Blaydon Race

Well over 30 Harriers took part in the latest of the clubs 2014 Grand Prix race on Monday 9th June, the Blaydon Race. It was a night to remember for a stack of Harriers as they smashed previous course pb’s. The biggest improver on the 2013 race was Tim SHEPHERD who knocked about 10 minutes off! There were also improved performances from Jim LILLICO, Andy SQUIRES, Sarah GRAY, Charlotte BASTON, Ruth DOCTOR and Ron McCORMACK to name but a few.

Steve PATTERSON-Blaydon Race 2014

First Harrier to complete the approximately 5.8 mile route from Newcastle to Blaydon was Phil HEMSLEY. Phil ran superbly to finish 74th overall and take the 3rd male 50 award. Next home was Steve PATTERSON followed by Eddie LONGSTAFF. Jim LILLICO was next also finishing 3rd in his age category (male 55). For the ladies first Harrier was Sarah GRAY, followed by Pauline AITCHISON and Junior Harrier Charlotte BASTON.

Phil LEE-Baydon Race 2014


74-Phil HEMSLEY 32.49

161-Steve PATTERSON 34.45

190-Eddie LONGSTAFF 35.29

262-Jim LILLICO 36.38

340-Stuart MORRIS 37.16

347-Andy SQUIRES 37.58

370-Rob ENSER 38.11

410-Dave HINDMARSH 38.33

425-Phil BASTON 38.47

530-Sarah GRAY 39.29

555-Mark DOUGLAS 40.10

593-David BARNES 39.26

634-Micky AISTON 40.32

724-Peter EMBLETON 40.46

753-Pauline AITCHISON 41.46

783-Charlotte BASTON 42.27

803-Kim BRONZE 42.43

816-Mike HENRY 42.13

900-Charlie GILLON 43.30

1099-Dave BARTRUM 43.25

1137-Mary PLUMLEY 44.29

1211-Phil LEE 45.01

1299-Ruth DOCTOR 45.35

1472-Morag DONOGHUE 46.52

1503-Alex REED 45.54

1555-Maureen BARTRUM 46.41

????-Shelley COATES 47.53

1827-Lee BOWYER 50.26

1902-Carol DAVISON 49.51

2049-John ROSS 49.45

2210-Peter LINDLEY 50.06

2275-Ron McCORMACK 52.26

2340-Mel WHEWELL 50.55

2809-Tim SHEPHERD 55.59

3242-Gaynor AYRE 58.44

3323-Sandra HUNTER 1.00.25

3363-Christine MAVROMICHAELIS 1.01.19

Phil BASTON-Blaydon Race 2014

Grand Prix updates courtesy of John ROSS will be ready in a day or so. Photos courtesy of runnerwanderings

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