Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Morpeth 11k/Hardmoors 30

On New Years Day the Run Directors at Newbiggin and Druridge Bay got their heads together and gave runners the opportunity to take part in not one, but two parkruns that morning! 14 Harriers took part in the Newbiggin Parkrun at 9am, whilst 28 took part in the Druridge Bay event at 10.30 with a decent number taking part in both! In fact not only did Cris ATWELL complete these 5ks but he also tackled the Morpeth 11k at 1pm.

Newbiggin By The Sea Parkrun, founded by Harrier Jackie PROUSE, saw in the New Year with a huge record number of participants. Ian SIMON was 7th of the 349 runners in 19.18, with Alice TETLEY-PAUL the 3rd female finisher in 22.02. Well done to David HINDMARSH who finished in 24.30, then jetted off to set up the Druridge Bay leg of the morning.


7-Ian SIMON 19.18

42-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 22.02

47-Neil HAMILTON 22.13

49-John CUTHBERT 22.13

93-Tracey SAMPLE 24.16

100-David HINDMARSH 24.30

126-Denise DRUMMOND 25.10

136-Ian ATHERTON 25.32

154-Kim BRONZE 26.18

161-Cris ATWELL 26.31

182-Laura McLEAN Jr 27.27

227-John ROSS 29.30

270-Nell GAIR 31.31

294-Jayne McKENNA 32.23

90 minutes later up the coast Steve CARRAGHER was an excellent 4th finisher at Druridge Bay in 17.38, winning the male 40 category in the process. His 79.77% WAVA score also sees him top the very early 2018 Grand Prix standings! Phil HALL was next followed by Junior starlet Millie BREESE who was once again first female finisher, this time in a splendid pb of 20.26. Also of note Carole PAGE was 1st in the female 55 category and Gareth BREESE wore a Harriers vest for the first time in a decade!


4-Steve CARRAGHER 17.38 (79.77%)

21-Phil HALL 19.54 (70.18%)

28-Millie BREESE 20.26 (79.69%)

56-Stuart MORRIS 21.45 (64.21%)

57-Andrew WILDE 21.46

61-Jim LILLICO 22.01 (72.22%)

68-John CUTHBERT 22.23 (57.93%)

72-Carole PAGE 22.34

86-Max BREESE 23.04 (61.49%)

87-James CARRAGHER 23.05 (62.82%)

88-Finlay WILDE 23.06 (64.36%)

118-Andy SQUIRES 24.14

137-Gareth BREESE 25.00 (60.47%)

140-Denise DRUMMOND 25.10 (68.28%)

154-Justine NORMAN 25.36

166-Ian ATHERTON 26.07 (63.05%)

180-Beverley BLYTHE 26.28 (59.48%)

196-Sue BOLAM 27.02

197-Jock BOLAM 27.03

199-Cris ATWELL 27.05 (57.72%)

206-Kim BRONZE 27.15 (56.39%)

231-Laura McLEAN Jr 27.54

242-Linda PATTERSON 28.11

251-Mary PLUMLEY 28.41

349-Jayne McKENNA 32.33

399-Nell GAIR 35.08

444-Mark HUME 37.15 (49.26%)

478-Lorna STEPHENSON 39.36

3 Harriers took part in the Morpeth 11k, an excellent reasonably undulating race around the Mitford and Whalton Road areas of Morpeth. Other than the hero Cris ATWELL, Richard JOHNSON and Rachelle FALLOON also took part. They both finished in 42.08, with Richard pipping 3rd female Rachelle into 21st place. Cris was back in 130th coming home in 58.57 and should be very pleased with his efforts!

Finally for the day Andy STEPHENSON, our Ultra running legend, took part in the Hardmoors 30 which is a 30 miles (ish) loop around Whitby, including Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar, and Cloughton. He’d trained hard beforehand and knocked a massive 30 minutes off his previous best from 2 years ago, this time completing in a brilliant 5.28.22. Andy was an impressive 29th of the 188 finishers!

Photos are of Cris ATWELL at Druridge Bay, Kim BRONZE and pals at Newbiggin, Neil HAMILTON at Newbiggin, Gareth BREESE at Druridge Bay and James CARRAGHER/Max BREESE at Druridge Bay.

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