Blyth Links 10k

Once again there was a very good turn out of Harriers at the latest Grand Prix event on Tuesday 30th August. 21 Harriers took part in the Blyth Links 10k, a free event (with a free buffet!) organised by Blyth Running Club. Richard AGAN and Mark MILLER were first and second Alnwick males, whilst Lisa WILLIAMS and Angie EMBLETON were first and second females (seperated by 1 second!). Full results are:

7-Richard AGAN 36.36

15-Mark MILLER 38.00

26-David HINDMARSH 39.15

30-Jim LILLICO 39.23

32-Mike TELFER 39.37

34-David LOWE 39.43

36-Dave WISEMAN 39.54

49-Nick GILLINGHAM 40.57

51-Andy SQUIRES 41.12

54-Keith SUTTON 41.22

79-Graham SKIRROW 42.42

101-John ROSS 44.07

106-Charlie GILLON 44.37

113-Cris ATWELL 45.02

134-Phil LEE 46.09

135-Lisa WILLIAMS 46.16

136-Angie EMBLETON 46.17

161-Kim BRONZE 47.49

179-Dave COATES 49.00

194-Anne ALLAN 50.06

249-Claire GILLINGHAM 58.06.

Grand Prix standings have been updated with Mark MILLER, Helen JONES, Phil LEE and Lisa WILLIAMS leading. The next Grand Prix event will be the Norham 10k on Sunday 25th September.

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