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With restrictions beginning to lift and races now being planned Alnwick Harriers has now launched their highly anticipated Grand Prix Event for 2021, kindly organised by Ian STEPHENSON.

For this year only, the Grand Prix is offered in a more flexible format and further details are provided in the link below. So to all the Alnwick Harriers out there, its time to dust off your racing flats and get your calculators at the ready!

Past Rules:

Club vests need to be worn for all Grand Prix races, except for the Pastures or Druridge Bay parkruns. A total of your six best WAVA scores will count towards your overall total from the following four groups:

1- Pastures (Alnwick) or a Druridge Bay parkrun on the first Saturday of the month. Your club vest does not need to be worn for this event. Last counting run will be December 5th, 2020. If a parkrun is cancelled on the first Saturday of the month – there will be no substitution. There will be a bonus parkrun on January 1st

2-Up to 10k. The best 2 WAVA scores from the following races will count:

Valentine’s 5K (Newcastle)

Blyth 10k

Druridge Bay 10k

Newburn River Run 10k

Bridge of Tyne 5 miles

Morpeth 10k

Heston Harriers Memorial 10k

3-Endurance. The best 2 WAVA scores from the following races:

Any Certified Marathon

Gateshead Half Marathon

Sunderland Half Marathon

Coquet (Rothbury) Half Marathon

Haddington Half Marathon

Great North Run

Brampton to Carlisle 10 miles

4-Off Road. The best WAVA score from the following races will count:

Duergar 10k Trail ( Simonside)

Brough Law 5 Mile Fell Race

Powburn Show Fell Race

Anne Allan Memorial Race

Club Trip Trail Race (TBC)

Slaley Hall 10k Trail Race

Club colours must be worn for your event to count in the Grand Prix
The only exceptions are:
Druridge Bay & Pastures parkruns.
GNR, if you are running for a charity, then the charity’s vest can be worn.

WAVA scores for the Grand Prix are calculated by our own software and may therefore differ slightly from online calculated values such as Fetch. However they are based on officially published data and remain constant throughout the year. WAVA scores for parkruns use the officially published parkrun WAVA score.


It uses world record information set by people of all ages, male and female.

For example the world record Marathon time for a 60 year old male is 2:38:15. If you’re a 60 year old male and run a marathon in 4:30:00 you would earn a score of 56.73%, because you ran at just over half the record pace.

Here are some more examples of what the scores would be for 40 and 42 minute times, for a 10k race, for 40 and 50 year old male and female runners:

40 min 10km

42 min 10km

Male – 40 yrs old



Female – 40 yrs old



Male – 50 yrs old



Female – 50 yrs old



The basic idea is to give everyone the same opportunity based on a performance level for your age.

The final example illustrates how the first five places of 2011’s Les Allcorn 10k would have been recorded using the handicap system.

Top 5 Alnwick Performers    Top 5 WAVA Performers

1.Mark MILLER 39.17           1. Lesley MILLER 78.00%

2. Adam SPILLER 39.29        2. Jim LILLICO 75.52%

3. Jim LILLICO 40.26            3. Sarah SYERS 70.11%

4. Graham BELL 42.12           4. Adam SPILLER 70.09%

5. Stuart MORRIS 42.23        5. Mark MILLER 68.86%

Lesley Miller’s time of 44:53 was the performance of the day and would have moved her from 8th fastest  to the highest scoring Alnwick Harrier – 78.00% in the handicap format.

Next years league will once again be calculated using your 6 best scores.

The above example also shows how important every inch of your race will be as the Handicap System has resulted in a difference of only 0.02%, between 3rd and 4th positions .

A major objective of the Grand Prix is to see as many red, black & yellow hoops as possible, promoting Alnwick Harriers on the north east roads, fells, trails and mud! Remember to gain points Harriers must enter races as an Alnwick Harrier and wear the club colours.

Racing is one of the best forms of training possible, granted that we can’t all be ‘bombing along’ at the front and the WAVA Handicap system gives you all a genuine chance to have fun and perhaps win a prize, into the bargain!

So get involved and start planning your racing calendar for 2014 now! Please note that in the unlikely event of a tie, at the end of the Grand Prix, the Committees decision is final. Regular Grand Prix updates will be provided, throughout 2014, via the website and at Willowburn.


2011 saw the first ever Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix, which took place over 14 events throughout the year. Members were split into 4 divisions, 2 male and 2 female. Points were awarded like this-10 points for 1st finisher in each division, 9 points for 2nd finisher, etc.

Winners are shown below!

Group 1 Male

Mark MILLER 76 (1st)

David HINDMARSH 63 (2nd)

Cris ATWELL 63 (3rd)

Group 2 Female

No winners

 Group 2 Male

John ROSS 70(1st)

Phil LEE 61 (2nd)

Mark DOCTOR 57 (3rd)

Group 2 Female

Lisa WILLIAMS 77 (1st)

Sue BOLAM 70 (2nd)

Anne ALLAN 68 (3rd) 


Many thanks to John ROSS for organising the 2012 Grand Prix which used the WAVA system for the first time! Congratulations to Jim LILLICO for his victory. Final results are here:

Final 2012 Grand Prix Standings.


Well done to everyone for taking part in 2013’s Grand Prix series. Races were held over distances from 5k to half marathon, whilst there were also opportunities to gain extra WAVA points with your best Parkrun, 2 best marathons and even more bonus points for taking part in more than 9 counting races. Well done to Dave HINDMARSH for his last minute victory! Final results are here:

Final 2013 Grand Prix Standings


Well done once again to John ROSS for sorting out the 2014 Grand Prix series and collating all the results. He is doing a grand job! Many congratulations to the runaway 2014 winner Phil HEMSLEY!

Final 2014 Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix Standings


As always many thanks to John ROSS for doing a superb job all year. Well done to the runaway winner Lesley MILLER!!!

Final 2015 Grand Prix Standings

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