Druridge Bay Parkrun/Penrith Parkrun/Hockley Woods Parkrun/Newbury Parkrun

There was a good turnout of Harriers at the Druridge Bay Parkrun on Saturday 7th May, with the winner being our own Peter MORALEE! Peter clocked 19.04 to gain his first win at the event. Dean STACKHOUSE improved on his course best time to finish 4th in 19.24, whilst Shaun LAND was 8th. Dave HINDMARSH, fresh from his marathon exploits, also ran a course pb to finish 10th, as did Jon DUFFY to finish 15th. Slightly further down Mike HENRY was winner of the male 65 age group. For the ladies Jackie PROUSE was 2nd finisher, whilst Emma SHELL ran a pb and Pam WHELSON was 1st female 60 finisher.



1-Peter MORALEE 19.04

4-Dean STACKHOUSE 19.24 (66.67%)

8-Shaun LAND 20.02 (64.39%)

10-David HINDMARSH 20.12 (75.41%)

15-Jon DUFFY 20.37 (69.85%)

16-Ollie TELFER 20.48 (71.47%)

19-Mike TELFER 21.05

46-Jackie PROUSE 24.02

48-Alex REED 24.05 (65.95%)

51-Emma SHELL 24.13 (61.11%)

61-Mike HENRY 25.30

73-Jack DOUGLAS 26.22

96-Thomas DAVISON 28.08

100-Stuart BRUCE 28.36 (51.57%)

113-Pam WHELDON 29.37

134-Ed WHELDON 30.58

146-Jayne McKENNA 32.43

149-Mark HUME 33.02


In other events that morning Eileen GUTHRIE ran at the Newbury Parkrun, Ian McALLISTER at the Hockley Woods Parkrun in Essex and Gay and Richard EASTOE at Penrith. Results


73-Gay EASTOE 27.40

74-Richard EASTOE 27.41

Hockley Woods:

98-Ian McALLISTER 30.00


341-Eileen GUTHRIE 31.01

Photos of Dean STACKHOUSE and Emma SHELL are by Angela JOHNSON.

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