3 Peaks – Greener Miles Virtual Challenge

Report by Caro Fentiman

This week’s virtual challenge was a tough one: run the total height of Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell, a whopping 11,135 feet. Team members agreed that this was a brutal event. MIKE, OLLIE and FINLAY TELFER chased the clouds in the Cheviots, along with MARY PLUMLEY, RUTH DOCTOR and MARK TYLER, who struggled to find the top due to heavy fog! CARO FENTIMAN ran to the top of Crawleyside in Weardale, a steep and unforgiving climb not improved by the poor visibility, although the sun came out once she had run down again. TRACEY SAMPLE steamed up the bank in Warkworth 18 times, KIM BRONZE found a big hill in Sheffield, IAN STEPHENSON and JO CLEMMIT tackled Simonside and JENNIFER KNIGHT and LINDA PATTERSON ran up towards Alnwick Moor. Alnwick Harriers came 12th out of 37 teams, achieving 11,698 feet in 5 hours and 41 minutes – another fabulous result for the club.

Next week is a big one and we need to fill all 24 team places: we have 24 hours to run as far as we can. You can do as many runs as you want and the bar is set high – can any team cover more than 500 miles?? If you fancy a big run between 5pm Friday 19th June and 5pm Saturday 20th June please join the Alnwick Harriers team!

Caro Fentiman


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