Grand Prix Updates After NEHL Thornley Farm

After the 2nd Grand Prix event of the 2018 season, the North East Harrier League cross country race at Thornley Hall Farm on Saturday, the new leader of the pack is Jason DAWSON. Jason, who sat out the race due to injury, is ahead of 2nd placed David HINDMARSH by virtue of having a better WAVA score in the Druridge Bay Parkrun at present. 3rd is Adam FLETCHER, ahead of the 1st female Tracey SAMPLE. Team captains Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS and Dominic HARRIS are next, followed by recent Thornley Hall over 65 victor Mike HENRY. Prizes go to the top 12 finishers, therefore Alice TETLEY-PAUL, Neil HAMILTON, Bev BLYTHE, Carol PAGE and Steve CARRAGHER are in line to win at present, however its very, very, very early days!

Here are the latest standings courtesy of John ROSS and his apprentice John CUTHBERT:

Grand Prix Standings After Thornley Hall Farm

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