Druridge Bay Parkrun/Kewsick Parkrun/Lyme Park Parkrun/Bramhall Parkrun/Kielder 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon

On Saturday 6th October Laurence REEVES ran the fastest 5k by a Harrier at a parkrun that day, thanks to his 19.26 at Druridge Bay, where he finished 5th. Rob ENSER celebrated a course pb due to his 9th placed 20.25, whilst Robert BADDELEY was 12th home and our 3rd finisher. For the women Carole PAGE was once again 1st finisher for us, whilst Jo POWELL was 4th female and winner of the female 45 category! Results:

5-Laurence REEVES 19.26

9-Rob ENSER 20.50 (68.08%)

12-Robert BADDELEY 21.19

14-Tony JACKSON 21.33

15-Carole PAGE 21.37

16-Jason DAWSON 21.38

19-Steve COWELL 21.45

33-Jo POWELL 23.01 (69.01%)

41-Neil HAMILTON 23.59

61-Phil LEE 26.00

71-Kim BRONZE 26.13

73-Nell GAIR 26.15

97-Eleanor HEELEY 28.27

147-Mark HUME 33.19

Elsewhere Kim REDPATH aka MORALEE was 38th at Keswick Parkrun in 23.13, Alice TETLEY-PAUL was 18th home and 2nd female in 23.53 at Lyme Park, near Stockport, whilst John ROSS was 230rd in 30.49 at the Bramhall Parkrun also near Stockport.

Later that day 9 Harriers were in action at the Kielder 10k where Lisa BASTON was 1st home for us in 78th. Diana WEIGHTMAN was next, followed by Karen WOOD and Sophie APPLEBY. Results:

78-Lisa BASTON 46.59

118-Diana WEIGHTMAN 48.53

310-Karen WOOD 57.12

311-Sophie APPLEBY 57.13

375-George WILLIAMS 58.54

397-Jennifer KNIGHT 58.17

439-Justine NORMAN 1.00.01

466-Sue SKIRROW 1.01.08

543-Linda PATTERSON 1.02.56

The following day Mel STEER and Helen PATTERSON represented us in the Kielder Marathon. Mel was 155th finisher and 3rd female 50 in 4.02.36, and Helen was 462nd in 5.01.12. In the half marathon John CUTHBERT finished 84th in 1.40.26, followed by Chris STEWART in 1.52.54, Richard EASTOE in 2.15.17 and wife Gay a second later.

Photos are of Sue SKIRROW, Lisa BASTON and Diana WEIGHTMAN at the Kielder 10k, and Gay and Richard EASTOW at the Kielder Half Marathon.

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