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Well done to all the Harriers, both Junior and Senior, who took part in the 1st of the North East Harrier League fixtures at Tanfield on Saturday 26th September. On an excellent cross country course complete with lots of rolling hills and a cracking water feature, there were some excellent individual performances and some brilliant team placings. Many thanks to captains Micky AISTON, Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS and Brenda MALLEN for sorting the teams! Full results from the day are here

The Juniors kicked off proceedings and in the opening race, the Under 11’s, there were some top class performances, notably from Lauren BROWN and Millie BREESE, who finished 3rd and 8th of 75 participants! In the boys race there was also a good debut for Max MURRAY-JOHN. In the Under 13 Boys race Ben MURRAY-JOHN ran well, also on his Harrier League debut, whilst Ollie TELFER put in a decent run from the Fast Pack. Harrison BROWN performed well in the Boys Under 15 race, and Callie HENDERSON was a brilliant 2nd of the 65 finishers in the Girls Under 15 race. Ben KELLY finished a splendid 10th on his Under 17 debut, whilst Jenny BOLAM did well on her debut in the tough Girls Under 17/20 race! Well done to everyone for taking part!!


The Senior Women, after their superb promotion last year, were taking part in Division 1 along with some of the giants of north east running like Gateshead Harriers and Tyne Bridge Harriers. Thanks to some top class running the women finished 4th of the 10 clubs on the day, an amazing performance! On her Harrier League debut Karen KELLY was 1st finisher for us, from the Slow Pack, in 18th place. This sees her go straight into the Medium Pack for the rest of the season. Next up, after a great battle with 3rd placed Ella BROWN, was Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS. Fast pack runners Jo and Ella, despite their 4 minute Fast Pack penalty, finished 22nd and 26th of nearly 400 runners. Our 4th counter was Lesley MILLER in 47th overall. Lesley has taken off where she finished last year by expertly finishing just outside the Medium Pack once again! She was pushed all the way in a brilliant battle by Pauline AITCHISON and Diana WEIGHTMAN. Lisa BASTON was next on her long-awaited Harrier League debut, with Ruth DOCTOR performing well too. Recent Druridge Bay Parkrun winner Justine NORMAN made her Harrier League debut and was not far behind Ruth, whilst Sarah CROSS and Jocelyn BOLAM completed our team. Well done to everyone.


After their disastrous 2014/15 Harrier League campaign the Senior Men were looking for a decent start to 2015/16 as they tried get out of Division 3, under new team captain Micky AISTON. A decent start was what they got! Steve CARRAGHER, having his 1st cross country race since he was a child, finished a brilliant 29th of almost 600 runners and is now promoted to the Medium Pack. He was well supported by Gary HALL and Adam SPILLER who were next to finish within a few seconds of each other. Our sole Fast Pack runner on the day, Graham SIMPSON, was our 4th counter and was 214th overall. 5th counter was one of our most improved runners this year Dominic HARRIS, whilst 6th and final counter was Dave HINDMARSH. Finishing close to one another were Captain AISTON and 3 Harriers having their debut in the event for the club in Ben HEMMINGS, Nick ARMSTRONG and Tim FALCONER. Steve STUDLEY was another new participant in the series, whilst Andy STEPHENSON was taking part in his 1st Harrier League for us after his switch from Morpeth. Finally well done to Tim SHEPHERD who kept going despite feeling under the weather! Of the 13 Division 3 teams which fielded complete teams on the day our Senior Men were 2nd overall. Well done chaps!



Under 11 Girls:

3-Lauren BROWN 5.33

8-Millie BREESE 6.06

Under 11 Boys:

38-Max MURRAY-JOHN 6.15

60-Finlay TELFER 6.56

Under 13 Girls:

67-Maddy HALL 19.20 (S)

Under 13 Boys:

22-Ben MURRAY-JOHN 14.30 (S)

35-Owen DOUGLAS 14.57 (S)

47-Ollie TELFER 15.39 (F)

51-Max BREESE 16.43 (S)

Under 15 Girls:

2-Callie HENDERSON 13.32 (S)

28-Sophie ENSER 16.24 (S)

Under 15 Boys:

16-Harrison BROWN 13.38 (S)

35-Daniel HARRISON-FRATER 14.15 (S)

43-Robert STEPHENSON 14.29 (S)

Under 17 Boys:

10-Ben KELLY 27.05 (S)

12031591_424364477749249_8219280563289808973_oUnder 17/20 Girls:

22-Jenny BOLAM 24.12 (S)

Senior Women:

18-Karen KELLY 31.27 (S)


26-Ella BROWN 31.54 (F)

47-Lesley MILLER 32.54 (S)

52-Pauline AITCHISON 33.03 (S)

56-Diana WEIGHTMAN 33.13 (S)

82-Lisa BASTON 33.47 (S)

153-Ruth DOCTOR 35.37 (S)

185-Justine NORMAN 36.33 (S)

233-Sarah CROSS 37.58 (S)

324-Jocelyn BOLAM 42.11 (S)


Senior Men:

29-Steve CARRAGHER 40.42 (S)

140-Gary HALL 44.12 (S)

156-Adam SPILLER 44.25 (S)

214-Graham SIMPSON 45.28 (F)

225-Dominic HARRIS 45.43 (S)

326-Dave HINDMARSH 48.00 (S)

349-Ben HEMMINGS 48.32 (S)

350-Micky AISTON 48.32 (S)

373-Nick ARMSTRONG 49.12 (S)

375-Tim FALCONER 49.12 (S)

390-Mark DOCTOR 49.31 (S)

455-Steven STUDLEY 52.01 (S)

476-Andy STEPHENSON 52.40 (S)

587-Tim SHEPHERD 71.24 (S)

588-Mark HUME 79.02 (S)


The 2nd of the 6 Harrier League fixtures is at Aykley Heads, Durham on Saturday 21st November. Fingers crossed we’ll have a decent number of runners out, certainly more than last year when, particularly the Senior Men, had an absolute nightmare! We promise the face paints, cowbell and Zippy will be there!

photo (59)

Photos courtesy of Darren FAIRCLOUGH (Ollie TELFER and Adam SPILLER), Paulos Running Pics (Karen KELLY), Gary HALL (Ella/Jo) and Paul WEST (Andy STEPHENSON). Loads more will be on our Flickr page soon…

Tanfield Group 2015

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