NEHL Druridge Bay

On Sunday 8th October Blyth Running Club hosted the 2nd of the 2017/18 North East Harrier League cross country fixtures at Druridge Bay. Following on from our decent start to the season at Wrekenton the week before a huge number of Harriers, both Junior and Senior, helped to bag some excellent personal and team performance for the club. For the Seniors the mens team put in an outstanding performance to comfortably finish top of the 11 Division 2 teams on the day. As a result the men are 2nd overall in Division 2, just behind Gosforth Harriers. The Senior Women also fared well to finish 5th of the 10 teams in Division 1, which sees them 4th in the division after two rounds.

Dan TURNBULL, from the Medium Pack, had a storming run to finish 18th of well over 500 runners and is now promoted to the Fast Pack. Adam FLETCHER ran well from the Slow Pack to finish next for us and is promoted to the Medium Pack, whilst Steve CARRAGHER is now back in the Fast Pack after a brilliant 35th placed finish. Ian SIMON was our 4th counter, whilst fellow Slow Pack runners Graham SYERS and James WILLOUGHBY ran really well to finish as our final counters. There were great runs from a huge number of Harriers including Peter GREY, Jon ARCHER, Steve COWELL and Jim LILLICO to name but a few. Several made their Harrier League bows for us including Andrew WILDE, Paul WILKIE and Kevin McGEE. The whole team acquitted themselves well and can be proud of their performances!


Senior Men:

18-Dan TURNBULL 38.50 (M)

31-Adam FLETCHER 39.29 (S)

35-Steve CARRAGHER 39.50 (M)

55-Ian SIMON 40.29 (S)

72-Graham SYERS 40.49 (S)

75-James WILLOUGHBY 40.53 (S)

166-Peter GREY 42.24 (S)

169-Dominic HARRIS 42.28 (M)

203-Phil HEMSLEY 43.08 (M)

218-Jon ARCHER 43.23 (S)

236-Adam SPILLER 43.43 (S)

249-Stefan TOWNSLEY 43.57 (S)

250-Steve COWELL 43.58 (S)

259-Jim LILLICO 44.18 (S)

269-Mike TELFER 44.29 (S)

287-John CUTHBERT 44.53 (S)

301-Shaun LAND 45.13 (M)

306-Neil HAMILTON 45.25 (S)

326-Ian HORSLEY 45.52 (S)

345-Stuart MORRIS 46.29 (S)

359-Steve STUDLEY 46.44 (S)

381-Andrew WILDE 47.13 (S)

412-Kevin McGEE 48.22 (S)

430-Pail WILKIE 49.03 (S)

444-Peter McEWAN 49.31 (S)

461-Chris HALL 50.31 (S)

533-Paul DELLBRIDGE 58.02 (S)


The Senior Women were led home once again by Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS who finished 11th, just 24 hours after bolting up in the ladies race at the Druridge Bay Parkrun. She was backed up by Lisa BASTON and Alice TETLEY-PAUL who had a good battle throughout to finish 34th and 37th respectively. Lisa is now in the Medium Pack, whilst Alice only just missed out! 4th and final counter was club Chairwoman Tracey SAMPLE who put in a class run to finish 73rd overall. Improving Mel STEER was next and Karen KELLY battled well from the Fast Pack to finish as our 6th runner, just ahead of Frances WILDE. Bev BLYTHE had an impressive run on her Harrier League debut and it was great to see Louisa STEWART back in a Harriers vest after a few years away!


Senior Women:


34-Lisa BASTON 31.02 (S)

37-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 31.05 (S)

73-Tracey SAMPLE 32.00 (S)

78-Mel STEER 32.11 (S)

132-Karen KELLY 33.54 (F)

133-Frances WILDE 33.54 (S)

163-Sarah CROSS 34.49 (S)

172-Justine NORMAN 35.08 (S)

179-Bev BLYTHE 35.22 (S)

194-Alison WRIGHT 35.53 (S)

198-Ruth DOCTOR 36.02 (S)

233-Mary PLUMLEY 37.34 (S)

235-Louisa STEWART 37.36 (S)

329-Tammy HALL 43.26 (S)

355-Karen LEADBITTER 57.53 (S)


Alnwick Harriers Juniors were out in force with over 40 runners aged 9 to 16 represented the club.

The Under 11s raced first with several new club members experiencing their first big race. However they weren’t put off and the 14 girls and 5 boys produced some excellent results. New Harrier Lilia PURVIS was first home for Alnwick in 16th place overall followed by a rapidly improving Molly JOHNSTON and then Evie GODDEN who put in another excellent effort to finish 26th out of a strong field of 77 runners.

Duridge group

The Under 11 boys were lead home by Harris HALL in 18th place who finished just ahead of Jack PRICE, Alfie TEMPLE, Alex KNIGHT and Thomas GLADSTONE. All the boys coped well and demonstrated some excellent team spirit.

The Under 13 girls put out a strong team and were looking to build on their good result last week at Wrekenton. Running from the fast pack Lauren BROWN had an excellent run and was once again the fastest on the day finishing in 7th overall place. Millie BREESE was not far behind having had an excellent race and Ellie PRICE was the third counter of a strong team. The girls were the fastest team on the day an excellent well deserved result that now places them 2nd in the league!

The Under 13 boys were lead home by Finlay WILDE in a great 10th place. Finlay gains himself promotion to the Fast Pack for the next fixture. Max MURRAY JOHN from the Fast Pack was next home and finished in an excellent time of 12 minutes 25 for the 3k course (fastest overall Alnwick runner on the day!). Luke STUDLEY was third counter followed by Billy CLAYTON, and the team managed a decent 7th place overall.

The Under 15 girls had an enthusiastic team this week with Kate BUDDLE first home for Alnwick. Maddy HALL was next followed by Anna Grace HARVEY and Antje HALL.

The Under 15 boys once again fielded a strong team who managed an overall 5th team place. This result was good enough to secure fourth overall place after the 2 fixtures which is encouraging as they still have strong base of competitive slow pack runners. First counter was Barnabas HARVEY followed by Joseph GODDEN, who had a good run, with Max BREESE completed the trio of scoring team runners.

U15 Boys

The Under 17 boys were last of the Juniors to run. Daniel HARRISON-FRATER and Harry BROWN ran well both showing promise for the rest of the season.

The teams once again performed well and with only two fixtures completed Alnwick are already showing potential of securing good high places in the league this year.

Girls Under 11s:

16-Lilia PURVIS 6.32

24-Molly JOHNSTON 6.44

26-Evie GODDEN 6.48

33-Megan BROWN 6.54

36-Chloe GIVENS 7.01

43-Tess HINDMARSH 7.12

48-Amie SAUNDERS 7.20

52-Eleanor HEELEY 7.31

56-Kate BURN 7.39

58-Ava FINDLAY 7.45

61-Tilly HALL 7.50

64-Xara PURVIS 7.58

65-Lucy COLLIS 7.58

70-Rebecca HEELEY 8.07

72-Evie McALLISTER 8.14

75-Leila THOMPSON 8.42


Boys Under 11s:

18-Harris HALL 6.28

42-Alfie TEMPLE 7.04

44-Alex KNIGHT 7.06

57-Thomas GLADSTONE 9.46

Girls Under 13s:

7-Lauren BROWN 14.46 (F)

12-Millie BREESE 15.07 (F)

20-Ellie PRICE 15.28 (S)

34-Hannah JOHNSTON 15.56 (F)

43-Beth CARRAGHER 16.14 (S)

71-Abbie DAVIES 18.23 (S)

76-Katie Lou FRIEND 18.58 (S)

Boys Under 13s:

10-Finlay WILDE 13.45 (S)

15-Max MURRAY JOHN 14.05 (F)

48-Luke STUDLEY 15.49 (S)

54-Billy CLAYTON 17.01 (S)

Girls Under 15s:

38-Kate BUDDLE 16.23 (S)

44-Maddy HALL 17.24 (S)

51-Anna Grace HARVEY 18.56 (S)

54-Antje HALL 22.13 (S)

Boys Under 15s:

13-Barnabus HARVEY 13.14 (S)

16-Joseph GODDEN 13.23 (S)

25-Max BREESE 13.51 (S)

32-Ben MURRAY JOHN 14.07 (F)

41-Ollie TELFER 14.35 (F)

44-James CARRAGHER 14.50 (S)

45-Jude HALL 14.53 (S)

50-Ryan HARRISON-FRATER 15.37 (S)

54-Thomas DAVISON 16.31 (S)

56-Joe HEMSLEY 16.49 (S)

Boys Under 17s:

5-Harry BROWN 20.15 (S)

7-Daniel HARRISON-FRATER 20.40 (S)


Photos are of Dan TURNBULL, Jim LILLICO, Tracey SAMPLE, Alice TETLEY-PAUL/Lisa BASTON, Under 11 Girls, Under 15 Boys, Rebecca HEELEY and the Senior Women.

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