Book your place on Great North Run 2019 bus

Alnwick Harriers have organised a bus for this year’s Great North Run, on Sunday, September 8.

The bus, open to members and non-members, will pick up at three locations en route to Newcastle, namely:

Longstaffs Garage, Coquet Enterprise Park, Amble (6.45am);

Willowburn Leisure Centre, Alnwick (7.15am);

Char Mausum, Stannington (7.30am).

The bus will return at 3pm, from Sea Road, South Shields, stopping at Stannington, Willowburn and finally Longstaffs Garage.

Entries for the bus close on September 1, or when the bus is full – whichever is first.

Prices are:

£5.00 – Return (Alnwick Harrier Club Member Only)
£2.50 – One-way to Newcastle (Alnwick Harrier Club Member Only)
£2.50 – One-way from South Shields (Alnwick Harrier Club Member Only)
£10.00 – Return (Non-member)
£5.00 – One-way to Newcastle (Non-member)
£5.00 – One-way from South Shields (Non-member)

For more details and to book your place, click the link here.

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2 Responses to Book your place on Great North Run 2019 bus

  1. Frank Bruce Bi says:

    Q, Presentations made to M70 category Runners.
    No Presentations, etc whatsoever! for M75+ Why?? Especially since you have a timings for the 75+ agg category??? Please explain? This Age Discrimination is not encouraging or acceptable to 75+ Runners, ( this apparant age Discrimination) is no longer acceptable!! These Runners should be honoured at such
    If only as an example to Younger Runners, that Running can continue into their 70s/80S.
    So please! Include presentations for us OLD GUYS. 75+
    It makes for good public relations. To discriminate against M 75+ & Ladies 75+ sends out the wrong message to the Running community & Society.
    Awards for 70s Fine👍 Awards for 75+ Year Old Runners . Legal & Natural Justice says YES,


    Frank Birch.

    (Who took part in this 2019 Event, and came first in the M77+ Category).

    • David Hindmarsh says:

      Hi Frank,

      Firstly well done on your sensational time on Sunday; 2.22 in that wind was a damn fine effort for anyone, let alone a youngster like yourself.

      We spent a lot of time deciding the age categories and looked at many other races to check we were at least in line, if not better than the norm for a race of that size. We do have to cut-off somewhere and felt 70 was reasonable. (Indeed we had no women over 75)
      I suppose this is no consolation to you having scooped the category win and expected some podium glory. We hate to see anyone have a negative experience from the race and so I shall look pleadingly at our club treasurer to see if we can send you a little voucher in recognition of your run.

      I do hope you return next year and that in three years’ time you are cleaning up the M80 category.

      Well done again on a great run.

      David Hindmarsh
      Club Chairperson

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