Les Allcorn 10k

The 2019 Les Allcorn 10k and Junior Fun Run take place on Tuesday, May 14, and entry is open for both.

The races are among the most scenic in the region, taking runners through the stunning Hulne Park, in Alnwick.

The 3k Junior Fun Run starts at 6pm, while the multi-terrain 10k begins at 7pm.

Entry is now open for both races.

Advanced entry for the Junior Fun Run (8-16 years) is £4 (including race memento), and £1 extra on the night. The race limit is 150 runners. To enter, click here.

Advanced entry for the senior 10k (16 and over) costs £9 for affiliated runners and £11 for non-affiliated runners. Entries are £2 extra on the night. The race limit is 250 runners. To enter in advance, click here.

Advanced entries close for both races on Friday, May 10. Runners pick up their numbers on the night of the race.

Refreshments and hot drinks are available after the runs, which both have generous prize lists.

Les Allcorn 2018 race report/results and past race results

Many thanks to all involved in making the 2018 Les Allcorn 10k and Junior Fun Run a superb success once again. Gareth BREESE did a fantastic job as race organiser and he was helped out by many committee members, Harriers, as well as their friends and family. Gareth would like to thank in particular Sue SKIRROW, Brenda MALLEN, Geoff CAMPBELL and Mark DOCTOR for their help. Also thanks to His Grace The Duke of Northumberland, Rapid Reaction and everyone else who made the race possible.

On a gorgeous night in Hulne Park an above average 152 Seniors tackled the 10k, whilst 61 Juniors most of whom were from Alnwick Harriers tackled the “Fun Run”. Congratulations to the Senior race winners who were Kurt HERON of Ashington Hirst RC and Jane HODGSON of Morpeth Harriers who won for the 2nd year running! For the Juniors the winners were both from Alnwick Harriers, Ollie TELFER and Lauren BROWN. Lauren completed a hat-trick of wins in the Junior race! There were also age category wins from Max MURRAY JOHN, Jack PRICE and Molly JOHNSTON amongst others.

Here are the results:

2018 Les Allcorn 10k Results

2018 Les Allcorn Junior Fun Run Results

In the Senior 10k race there was one of the closest battles for some time in the event with Ashington Hirst RCs Kurt HERON and Darrell HASTIE of Gala Harriers going hammer and tongs, with Kurt outsprinting Darrell at the end to win by 3 seconds in 32.47. Third home and 1st of our runners was David MILNE, one place down on last year though in a quicker time. As with last year David was backed up by 4th placed Dan LENG and 6th placed James WILLOUGHBY to win the male team prize! Age category winners were Andrew HEPPELL (male 40) of Gosforth Harriers, Andrew HUSSEY (male 50) of Cheltenham Harriers and John JAMES of Heaton Harriers (male 60). For the ladies there was a 3rd victory in the race for Jane HODGSON of Morpeth Harriers, retaining the trophy she won last year. Jane was almost a minute faster than in 2017 and was a whopping 5 minutes ahead of 2nd female Michelle BARTLETT of Banbury Harriers. 3rd finisher was Jesmond Joggers Laura CHEETHAM. Jesmond sent up a decent number of athletes which helped them to comfortably win the female team prizes courtesy of Laura, Kate ROBSON and Ella FOREMAN. Other winners were Leanne HERRON of Blyth RC (female 35), Karen KELLY of Alnwick Harriers (female 45) and Jenny FRIEND of Heaton Harriers (female 55).

Elsewhere for the host club Steve CARRAGHER was 10th overall, with Allan FOGGON and Jon ARCHER also in the top 25. For the ladies Jo POWELL impressed once again as 2nd Harrier home, whilst Eve BUDDLE was next. It was great to see youngsters Eve, Robert STEPHENSON and Sophie ENSER taking part.

Here’s all our performances:

3-David MILNE 34.05

4-Dan LENG 35.05

9-James WILLOUGHBY 37.37

10-Steve CARRAGHER 38.19

19-Allan FOGGON 40.28

24-Jon ARCHER 41.39

26-John CUTHBERT 42.15

34-Karl McEWAN 43.17

58-Karen KELLY 46.05

59-David HENDERSON 46.16

62-Graham CROW 46.50

65-Paul ROBINSON 47.21

70-Jo POWELL 47.53

89-Ian STEPHENSON 51.25

93-Eve BUDDLE 52.09

107-Robert STEPHENSON 54.50

108-Emma McGEE 55.22

113-Sophie ENSER 56.20

114-Kim BRONZE 56.51

116-Helen PATTERSON 57.32

120-Katie BLACKBURN 58.15

121-Mary PLUMLEY 58.15

135-Alison HUTCHINGS 1.02.50

144-Lorna STEPHENSON 1.08.26

Many thanks to Cameron PRENTICE for the photos! Action shots are of Katie Lou FRIEND/Finlay TELFER in the Junior Fun Run, Allan FOGGON/Jon ARCHER and Sophie ENSER. Also pictured are our victorious mens team of MILNE, WILLOUGHBY and LENG!

The 2019 Les Allcorn 10k and Junior Fun Run is provisionally set for Tuesday, 14th May!

Les Allcorn 10k Past Winners

Men                                                                                     Women

1996 Ieuan ELLIS (Elswick Harriers)                Kath GLYNN (Blyth RC)

1997 Les ATKINSON (Morpeth Harriers)         Bernadette TAYLOR (Darlington Harriers)

1998 Les ATKINSON (Morpeth Harriers)         Sue ABBISS (Morpeth Harriers)

1999 Les ATKINSON (Morpeth Harriers)         Kirsty ANDERSON (North Shields Poly)

2000 Les ATKINSON (Morpeth Harriers)        Sandra BRANNEY (City Of Glasgow)


2002 Ieuan ELLIS (Elswick Harriers)                Benita PICKERSGILL (Alnwick Harriers)

2003 Les ATKINSON (Morpeth Harriers)        Susanne MORTON (Elswick Harriers)

2004 Neil ARMSWORTH (Morpeth Harriers)  Victoria RUSSELL (Elswick Harriers)

2005 Darren FOWLIE (Norfolk Gazelles)          Beverley WHITFIELD (Bingley Harriers)

2006 David KIRKLAND (Alnwick Harriers)      Michelle WOODLEY (Morpeth Harriers)

2007 David KIRKLAND (Alnwick Harriers)      Karen ROBERTSON (Tynedale Harriers)

2008 David KIRKLAND (Alnwick Harriers)      Claire BAGNESS (Wooler RC)

2009 David KIRKLAND (Alnwick Harriers)      Joanne DOOLEY (Tynedale Harriers)

2010 David KIRKLAND (Alnwick Harriers)      Joanne LEE (Tynedale Harriers)

2011 Ian HARDING (Morpeth Harriers)           Joanne LEE (Tynedale Harriers)

2012 Ian HARDING (Morpeth Harriers)           Jane HODGSON (Morpeth Harriers)

2013 Jonathan ARCHER (Low Fell)                     Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS (Alnwick Harriers)

2014 Carl AVERY (Morpeth Harriers)                Ella BROWN (Alnwick Harriers)

2015 Karl TAYLOR (Morpeth Harriers)             Ella BROWN (Alnwick Harriers)

2016 Sam HANCOX (Morpeth Harriers)            Rachelle FALLOON (Blyth RC)

2017 Abraham TEWELDE (Saltwell Harriers)   Jane HODGSON (Morpeth Harriers)

2018 Kurt HERON (Ashington Hirst RC)             Jane HODGSON (Morpeth Harriers)


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