Great North Run

Many congratulations to all the Harriers who took part in the latest Grand Prix event, the Great North Run on Sunday 9th September. There were some very good performances not least from James WILLOUGHBY and Jon ARCHER who both ran under 1 hour 30 and from Mel STEER and Lisa BASTON who ran 1 hour 40 dead and 1.41.48 respectively. Also well done to Bev BLYTHE who took part in her first half marathon since she was a 13 year old! Here’s the results:

James WILLOUGHBY 1.27.18

Jon ARCHER 1.28.04

David HINDMARSH 1.37.57

Mel STEER 1.40.00

Lisa BASTON 1.41.48

Jason DAWSON 1.41.58

Bev BLYTHE 1.58.18

Keith SHOTTON 2.01.36

Stuart EABORN 2.07.08

Mairi CAMPBELL 2.07.59

Peter MEWAN 2.10.11

Louise CALLAGHAN 2.12.34

Louisa STEWART 2.14.09

Ruary SLATER 2.17.16

Paul WILKIE 2.19.01

John ROSS 2.27.13

Sally ARMSTRONG 2.27.34

Melanie SMITH 2.28.25

Laura McLEAN Jr 2.30.27

Paul DELLBRIDGE 2.34.20

Christine MAVROMICHAELIS 2.44.03

Lorna STEPHENSON 2.45.38

Grand Prix results to follow and hopefully we’ll find a few photos of Harriers at the event.

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