NEHL Wrekenton/Whitley Bay Parkrun

There was a superb turnout of Seniors at the 4th of the North East Harrier League cross country fixtures at Wrekenton on Saturday 9th February. 11 females and 17 males made the start line for the first of our 2013 Grand Prix fixtures! And what a cracking day it was as well with the highlights being Phil HEMSLEY’s overall 5th place finish in the mens race and having 2 females in the top 10 thanks to Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS and Pauline AITCHISON!

The women finished 5th of the 30 clubs on the day, thanks to Jo’s 5th place, Pauline’s 8th place and 3rd counter Lesley MILLER. Jo is now promoted to the Fast Pack for the final two races, whilst Pauline is in the Medium Pack. There were welcome returns from injury for Gillian MILLAR, Lisa WILLIAMS and a Harrier League debut over this 4 mile course for Maureen BARTRUM. Provisionally we finished 3rd in Division 2 on the day, a superb effort!

Female Harrier results (3rd of 19 teams in Divison 2):


8-Pauline AITCHISON (S) 28.35

57-Lesley MILLER (S) 31.15

61-Gillian MILLAR (S) 31.30

70-Lisa WILLIAMS (S) 31.52

73-Tracey SAMPLE (S) 31.57

84-Annabel LILLICO (S) 32.27

98-Sue BOLAM (S) 33.33

102-Denise DRUMMOND (S) 33.43

103-Bridget PEBERDY (S) 33.43

108-Maureen BARTRUM (S) 33.52

In the mens race, which was approximately 5.80 miles, we finished 9th of the 26 teams represented on the day. As well as 50 year old Phil’s heroics Richard AGAN ran into the Medium Pack with a 19th place finish. The other counters were David LOWE, Bruce CROMBIE, Peter GREY and Mike TELFER. It was great to see Dave KIRKLAND coming back from injury to finish as 7th Harrier from the Fast Pack, whilst Andy SQUIRES continued his London Marathon preparation and Dave BARTRUM made his debut in the Harrier League. Provisionally we finished 3rd of the 11 teams in Division 2.

Male Harrier results (3rd of 11 teams in Division 2):

5-Phil HEMSLEY (S) 36.25

19-Richard AGAN (S) 37.23

68-David LOWE (S) 38.34

78-Bruce CROMBIE (M) 38.47

87-Peter GREY (S) 38.56

127-Mike TELFER (S) 39.51

147-David KIRKLAND (F) 40.12

156-Jim LILLICO (S) 40.18

179-Mark MILLER (S) 40.40

185-Ian SIMON (M) 40.52

288-Dave HINDMARSH (S) 44.55

294-Graham SKIRROW (S) 45.13

295-Andy SQUIRES (S) 45.14

351-Cris ATWELL (S) 48.38

362-Dave BARTRUM (S) 50.11

366-Dave COATES (S) 51.03

372-Jonathan KAY (S) 51.58

With many of the Junior Harriers taking part in the Inter Counties Championships at Guisborough there were far fewer taking part in the Junior races. The highlight was Jenny BOLAM posting the fastest time from the Fast Pack in the Girls U13’s race.

Girls Under 13’s results:

13-Jenny BOLAM (F) 12.52

23-Jessica BARNABY (F) 13.40

Girls Under 15’s result:

9-Lucy EMBLETON (F) 14.07

Boys Under 13’s result:

27-Alfie MURTON (F) 12.18

Boys Under 15’s result:

5-Adam SHAFIQ (S) 10.49

The next Harrier League fixture is our very own one on Saturday 2nd March! Look forward to seeing as many taking part as today (as long as you marshal too!).

Meanwhile Phil LEE took part in the Whitley Bay Parkrun that morning. Phil was 54th of the 146 taking part finishing in 23.48 (64.01%), easily his quickest 5k time of the year so far.

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