Blaydon Race/Druridge Bay Parkrun/North Beach Parkrun/Hull Half Marathon/Durham Coast Half Marathon

On Saturday 9th June the usual great number of Harriers took part in the Blaydon Race, the annual 5.6 mile race along the Scotswood Road. Top runs of the day came courtesy of Dan TURNBULL who was a brilliant 32nd finisher in 30.17 and Rachelle FALLOON who was 9th female finisher in 34.35! Good runs also came via Steve PATTERSON, Shaun LAND, Karen KELLY, Allan FOGGON, Lisa BASTON, Peter GREY, Laura McLEAN Jr and Ian HORSLEY to name but a few! John ROSS will get to work with the huge job of updating the latest Grand Prix rankings asap:

Dan TURNBULL 30.17                                  Stuart MORRIS 42.55

Steve PATTERSON 34.14                              Paul ROBINSON 44.48

Rachelle FALLOON 34.35                             Laura McLEAN Jr 45.28

Shaun LAND 35.54                                         Bev BLYTHE 45.50

Allan FOGGON 36.33                                     Juhu JOSEPH 46.29

Peter GREY 36.41                                            Chris STEWART 47.10

Tim FALCONER 37.30                                   Louise CALLAGHAN 47.32

Jason DAWSON 38.32                                   Ian ATHERTON 48.07

John CUTHBERT 39.19                                 Mary PLUMLEY 49.33

Ian HORSLEY 39.34                                       Ruth DOCTOR 50.34

Steve STUDLEY 40.01                                    Ruary SLATER 51.09

Mark DOUGLAS 40.21                                   Paul DELLBRIDGE 51.35

Peter McEWAN 40.40                                    Mel SMITH 1.00.28

Karen KELLY 40.45                                        Christine MAVROMICHAELIS 1.01.01

Lisa BASTON 41.23                                         Stuart BRUCE 1.01.34

Angie EMBLETON 41.46                               Ron McCORMACK 1.11.35


Earlier that day there were some excellent results by our ladies at the Druridge Bay Parkrun, where we secured the first 5 places, plus some age category wins. In a big 5k pb and 4th place overall was Millie BREESE in 19.43. She was just over a minute ahead of 2nd female Carole PAGE who smashed her own WAVA record at the event by clocking a course pb of 20.44. The WAVA record for the event now stands at a mind-boggling 89.71%. 3rd female home was Annabel LILLICO and 4th was Jo POWELL. Jo secured yet another course pb, her 7th in her last 8 runs at the event. 5th female was Alice TETLEY-PAUL, just under a minute ahead of Diana WEIGHTMAN who won the female 50 category. Also well done to Una McCAIG who was 1st female 70. For the men the highlight was a glorious course pb by Gareth BREESE!


4-Millie BREESE 19.43 (82.59%)

8-Carole PAGE 20.44

11-David MILNE 21.14

17-Robert BADDELEY 21.50

20-Jim LILLICO 22.06 (71.95%)

23-Annabel LILLICO 22.25

24-Gareth BREESE 22.33 (67.04%)

27-Jo POWELL 22.47 (69.71%)

37-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 23.35

49-Diana WEIGHTMAN 24.26

94-Audrey STEWART 28.14 (66.82%)

107-Nell GAIR 29.21

109-John ROSS 29.26

123-Una McCAIG 30.32 (78.00%)

124-Linda PATTERSON 30.36

154-Mark HUME 33.25

Also that day but a long way away David HINDMARSH was warming up for a mammoth race the following day at the North Beach Parkrun in Durban, South Africa. He clocked 29.39 in a huge field to finish 470th.

However the big event was the following day when David tackled the oldest and biggest ultra marathon in the world, the Comrades Marathon. This is a 55 mile race run in the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. David finished in 10.21.20 which is a brilliant effort!!

Just down the coast Annabel and Jim LILLICO were in action at the Durham Coast half Marathon, a very undulating but scenic race along the Durham coastline. They ran together and finished in 1.59.02.

Finally Nell GAIR travelled down to Hull to take part in the half marathon. Nell finished 1345th in 3.02.01.

Photos are of Millie BREESE and Gareth BREESE at Druridge Bay, whilst David HINDMARSH proudly clutches his Comrades Marathon medal!

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