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Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix 2019v25 (1)

Thanks to John Ross as ever for tremendous work in updating our Agrand April.
Well here it is the last Grand Prix race completed, just the final update after Alnwick Pastures parkrun to go, as always thanks to your help.
The last race in the 2019 season at the Northumberland 10 Miler  has seen the top 5 completely change!
Congratulations to Diana Weightman moving from 2nd into 1st position, Tim Falconer moving into 2nd, David Hindmarsh into 3rd and Louise Callaghan into 4th. This has resulted in our long time GP leader Lisa Baston moving to 5th position. Lisa could been seen muttering about ‘old people’ and looking towardsTim, Diana and David as she left Kirkley Hall.
Well done also to Jo Powell who moves from 10th to 7th after winning the F45 category at the 10 Miler  and Mel Steer who moves into  trophy position 12 from 18th place.
There are two Alnwick Pastures Parkruns left before the 2019 GP comes to an end on Saturday 7th of December.The Trophies will be presented on the Evening of the 11th December after the annual Parlouf competition.
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