Coastal Run 2020 —19th July

As the weekend arrives for what would have been our 41st event I would like to recognize the date and what would have been if we did not have this dreadful virus impacting all we do.
I am particularly disappointed in having booked the weather for Sunday …..15 degrees, sunny with possible cloud later (to keep you all cool) and a light breeze and we are not able to take advantage of it. ☀️🏃‍♀️💕I will just have to book the same for next year and hope that we get the booking accepted!!

Thank you to everyone 👏🏻who has supported our club by holding onto your slots for next year’s event. The tide decides the suitability of dates, so we are waiting till the Autumn to ensure we have accurate readings for us to go ahead. If we plan too early we could end up paddling round the course.

I have copied photos of last year’s event to remind you what a great time we had and hopefully encourage you all to join us next year.

I will keep you posted as to the actual date for 2021.

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