Port of Blyth 10k/Manchester Marathon/Berlin Half Marathon/Druridge Bay Marathon and Half Marathon/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Crissy Field Parkrun

On Sunday 8th April a good number of Harriers were in action in the latest of the 2018 Grand Prix races, Port of Blyth 10k. There were some excellent performances not least from new signing Dave RICHARDSON who was a brilliant 11th finisher in 34.39. Also in the top 50 were Ian SIMON and Steve PATTERSON, who were just a few seconds apart. Allan FOGGON and Jon ARCHER were a couple of minutes further back and were both inside the top 100. Slightly further back John CUTHBERT notched a 10k best, whilst Tim FALCONER is getting his form back and Peter McEWAN had a decent run. For the ladies Tracey SAMPLE worked her way through the field to finish 1st female Harrier ahead of Lisa WILLIAMS and Angie EMBLETON. Grand Prix results will be out asap!

Results (chip timings):

11-Dave RICHARDSON 34.39

46-Ian SIMON 37.39

48-Steve PATTERSON 37.46

83-Allan FOGGON 39.29

87-Jon ARCHER 39.35

119-John CUTHBERT 41.13

134-Tim FALCONER 42.18

176-Peter McEWAN 43.58

223-Neil HAMILTON 46.18

245-Paul ROBINSON 47.45

252-Tracey SAMPLE 47.59

257-Lisa WILLIAMS 48.19

258-Angie EMBLETON 48.12

279-Mike HENRY 49.06

304-Chris FRIEND 50.09

307-Denise DRUMMOND 50.20

325-Louise CALLAGHAN 50.57

347-Ian ATHERTON 52.26

404-John ROSS 56.04

421-Laura McLEAN Jr 57.09

563-Mark HUME 1.14.17

Elsewhere 2 Harriers took part in the Manchester Marathon that day. On his marathon debut Dominic HARRIS finished in a fine 3.16.52, whilst Lisa BASTON was round in 3.49.01.

3 Harriers also travelled overseas to take part in the Berlin Half Marathon. Annabel and Jim LILLICO ran together and both finished in 1.52.01, whilst Jackie PROUSE completed the race in 2.10.55.

Finally for Sunday 3 Harriers were in action in the Druridge Bay Marathon and Half Marathon events. Cris ATWELL represented us in the full marathon, his 50th ever race at the distance. Despite not being fully match fit Cris finished 29th in 4.33.33. In the 13.1 mile race Mel STEER performed very well to win the female 50 age category. Mel finished 19th overall in 1.45.05, whilst Paul DELLBRIDGE was 70th in 2.19.41.

The previous day a whole host of Harriers were in action in the Druridge Bay Parkrun. The highlights were another splendid run by Junior Harrier Millie BREESE who was 2nd female finisher, whilst Robert BADDELEY and Mel STEER were both victorious in the aged 50 categories.


11-Millie BREESE 20.58 (77.66%)

15-Robert BADDELEY 21.22

31-Harris HALL 22.44 (67.30%)

32-Phil HALL 22.45

33-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 22.49

34-Dominic HARRIS 22.54

40-Neil HAMILTON 23.24

41-Mel STEER 23.29

46-Graham SKIRROW 23.56

50-Chris STEWART 24.10 (56.07%)

63-Euan FRIEND 25.24

65-Ian STEPHENSON 25.38 (60.99%)

66-Cris ATWELL 25.39 (60.95%)

95-Beth CARRAGHER 27.24 (59.43%)

104-Laura McLEAN Jr 28.22

133-Linda PATTERSON 30.45

134-Sarah GRAY 30.48

182-Lorna STEPHENSON 35.18 (46.36%)

Across the pond Jo POWELL took part in the Crissy Field Parkrun, a lovely looking 5k in the shadow San Franciscos Golden Gate Bridge. Jo was 1st in the female 45 category in 23.54 to finish 31st. Finally John ROSS was in action at the Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun where he finished 42nd in 28.51.

Above photos are of Dave RICHARDSON and Paul ROBINSON/Lisa WILLIAMS at Blyth, the LILLICOs in Berlin, whilst Chris STEWART and Lorna STEPHENSON were at Druridge Bay.

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