Northumberland Coastal Run 2019 – Results

Almost 1,000 runners completed today’s (Sunday, July 21, 2019) Northumberland Coastal Run – an unmeasured half-marathon from Beadnell to Alnmouth.

Tom Charlton, of Tyne Bridge Harriers, won the race in 1:16:58.

Second was Darrell Hastie (Gala Harriers) in 1:20:01, while Stephen Jackson (Elvet Striders) was third in 1:20:23.

In the women’s race, Jane Hodgson (Morpeth Harriers) was first in 01:28:14; Judith Nutt (Elswick Harriers) was second in 1:33:21; and Aisling Wall (Horsforth Harriers) was third in 1:36:02.

For host club Alnwick, Daniel Turnbull was first home, coming fifth overall in 1:22:47, while Jo Gascoigne-Owens was first female, finishing 113th overall in 1:42:37.

For full results, including category winners, click here:

Full Alnwick Harriers results:

5 Daniel Turnbull 1:22:47
63 Adam Fletcher 1:37:19
104 Jon Archer 1:41:44
113 Jo Gascoigne-Owens 1:42:37
123 Steve Patterson 1:43:15
142 Lisa Baston 1:45:47
170 John Cuthbert 1:47:18
180 Rob Murray-John 1:47:52
206 Ian Horsley 1:49:28
217 Paul Wilkie 1:50:28
226 Tony Jackson 1:51:06
250 Stephen Cowell 1:52:51
373 Karen Kelly 1:59:32
375 Shi Shi Ord 1:59:42
396 Sarah Spiller 2:00:47
403 Mel Steer 2:01:17
438 Lisa Williams 2:03:18
464 Denise Drummond 2:05:05
530 Justine Norman 2:09:43
579 Alexandra Harwood 2:12:02
622 Ruary Slater 2:14:40
624 Stuart Eaborn 2:14:57
639 Geoff Givens 2:15:54
675 Maureen Bartrum 2:18:45
725 Jeremy Gray 2:21:44
729 Gay Eastoe 2:22:23
730 Richard Eastoe 2:22:23
738 Helen Dickinson 2:22:59
748 Helen Patterson 2:23:21
818 Jacquie Mellor 2:29:27
861 Sharon Mungall 2:34:10
865 John Ross 2:34:42
875 Jennifer Knight 2:36:22
932 Sandra Hunter 2:47:40
937 Christine Mavromichaelis 2:48:53
962 Kirsty Steed 2:56:16

Sunday’s event marked 40 years of the race and the guest of honour was Archie Jenkins who initiated the event all those years ago and was also the first winner.

He kindly started this year’s race with a few words explaining that there were 12 people in the first race and over the years it has expanded, with 1,250 people registering each year to take part.

Archie then joined the race to compete, he also adjudicated the event, what a hero! He is pictured below (Morpeth Harriers vest) with Laura McLean, race director, and chairman of Alnwick Harriers, David Hindmarsh.

The Alnmouth Village Golf Club came up trumps providing refreshments, a marquee for our presentation and a great place for runners and spectators alike to gather at the finish.

First Aid was covered by Rapid Reaction NE Ltd who thankfully did not have any serious medical conditions to deal with.

Parking was provided by the Alnmouth Football Club and the Burgage Holders on Alnmouth Beach. It was such a busy day for them but a big thanks for all the hard work.

Also thanks to the National Trust and Landowners for allowing us access to their beautiful sites.

A huge thanks to all the spectators who came along to cheer on family and
friends. It makes such a difference to our competitors and is really appreciated.

Well done to all of the runners and thank you to all of the event marshals and organisers.

Praise for this year’s Coastal Run

A number of runners have written in to praise this year’s event.

Barry Maddison wrote:

“I just wanted to thank you again for the place in the run. What an amazing run. The scenery, organisation and the marshals were outstanding and the course incredible. I agree with my dad that it’s the best run I’ve ever done and I run many off-track ones.

“My dad met me at the end and at 83 brought back all the old memories of the 10 times he had completed it many years ago.

“I’ve attached a photo with him from the end.”


Another runner, Carol Armston, wrote:

“Thank you for the great organisation. The day was awesome for many reasons but mainly due to the option of starting at 9.30.

“I was very hesitant about asking for an early start but for me it was absolutely the right thing to do. I thought the front runners might be a bit irritated by slow runners getting in their way but the support I got from them was fabulous! Verbal encouragement and support as they passed pulled me along. It was unexpected but so lovely!

“Another brilliant result of the early start was that my youngest son started with the mass and caught me up on Seaton sands just about 1 mile from the end so we finished together, not something I thought I’d ever be able to do again.

“On a slightly sour note I thought the group that went off early because they had left their dogs in the cars in Alnmouth were highly irresponsible and abused the opportunity.”

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5 Responses to Northumberland Coastal Run 2019 – Results

  1. Paul Gibson says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the great organisation and encouragement from all the marshalls. First time I have run the Northumberland Coastal race with 2 friends from Chapel A runners. We all enjoyed it and were lucky with the weather! Even those who have run it in less favourable weather had recommended it and I can see why. Hope we can be back next year. Cheers

    • David Hindmarsh says:

      Thanks Paul – glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to get in touch.
      We look forward to seeing you back next year.
      David H

  2. Mr F B BIRCH says:

    Dear sir,
    At the Presentation Ceremony,at which I was present!
    No recognition or Presentions for the M 75+ Runners??
    I would be most grateful if you could explain this omission! Of the entire M75+age category!

    I really enjoyed taking part for the 2nd time. Hopefully will be able to do it again in 2020. Its a brilliant Running event that you provide.
    Hopefully, next year, the M75+ Category, will receive their rightful recognition at the Presentation Ceremony!
    Respectfully Yours,
    Frank Birch.

    • David Hindmarsh says:

      Hi Frank – I replied to your comment last night – Hopefully you can see my response

      Alnwick Harriers

    • David Hindmarsh says:

      Hi Frank – this is the response to your query yesterday that you posted on a different thread.

      Firstly well done on your sensational time on Sunday; 2.22 in that wind was a damn fine effort for anyone, let alone a youngster like yourself.

      We spent a lot of time deciding the age categories and looked at many other races to check we were at least in line, if not better than the norm for a race of that size. We do have to cut-off somewhere and felt 70 was reasonable. (Indeed we had no women over 75)
      I suppose this is no consolation to you having scooped the category win and expected some podium glory. We hate to see anyone have a negative experience from the race and so I shall look pleadingly at our club treasurer to see if we can send you a little voucher in recognition of your run.

      I do hope you return next year and that in three years’ time you are cleaning up the M80 category.

      Well done again on a great run.

      David Hindmarsh
      Club Chairperson

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