Gordon Smith Memorial Relays

On Wednesday 9th May 9 Harriers travelled down to the Silverlink to take part in the Wallsend Harriers organised Gordon Smith Memorial Relays. We sent out 2 mens and 1 ladies team with each runner tackling a very fast 2 mile course. Well done to all the runners and a massive thank you to Jocelyn BOLAM who was a late replacement!

The ladies race was first up with Bev BLYTHE going out on the first leg. She handed over to Jocelyn BOLAM, with Angie EMBLETON on the final leg. The team performed admirably finishing 40th of the 70 teams:

40-Ladies “A” Team-Bev BLYTHE 15.18, Jocelyn BOLAM 16.55 and Angie EMBLETON 13.53. Overall 46.06.

For the mens teams the first leg runners were Jon DUFFY and Denis KERR, with the B teamer Denis finishing his leg ahead of Jon. However Shaun LAND quickly overtook Mark DOCTOR on the 2nd leg meaning that the A team were quite rightly ahead. The final leggers were Dominic HARRIS and Jon ARCHER, both running well to give our teams decent final positions on the night out of the 83 teams:

34-Mens “A” Team-Jon DUFFY 13.00, Shaun LAND 11.55 and Dominic HARRIS 11.09. Overall 36.04.

47-Mens “B” Team-Denis KERR 12.31, Mark DOCTOR 13.22 and Jon ARCHER 11.58. Overall 37.51.

There is 1 relay to go, the Weetslade Relay organised by Claremont Road Runners. More details will be announced soon……..

Photos are of Jocelyn in action as well as Mark, Jocelyn, Angie, Jon D, Dominic, Jon A and Shaun after the race.

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