NEHL Wrekenton/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Sheffield Hallam Parkrun/Victoria Parkrun/Frimley Lodge Parkrun

The 2018/19 Start Fitness North East Harrier League season got under way on Saturday 29th September at a windswept Wrekenton. Both the Senior teams turned up in decent enough numbers and there were some top class individual performances, though we are towards the bottom of their respective tables as a result of this fixture. However the season is long and with the Druridge Bay cross country fixture up next we hope to shoot up the tables. The Juniors too had some excellent performances, in particular from the Girls Under 15s.

The outstanding performance of the day came from the Girls Under 15s in their first appearance in the age group, after dominating the Girls Under 13s last season. Lauren BROWN and Millie BREESE had a good battle and finished 1st and 2nd in the race, a superb performance! They were backed up by Hannah JOHNSTON who finished 8th, Sam POTTS who was 20th and Maddy HALL in 39th. They comfortably won the league on the day. Other good Junior runs came from the likes of Molly JOHNSTON and Jack PRICE in the Under 11s, and Ollie TELFER in the under 17s. Results:

Girls Under 11s:

10-Molly JOHNSTON 6.59

30-Xara PURVIS 7.33

37-Louise SYERS 7.49

53-Tamsin HUTTON-STOTT 8.40

Boys Under 11s:

9-Jack PRICE 6.22

25-Liam McDONOUGH 6.46

Girls Under 13s:

23-Beth CARRAGHER 11.41 (S)

25-Lilia PURVIS 11.43 (S)

Boys Under 13s:

35-Harris HALL 10.20 (S)

36-Max MURRAY JOHN 10.20 (F)

58-Cooper WILDE 10.57 (S)

79-Alex KNIGHT 12.39 (S)

Girls Under 15s:

1-Lauren BROWN 9.13 (S)

2-Millie BREESE 9.16 (S)

8-Hannah JOHNSTON 10.04 (S)

20-Sam POTTS 11.07 (S)

39-Maddy HALL 11.50 (S)

Boys Under 15s:

21-Finlay WILDE 10.03 (S)

26-James CARRAGHER 10.13 (S)

57-Joseph GODDEN 11.39 (F)

59-Finlay TELFER 13.21 (S)

Boys Under 17s:

6-Ollie TELFER 18.24 (S)

8-Ben MURRAY JOHN 19.09 (S)

16-Max BREESE 20.03 (S)

For the Seniors the men are 8th in Division 2 after the race, with Dave RICHARDSON making his Harrier League debut for us, finishing a superb 6th from the Slow Pack. He’s promoted to the Medium Pack as is Graham SIMPSON, returning to us after a season away, who finished in 13th. There was an emotional return for 2014 Chevy Chase winner Bruce CROMBIE who rolled back the years to finish 60th, whilst Adam FLETCHER was 4th counter from the Medium Pack. Our other 2 counters were Jason DAWSON and Jon DUFFY. Here’s the results:

6-Dave RICHARDSON 34.43 (S)

13-Graham SIMPSON 35.36 (S)

60-Bruce CROMBIE 37.54 (S)

195-Adam FLETCHER 40.36 (M)

241-Jason DAWSON 41.28 (S)

296-Jon DUFFY 42.44 (S)

336-Dominic HARRIS 43.40 (F)

390-Tony JACKSON 45.15 (S)

408-Chris CALVERT 46.00 (S)

473-Graham SKIRROW 48.50 (S)

491-Chris STEWART 49.47 (S)

In the ladies and mens over 65 race Alice TETLEY-PAUL was 1st home from the Medium Pack, just pipping Slow Pack runner Frances WILDE. Karen KELLY was back down in the Medium Pack and was 3rd counter for us, whilst Diana WEIGHTMAN was 4th. Also well done to Jennifer KNIGHT and Grazia CALVERT who made their Harrier League debuts. Unfortunately the good efforts couldn’t stop us from slipping to the bottom of Division 1. Results:

104-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 31.40 (M)

109-Frances WILDE 31.50 (S)

139-Karen KELLY 32.40 (M)

167-Diana WEIGHTMAN 33.11 (M)

300-Jennifer KNIGHT 36.44 (S)

361-Sue SKIRROW 38.42 (S)

430-Mark HUME 43.58

449-Grazia CALVERT 50.54 (S)

Earlier in the day Laurence REEVES was 3rd finisher at the Druridge Bay Parkrun in 19.29, whilst David HINDMARSH was 12th and winner of the male 55 category. Also of note Junior Harriers Euan FRIEND and Eleanor HEELEY both notched course pbs! Results:

3-Laurence REEVES 19.29

12-David HINDMARSH 21.22

32-Euan FRIEND 23.53

46-Mark LATHAM 25.15 (62.44%)

50-Eleanor HEELEY 25.33

62-Phil LEE 26.18

79-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 28.04

Elsewhere Kim BRONZE completed the Sheffield Hallam Parkrun in 26.36, John ROSS was round the Victoria Parkrun in Glasgow in 27.26 and George WILLIAMS completed the Frimley Lodge Parkrun in Surrey in 27.10.

Photos are of Dave RICHARDSON and Diana WEIGHTMAN at Wrekenton, and Mark LATHAM at Druridge Bay.

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