NEHL Alnwick/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Workington Parkrun/Sedgefield Parkrun/Haweswater Half Marathon

On Saturday 5th March Alnwick Harriers hosted the 5th of the 6 Start Fitness North East Harrier League cross country fixtures of the 2015/16 season. Many thanks to Northumberland Estates for allowing the event to go ahead on a stunning course at The Pastures, Alnwick and also to Alnwick Gardens for the use of their car park. Over 1000 runners attended the venue to take part in races from Under 11’s to Seniors and were treated to all sorts of weather from sun, to hail and sleet. The course was very boggy in places which made for hard running and much slower times than in previous years. However there were more fallen trees in the long tree lined section at the top of the course, which proved extremely popular with the athletes. There were some excellent performances from our Senior and Junior runners, all of whom acquitted themselves very well in the tough conditions.


Well over 60 Juniors competed in various age groups and it was one of our young stars who got the meeting off to a flyer. Lauren BROWN, taking part in the Girls Under 11 race, was a very easy winner finishing well ahead of her nearest rival. There were also top class performances in this race by Mille BREESE and Eve LEWINGTON, whilst in the Boys Under 11’s Max MURRAY JOHN was a top 10 finisher. The other Alnwick winner came in the Boys Under 17’s race thanks to a great run from Daniel FLETCHER. Other notable performances came from Joe EGGLESTON and Harrison BROWN in the Boys Under 15’s race, Sophie ENSER in the Girls Under 15’s event and Amy THORNE and Rebecca REED in the Girls Under 17’s race.



Under 11 Girls:

1-Lauren BROWN 4.09

6-Mille BREESE 4.49

18-Eve LEWINGTON 5.17

25-Madeleine AINSWORTH 5.30

27-Millie WILLCOX 5.32

29-Sophie BURN 5.34

33-Evie GODDEN 5.36

39-Katie KNIGHT 5.47

45-Olivia TEMPLE 6.05

46-Chloe GIVENS 6.07

47-Katie Lou FRIEND 6.07

48-Ami KNIGHT 6.11

49-Abbie DAVIES 6.12

53-Iona MORRISON 6.24

Under 11 Boys:

8-Max MURRAY JOHN 4.27

29-Billy CLAYTON 5.02

30-Harris HALL 5.09

31-Cameron SYERS 5.11

44-Gregor BATLEY 5.30

47-Euan FRIEND 5.35

48-Finlay TELFER 5.37

49-Jack PLUMLEY 5.38

50-Alfie TEMPLE 5.39

55-Raymond HARRIS 6.00

58-Mark CAROLAN 6.10


Under 13 Girls:

36-Maddy HALL 18.35 (S)

38-Kate BUDDLE 18.42 (S)

39-Ailsa BATLEY 18.47 (S)

44-Anna Grace HARVEY 20.01 (S)

47-Maddie CLEMENTS 21.02 (S)

48-Milli ELLABY 21.47 (S)

Under 13 Boys:

31-Joseph GODDEN 16.33 (S)

34-Ben MURRAY JOHN 16.42 (F)

36-Ollie TELFER 16.49 (F)

45-Joe HEMSLEY 17.26 (S)

50-Thomas DAVISON 18.53 (S)

52-Kristian ATKINSON 19.16 (S)

56-Cameron NICHOLS 19.52 (S)

57-Joe LAWLESS 21.17 (S)

Under 15 Girls:

5-Sophie ENSER 16.31 (S)

27-Eve BUDDLE 18.51 (F)

28-Emma HUTCHINGS 18.55 (S)

32-Emily DAVIES 19.16 (S)

Under 15 Boys:

6-Joe EGGLESTON 14.13 (S)

8-Harrison BROWN 14.29 (S)

23-Wilf CAMPBELL 15.14 (S)

43-Barnabas HARVEY 16.48 (S)

46-Josh McMEEKING 17.18 (S)

47-Darren MATTHEWS 17.23 (S)

50-Luke McMEEKING 18.06 (S)

51-Harry ELLABY 22.28 (S)

52-Charlie HUNTER 22.29 (S)

Under 17/20 Girls:

6-Amy THORNE 20.00 (S)

7-Rebecca REED 20.02 (F)

10-Rosie MURTON 20.59 (F)

14-Jenny BOLAM 21.51 (S)


Under 17 Boys:

1-Daniel FLETCHER 30.36 (S)

12-Alfie MURTON 35.02 (S)


The Senior Women were flying high in Division 1 prior to the race and were hoping to maintain this superb position with some good performances. Thanks to brilliant performances from a number of athletes they were able to stay in 4th position of the 11 teams in the top flight. When you consider that many of the other clubs have a huge number more runners than we do this is a brilliant achievement. 1st Harrier to finish the 4 or so mile course was female captain and club legend Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS. Despite her 4 minute Fast Pack handicap Jo raced past most of the other runners and finished 14th overall, running the 3rd fastest time by a female in the race. As always she was backed up by Ella BROWN, another Fast Pack runner, who despite a gruelling 20 mile race the previous weekend was able to dig deep and finish 29th. Diana WEIGHTMAN was 3rd counter, whilst Sarah SYERS was making a rare appearance in the mud and was 4th and final counter for us. Sarah CROSS put in a very good run, whilst Sarah GRAY was making her cross country reappearance after having a baby and Melanie BUCHANAN took part in her first cross country race for 25 years! Despite missing a couple of other key runners the ladies were 6th in Division 1 on the day, thus just hang onto 4th place. Another season in the top flight is guaranteed, though it would be great to finish strongly at the final race at Wrekenton in a couple of weeks time.

Senior Women:


29-Ella BROWN 34.24 (F)

54-Diana WEIGHTMAN 34.53 (S)

77-Sarah SYERS 35.39 (S)

136-Sarah CROSS 37.28 (S)

143-Tracey SAMPLE 37.43 (M)

150-Sarah GRAY 37.54 (M)

160-Maureen BARTRUM 38.19 (S)

190-Ruth DOCTOR 40.09 (S)

208-Mary PLUMLEY 41.11 (S)

259-Sheona DUFFY 45.28 (S)

277-Melanie BUCHANAN 52.51 (S)


The Senior Men were hoping to leapfrog Saltwell Harriers at the top of the Division 3 table with home advantage, however it wasn’t to be. Saltwell put out a very strong team with one of their runners winning the race, meaning that of the 31 teams in the bottom league we finished 2nd on the day. This strengthened our overall 2nd placed slot in the division and barring a disaster at Wrekenton we should be promoted to Division 2! It was great to see Dominic HARRIS run very well again to finish first counter for us in 56th place, just missing out on promotion to the Medium Pack. Dean STACKHOUSE was next home, followed by Medium Pack runner Phil HEMSLEY. Rob MURRAY JOHN, on his Alnwick debut, was 4th counter, just ahead of Adam SPILLER and Fast Pack runner Adam FLETCHER. Graham SYERS also had a good run from the Medium Pack, whilst Graham CROW just pipped Jim LILLICO after a very good battle.

Senior Men:

56-Dominic HARRIS 45.04 (S)

81-Dean STACKHOUSE 45.58 (S)

93-Phil HEMSLEY 46.15 (M)

95-Rob MURRAY JOHN 46.18 (S)

109-Adam SPILLER 46.37 (S)

178-Adam FLETCHER 47.59 (F)

195-Graham SYERS 48.42 (M)

217-Graham CROW 49.35 (S)

225-Jim LILLICO 49.56 (S)

249-Mark DOCTOR 50.41 (S)

262-Stuart MORRIS 51.11 (S)

278-Paul GODDEN 52.02 (S)

279-Tim FALCONER 52.02 (S)

308-Dave HENDERSON 53.24 (S)

319-Andy SQUIRES 53.52 (S)

321-Steve STUDLEY 54.05 (S)

323-Dave BARTRUM 54.14 (S)

343-Dave HINDMARSH 55.43 (S)

412-Kim BRONZE 66.17 (S)

12819169_1706660666287389_5220778517626852273_oFull results from the day can be found here whilst overall league positions are here Many thanks to the committee for arranging this fantastic event, particularly Mark DOCTOR, Sue BOLAM, Brenda MALLEN, Sue BOLAM and Sarah CROSS. Well done to all the marshals who stood around for long stretches in poor conditions! Without them the event simply wouldn’t happen!

photo (72)

Action photos are courtesy of Paulos Running Photos. They include Lauren BROWN, Mark CAROLAN, Rosie MURTON, Daniel FLETCHER and Sarah GRAY.

Earlier that morning a small number of Harriers took part in the Druridge Bay Parkrun. Peter GREY had his first outing for a while and was 1st in the male 55 category, clocking 20.03 to finish 5th. Not far behind and no doubt pleased with his time was Dave HINDMARSH, finishing in 20.25. Othe rruns of not came from Mel STEER and Mairi CAMPBELL who won the female 45 and 50 categories.


5-Peter GREY 20.03 (78.64%)

9-Dave HINDMARSH 20.25 (74.61%)

24-David BARNES 22.57

28-Mel STEER 24.34

41-Richard JOHNSON 25.48

61-Mairi CAMPBELL 27.03

64-Catherine JACKSON 27.13


Over in Workington Gay and Richard EASTOE were both aged 60 category winners once again with Richard finishing 28th in 23.05 and Gay 46th in 26.09. Down at Sedgefield Kirsty STEED finished 179th in 37.04.

The following day, on a tough course in tough conditions, the EASTOEs tackled the Haweswater Half Marathon. The pair ran together and finished in 2.05.39, with Gay coming 2nd in her age group!

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