Northumberland Coastal Run – Final Call for all Runners: 9am Sunday 24th July

Alnwick Harriers committee are all ready to welcome you along to our 41st event on the Northumberland Coast from Beadnell to Alnmouth.

Water: A final reminder to everyone is to make sure you bring any  water  you want to carry. There are two water stations along the way, but with the warm temperatures it is recommended to take your own.  Please be responsible for your hydration.

Car Parking:  There is even more limited parking in Beadnell this year as our new route has to go across the car park.  Please try and get a drop off rather than parking, if not using our buses.  There are no spare seats on the buses, so please do not turn up asking for space we will not be able to accommodate you.

New Route:  Please listen to the marshalls along the way…they are there to guide you and keep you safe.  There are a few bottle necks at the early  stages of the race but please be patient and do not deviate from the marked route.

We hope you all have the best experience and we recommend the golf club for a few drinks to celebrate at the end and to watch  those  speedy  runners receive their prizes.  We also have a cake stall so bring a few bits of spare cash to help raise money for our local charity North Northumberland Hospice Care.

See you all Sunday, don’t be late, the tide does not wait for us!!!

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2 Responses to Northumberland Coastal Run – Final Call for all Runners: 9am Sunday 24th July

  1. Richard Slack says:

    The Coastal run is a great run. The alternative route was better than no route at all with the permission not granted for the first beach. Thank you!
    BUT please reinstate the water station at Low Newton around 4 miles – running to Craster about 7 miles is just too far. I know the race info said bring your own but providing the normal 3 stations en-route makes the race so much better and more enjoyable. I am not alone in this comment. Everyone I spoke to felt the same.

    • Sue Skirrow says:

      Thank you for your feedback and we note your comments. We will discuss the situation regarding water stations at our post race briefing. Hope to see you again next year.
      Kind regards
      Sue Skirrow

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