Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile Road Race

Leaving Alnwick on a dark, cold, wet and windy Sunday morning the omens did not look good for a pleasant jolly jaunt for the two Alnwick Harriers; Rob Andrew and Mike Henry whose combined ages would make a very respectable darts score. However as they departed Northumberland and entered Cumbria a transformation occurred, the rain stopped, the wind dropped and although still chilly the sun came out.

The race purportedly the oldest in England although not as old as Mike follows an almost directly westerly direction. Slightly undulating but with a fast last quarter mile it attracts a large field.

Superstar Rob had a blistering run finishing in 61mins 22 secs. and claiming 2nd in the very competitive over 55 category. Mike was extremely pleased to just finish on the same day and 78mins 27secs meant that he too was second but in the over 70 category.

As Wallace and Grommet would say “A grand day out”.

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