Senior Christmas Handicap

A report from our annual Christmas Handicap which took place at Alnmouth, from Tracey SAMPLE:

“The poor Juniors on the beach had it tough as there was very little beach to run on with the tide being very high. The Seniors event an hour later had sensibly moved off the beach due to the fact that some of the runners did not fancy an early race dip in the sea to get round the headland. Therefore it took place on the cycle track from Alnmouth, 2 miles towards Warkworth, and back.

A massive rainstorm came through about 10 minutes before the start of the event so all dry clothes for after the race were soaked through and poor David CHARLTON had soggy paper for the timing list!

It was lovely to see Suzie BARWISE-MUNRO and George SKIRROW returning from college to take part.

Handicaps were worked out from proven 5k times so Conrad STEWART and Steve STUDLEY got a big advantage with only having relatively slow parkrun times. This spoiled the usual excellent grouping of finishers for the men with Conrad coming out on top.


In the ladies race, all the women finished within 1 minute 20 seconds of each other so it felt like there was something to race for the entire time. There were a mere 5 seconds between 1st and 2nd place. There were calls of a fix on the handicaps as the handicap organiser won the race (but to be fair I have done the handicaps for the last 6 or 7 years without winning).”

Results below with the handicaps in brackets
1. Conrad STEWART (4 min) 31:41
2. Steven STUDLEY (4 min) 32:19
3. Dave BARTRUM (6 min) 33:35
4. Jim LILLICO (9 min) 34:30
5. Tracey SAMPLE (6 min) 34:38
6. Phil HEMSLEY (12 min) 34:40
7. Maureen BARTRUM (5 min) 34:42
8. Graham SKIRROW (6 min) 35:00
9. Ian SIMON (12 min) 35:22
10. Nick ARMSTRONG (9 min) 35:34
11. Suzie BARWISE-MUNRO (11 min) 35:40
12. Jock BOLAM (9 min) 35:44
13. Jocelyn BOLAM (0 min) 35:48
14. Shelly COATES (2 min) 35:58
15. Dave HINDMARSH(9 min) 36:10
16. Stu BRUCE (0 min) 36:31
17. Graham CROW (10 min) 36:32
18. George SKIRROW (10 min) 37:34
19. Tim SHEPHERD (2 min) 38:55


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