female-Lisa BASTON

Most Improved Male-James WILLOUGHBY

Female Achievement Award-Carole PAGE

Male Achievement Award-Mark DOCTOR

Athlete Of The Year Award-Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS

Photos are of Gareth, Graham and Steve with their Parlauf prizes, whilst Mark and Jo show off their awards.

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Final 2017 Grand Prix Standings!

I think we can all agree that John ROSS did a superb job with the 2017 Grand Prix updates. The awards were given out at the End of Season Awards night at Alnwick Rugby Club on Wednesday 20th December.

The winner, thanks to her club record time at the Brampton to Carlisle 10 Miler, was club legend Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS! She won by a comfortable margin from the 2nd place runners. I say runners because for the first time in Grand Prix history we had a tie! Going into the final Druridge Bay Parkrun both Tim FALCONER and David HINDMARSH sat on exactly the same score, 450.51. Alas neither could improve on their previous times therefore both took home 2nd placed gongs. In 4th place was Richard JOHNSON, followed by John CUTHBERT, Conrad STEWART and newly crowned Most Improved Male James WILLOUGHBY!! John ROSS was 8th, followed by the 2nd female in the top 12, Karen KELLY. Mens team captain Dominic HARRIS was 10th, ahead of Laura McLEAN Jr and Shaun LAND. Well done to all the prize winners!!!!!

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Druridge Bay Parkrun/Rising Sun Parkrun

Saturday 16th December saw Harriers in action at 2 parkruns, Druridge Bay and Rising Sun, Wallsend. At our local event there were some excellent results with the highlight being courtesy of Junior Harrier Millie BREESE. Millie followed up her recent victory at the event by finishing first female once again, this time in 21.14 to finish 14th overall. 2nd female home was fellow Harrier, Alice TETLEY-PAUL, whilst there were age category wins for Frances WILDE and Justine NORMAN in the 40 and 45 categories respectively. For the lads Peter GREY was our 1st finisher in 7th overall, comfortably winning the male 60 age group. Back in 25th overall Junior Harrier Harris HALL smashed his course pb by running a brilliant 22.55. Results:

7-Peter GREY 20.55

14-Millie BREESE 21.14

22-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 22.28

25-Harris HALL 22.55

39-Justine NORMAN 24.26

42-Frances WILDE 24.35

92-Nell GAIR 31.27

99-Sue SKIRROW 34.04

Finally Jayne McKENNA took part in the Rising Sun Parkrun where she came 161st in a big field, coming home in 29.54.

Above photo is of Millie BREESE at Druridge Bay.

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