Alnwick Harriers run from Willowburn Leisure Centre on a Wednesday night.  For further information about the club, come along at 6:45 (ready to start running at 7pm).

2017/18 Alnwick Harriers Committee Members

Tracey SAMPLE             Chairwoman

Steve STUDLEY              Secretary

Tim FALCONER             Treasurer

David HINDMARSH     Vice Chairman

Shelley COATES             Membership Secretary

Mark DOCTOR                Race Secretary

Mark DOCTOR                Alnwick NEHL XCountry Race Director

Gareth BREESE             Les Allcorn 10k Race Director

Tracey SAMPLE             Northumberland Coastal Run Race Director

Adam SPILLER              Inter Club Social Secretary

Robert ENSER               Kit Officer

John ROSS                      Grand Prix Coordinator

Brenda MALLEN           Coach Coordinator

Mark DOCTOR              Website/Twitter/Facebook

Alison HUTCHINGS     Junior Secretary

Anne DOVER                  Junior Membership Secretary

Mike TELFER                 Junior Race Secretary

Other Committee Members are Laura STUBBINGS, Jocelyn BOLAM, Laura McLEAN Snr, John CUTHBERT and Geoff CAMPBELL.

Mike TELFER                  Welfare Officer (Non Committee Member)

Sue SKIRROW                Welfare Officer (Non Committee Member)

Alnwick Harriers Constitution

Alnwick Harriers Code of Conduct

Fastest times of 2018 so far:

5k (Men)                                      15.43 Dan TURNBULL                     12/07/18 Sunderland 5k

5k (Women)                                19.33 Rachelle FALLOON                31/05/18 Pride 5k

5m (Men)

5m (Women)                             43.32 Laura McLEAN Jr               03/07/18 Bridges o t Tyne

10k (Men)                                   34.05 David MILNE                         15/04/18 Les Allcorn 10k

10k (Women)                             45.24 Lisa BASTON                           03/06/18 Bamburgh 10k

10m (Men)                                  1.06.14 Shaun LAND                         05/08/18 Sth Shields 10

10m (Women)                            1.39.09 Alice TETLEY-PAUL          11/03/18 Border Trails

Half Marathon (Men)               1.21.20 Dominic HARRIS                  18/02/18 Gt NW Half

Half Marathon (Women)         1.41.48 Lisa BASTON                          27/05/18 Edinburgh

20m (Men)                                 2.05.52 Richard JOHNSON              18/03/18 Trimpell 20

20m (Women)                           3.04.06 Laura McLEAN Jr                18/03/18 Trimpell 20

Marathon (Men)                       3.16.52 Dominic HARRIS                  08/04/18 Manchester

Marathon (Women)                 3.15.50 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 19/01/18 Muscat M’thn

For 2017’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=11945

Foe 2016’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=10796

For 2015’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=9466

For 2014’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=8122

For 2013’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=6175

For 2012’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=4028

For 2011’s fastest times click here http://www.alnwickharriers.co.uk/?p=1781


After a fair bit of research, printed below are what are believed to be the Alnwick Harriers club records. If anyone knows any differently let us know!

5k (Men)                   15.43 Dan TURNBULL                   12/07/2108 Sunderland 5k

5k (Women)             17.33   Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 27/07/2013 Newcastle Parkrun

5m (Men)                  TBC

5m (Women)            30.16 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 05/07/2016 Bridges of Tyne 5

10k (Men)                30.47   Les ATKINSON                  c. 1988          Heaton Road Race

10k (Women)          37.26   Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS  26/05/2013 Druridge Bay 10k

10m (Men)               49.54    Les ATKINSON                 c.1988            Brampton to Carlisle

10m (Women)          1.02.12 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 19/11/2017 Brampton to Carlisle

Half (Men)                1.06.58 Les ATKINSON                 c.1998            Eyemouth Half

Half (Women)          1.19.58 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 18/01/2015 Brass Monkey Half

20m (Men)                TBC

20m (Women)         2.14.43 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 15/03/2015 Locke Park 20

Marathon (Men)      2.23.37 David KIRKLAND              14/03/2010  Brescia Marathon

Marathon (Women) 2.49.45 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 25/09/2016 Berlin Marathon

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