2017 Hall Of Fame!!

Well done to all the Harriers who’ve raced so well for us in 2017, in the cross countries, on roads, trails, fells and on the track! The highlights of the year in terms of best times over the various distances were courtesy of Dan TURNBULL and Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS. Club legend Jo, who already holds all the club records over all distances, set a new record in the 10 mile distance at the Brampton to Carlisle event in November. Meanwhile Dan almost beat Dave KIRKLANDs long-standing 5k record at the Quayside 5k in August, as well as running a super fast 10 miler in November! Also of note David MILNE ran a blinding 10k at the Leeds Abbey Dash, whilst others in the 2017 Hall Of Fame are Richard JOHNSON, Laura McLEAN Jr, Shaun LAND and Mel STEER! Here’s to 2018!!!

Fastest 2017 times:

5k (Men)                              16.06 Dan TURNBULL         23/08/17 Quayside 5k

5k (Women)                        18.59 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 07/10/17 D’Bay Parkrun

5m (Men)                             28.31 Richard JOHNSON     04/07/17 Bridges of the Tyne

5m (Women)                      41.11 Laura McLEAN Jr         04/07/17 Bridges of the Tyne

10k (Men)                           33.27 David MILNE                 05/11/17 Leeds Abbey Dash 10k

10k (Women)                     38.19 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 09/04/17 Blyth Valley 10k

10m (Men)                          56.28 Dan TURNBULL           19/11/17 Brampton-Carlisle

10m (Women)                    1.02.12 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 19/11/17 Brampton-Carlisle

Half Marathon (Men)        1.18.25 Richard JOHNSON  15/10/17 Manchester 1/2

Half Marathon (Women) 1.22.38 Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS 15/10/17 Manchester 1/2

Marathon (Men)                3.07.22 Shaun LAND              28/05/17 Edinburgh Marathon

Marathon (Women)          4.05.17 Mel STEER                   21/05/17 Stirling Marathon

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