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On Sunday 7th October the 2nd of the North East Harrier League cross country fixtures took place at Druridge Bay, hosted jointly by Blyth RC and Ashington Hirst RC. A huge number of Harriers took part, with some superb individual and team performances being achieved. From a team point of view the Senior Men finished 2nd narrowly missing out on the win on the day, whilst the Boys Under 17s won their division on the day. Here is a link to the full results

4 of our Senior Men have been promoted into higher packs thanks to superb runs on the day. Dave RICHARDSON was our 1st finisher in 32nd overall from the Medium Pack and is now in the Fast Pack for the remainder of the season. Former Chevy Chase hero Bruce CROMBIE was 2nd counter for us in 41st and is promoted into the Medium Pack, whilst Graham SIMPSON is also back into the Fast Pack after finishing 44th from the Medium Pack. Steve PATTERSON is up from the Slow Pack into the Mediums after finishing 47th, whilst our other 2 counters were Jon ARCHER and Phil HALL. Just behind Phil were two Medium Pack runners in Adam FLETCHER and Paul WHITE, whilst there were also some good runs from the likes of Laurence REEVES, Allan FOGGON and Peter GREY. Our 2nd place finish on the day means we are now 3rd overall after 2 events.


32-Dave RICHARDSON 38.15 (M)

41-Bruce CROMBIE 38.36 (S)

44-Graham SIMPSON 38.50 (M)

47-Steve PATTERSON 38.56 (S)

62-Jon ARCHER 39.12 (S)

158-Phil HALL 40.52 (S)

159-Adam FLETCHER 40.52 (M)

177-Paul WHITE 41.04 (M)

188-Laurence REEVES 41.12 (S)

222-Allan FOGGON 41.43 (S)

237-Jason DAWSON 42.04 (S)

247-Peter GREY 42.13 (S)

320-Ian SIMON 43.37 (M)

328-Dominic HARRIS 43.51 (F)

347-Mike TELFER 44.31 (S)

415-Kevin McGEE 46.43 (S)

425-David HENDERSON 47.09 (S)

442-Graham SKIRROW 47.39 (S)

458-Ian STEPHENSON 48.17 (S)

501-Chris CALVERT 50.38 (S)

For our Senior Women Jo POWELL had a superb race on her Harrier League debut by finishing 34th of well over 350 runners from the Slow Pack. As a result Jo is now promoted to the Medium Pack. Next home was Medium Pack runner Lisa BASTON, just edging out Frances WILDE. Last of the 4 counters for us was Medium Pack runner Karen KELLY. Well done to Justine NORMAN who was 10 seconds behind Karen, and to the likes of Emma McGEE, Karen LEESON and Grazia CALVERT!


34-Jo POWELL 31.20 (S)

84-Lisa BASTON 32.37 (M)

87-Frances WILDE 32.41 (S)

126-Karen KELLY 33.29 (M)

136-Justine NORMAN 33.39 (S)

201-Louise CALLAGHAN 35.43 (S)

238-Emma McGEE 36.44 (S)

258-Tania CONWAY 37.36 (S)

273-Jennifer KNIGHT 38.18 (S)

309-Karen LEESON 40.15 (S)

337-Lorna STEPHENSON 43.25 (S)

349-Mark HUME 45.23 (S)

357-Grazia CALVERT 52.01 (S)

For our Juniors there were loads of great runs, though standout performances came from Tess HINDMARSH, Ellie PRICE, Max MURRAY JOHN, Millie BREESE, Gregor BATLEY and Ben MURRAY JOHN. In terms of team performances our Under 13 Girls were 3rd in their division on the day, whilst our Boys Under 17s had a brilliant performance and won on the day thanks to counters Ben MURRAY JOHN, Barnabus HARVEY and Max BREESE. Results:

Girls Under 11s:

12-Tess HINDMARSH 6.44

22-Xara PURVIS 6.56

33-Louise SYERS 7.29

35-Rebecca HEELEY 7.33

48-Ava FINDLAY 8.08

50-Erin GIVENS 8.14

Boys Under 11s:

27-Liam McDONOUGH 6.42

28-Ruaridh BATLEY 6.43

Girls Under 13s:

9-Ellie PRICE 15.21 (S)

13-Lilia PURVIS 15.33 (S)

21-Beth CARRAGHER 15.51 (S)

51-Eleanor HEELEY 17.07 (S)

Boys Under 13s:

19-Max MURRAY JOHN 14.33 (F)

21-Cooper WILDE 14.38 (S)

22-Harris HALL 14.43 (S)

66-Alex KNIGHT 17.52 (S)

Girls Under 15s:

12-Millie BREESE 14.40 (F)

19-Sam POTTS 14.52 (S)

24-Hannah JOHNSTON 15.11 (F)

26-Lydia SMITH 15.15 (S)

40-Ailsa BATLEY 15.55 (S)

43-Maddy HALL 16.03 (S)

54-Anna Grace HARVEY 17.18 (S)

Boys Under 15s:

10-Gregor BATLEY 13.07 (S)

22-Thomas DAVISON 13.36 (S)

23-Finlay WILDE 13.38 (S)

26-James CARRAGHER 13.34 (S)

43-Owen DOUGLAS 14.46 (S)

52-Joseph GODDEN 15.17 (F)

Girls Under 17:

23-Anna McQUEEN 23.04 (S)

Boys Under 17s:

3-Ben MURRAY JOHN 17.57 (S)

9-Barnabus HARVEY 18.46 (S)

10-Max BREESE 18.49 (S)

21-Ollie TELFER 20.19 (F)

The next race is at Gosforth Racecourse on Saturday 27th October!

Above photos are of Bruce CROMBIE, Mike TELFER, Jo POWELL, Louise CALLAGHAN, our Girls Under 13s and the Boys Under 17s.

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