Grand Prix Standings After Brampton to Carlisle 10 Miler

The 2017 Grand Prix season is virtually over with all the main counting races having been completed. However there’s still time to improve your position in the rankings at the final counting Druridge Bay Parkrun this Saturday! Looking at the league table even an improvement of 0.01% could help………Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix 2017 after Brampton to Carlisle.

Thanks to her brilliant club record performance on Sunday the winner of the 2017 Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix is Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS!! She has an unassailable lead at the top of the rankings, well done Jo! However the battle for 2nd is still very much alive as amazingly Tim FALCONER and David HINDMARSH both have exactly the exact same score, 450.01! In the standings Tim is 2nd as F comes before H. Richard JOHNSON is down to 4th despite his very good run at Brampton, whilst John CUTHBERT is up in 5th. Conrad STEWART is down one place to 6th and James WILLOUGHBY is now into 7th from 14th. The other Harriers with one hand on end of season trophies are John ROSS, Karen KELLY, Dominic HARRIS, Laura McLEAN Jr and Shaun LAND. However a few places could be altered this Saturday at Druridge Bay!

Many thanks as always to John ROSS for sorting the standings. Plans are already under way to finalise the 2018 fixtures. Remember all the trophies will be given out at the Xmas Parlauf so make sure you’re there!


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