Christmas Parlauf

A report from the Christmas Parlauf by Sue BOLAM:

A fantastic 16 teams lined up on Wednesday 9th December to compete in the Xmas Parlauf. The event was organised by our regular Parlouf duo the lovely Mike HENRY and John COCKBURN. They were ably assisted by a number of others in particular: Wendy APPLEBY, Andy SQUIRES and son, Lisa WILLIAMS, Richard JOHNSON and myself! They all insisted it was because they enjoyed helping, not that the weather was horrible or that it looked hard.

The first task was the very tricky team selection, with Mike and John doing their best to match people so each team had roughly the same predicted completion time. As names were called, everyone eyed each other’s teams and made predictions of which was the one to beat. Numbered Christmas crackers were provided as batons; no expense spared in the pursuit of festive fun.

As usual, the Hardy’s circuit proved an ideal venue. Each team of 3 had to run two laps each, in whatever order they decided best. Some chose to start their faster runners first, others went for the faster person to finish approach. The event took place in very strong winds. Running was fantastic for the first part of the lap and really tough after rounding the bottom corner – the long straight bit seemed very long indeed! Sensibly this year the finish line took place under a street light, making it easier to see the finish times!

The first team to finish, Team 8 in a fantastic 16:42, were Ruth DENTON, Graham SYERS and Chris FRIEND. Second across the line were Team 10, with Denise DRUMMOND, Christine CHARLTON and Paul GODDEN in 17:18 and in third place were Team 11 with Dominic HARRIS, Jocelyn BOLAM and Kim BRONZE just a few second behind in 17.25.

The remaining results were:

4th   Team 9    17:35

5th    Team 1   17.53

6th    Team 12   17.58

7th   Team 6   18.14

8th    Team 13 18.18

9th    Team 2   18.19

10th   Team 7   18.42

11th   Team 4   18.52

12th     Team 5   18.54

13th      Team 16   18.55

14th      Team 15   19.22

15th     Team 14   19.35

16th   Team 3   19.47

The winning team received Amazon vouchers; second place prizes were “eat your own weight in M and Ms”; third place was a metre of Jaffa cakes/person and of course – the final and most important prize of the night were the coveted festive wooden spoons created by the talented Adam SPILLER. Tonight they were lovingly received by Dave CHARLTON, Lorna STEPHENSON and Lisa BASTON for their efforts. Dave says it was worth his resulting injury!

Finally, as each person paid £1 to enter, Mike raised £48 for Children in Need (note 8 people still to pay – please remember to bring it next week). Well done to all, and particular thanks to Mike, John and Adam for organising.

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