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The 2017/18 cross country season got under way on Saturday 30th September with the first fixture in the North East Harrier League series at Wrekenton, Gateshead. A really good number of both Juniors and Seniors took part in the races throughout the day on a dry course, which meant some very fast times and excellent performances.

Wrek group

The Under 15 boys, who finished in third position, placed highest of the Alnwick teams and were led home by Ben MURRAY JOHN in fifth place, gaining himself promotion to the Fast Pack. The teams 2nd and 3rd counters were Alex THRELFALL and Barnabus HARVEY who just missed out on promotion this time. The boys had a strong team of eight runners who all worked hard to secure this excellent result.

The Under 13 boys were also lead home by a MURRAY JOHN brother, with Max finishing in an excellent second place to earn himself promotion too. Finlay WILDE and Sam THRELFALL were the other two counters with the whole team contributing to a well-earned sixth place.

The five Under 13 girls faced the toughest challenge today with three of the girls running from the Fast Pack after a successful season last year. However, new runners Ellie PRICE and Beth CARRAGHER ran superbly with Ellie being first home for Alnwick. The other girls weren’t far behind with Lauren BROWN finishing quickest Fast Pack runner of the day, whilst Millie BREESE was next followed by Hannah JOHNSTON. The girls will be in a strong position at the next fixture following the first round promotions and will be aiming to improve their well earned fifth place.


The Under 11s had two good teams with Evie GODDEN first home for the Alnwick girls, with Molly JOHNSTON and Tess HINDMARSH just behind her. Cooper WILDE finished narrowly ahead of Ben STUDLEY in the boys race with Alex KNIGHT finishing as an excellent third counter.

U11 girls

Anna Grace HARVEY (U15) and Daniel HARRISON-FRATER (U17) proved great resilience running on their own in our less well represented age groups. Both athletes ran superbly and showed how important it is to understand the benefits of taking part and representing the club. It was an excellent day and an even bigger turn out Druridge Bay next week will hopefully produce even better performances! Results:

Girls Under 11s:

23-Evie GODDEN 7.15

30-Molly JOHNSTON 7.27

31-Tess HINDMARSH 7.30

35-Chloe GIVENS 7.40

43-Tilly HALL 8.05

Boys Under 11s:

46-Cooper WILDE 7.20

47-Ben STUDLEY 7.21

62-Alex KNIGHT 7.39

Girls Under 13s:

15-Ellie PRICE 11.18 (S)

25-Lauren BROWN 11.34 (F)

32-Millie BREESE 11.54 (F)

35-Beth CARRAGHER 11.59 (S)

54-Hannah JOHNSTON 12.31 (F)

Boys Under 13s:

2-Max MURRAY JOHN 9.24 (S)

21-Finlay WILDE 10.08 (S)

40-Sam THRELFALL 10.55 (S)

69-Luke STUDLEY 12.15 (S)

77-Finlay TELFER 13.34 (S)

Girls Under 15s:

49-Anna Grace HARVEY 13.12 (S)

Boys Under 15s:

5-Ben MURRAY JOHN 9.05 (S)

16-Alex THRELFALL 9.39 (S)

17-Barnabus HARVEY 9.41 (S)

21-Max BREESE 9.54 (S)

32-Joseph GODDEN 10.16 (S)

45-Jude HALL 10.59 (S)

50-James CARRAGHER 11.22 (S)

54-Ryan HARRISON-FRATER 11.26 (S)

Boys Under 17s:

24-Daniel HARRISON-FRATER 25.10 (S)

Both the Senior teams had decent starts to the new campaign with the Senior Women finishing 6th of 10 in the top flight, whilst the men were 4th of the 11 teams in Division 2 on the day. The most pleasing part of the overall performances is that none of our runners were promoted up a pack, meaning that going into the Druridge Bay meet next week we’ll be in an extremely strong position in what is virtually a home fixture.


The Senior Women were led home by Fast Pack runner Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS who was 14th overall after running the 5th quickest time in the race of the 462 runners. Our next counter was in-form Alice TETLEY-PAUL who was 51st overall, just missing out on promotion to the Medium Pack. 3rd was another Fast Pack runner in Rachelle FALLOON who was just 6 seconds behind Alice, whilst our 4th and final counter was the consistent Diana WEIGHTMAN. They were backed up by some very good runs from the likes of the now injury free Tracey SAMPLE, Frances WILDE and Katie BLACKBURN to name but a few. Well done to Laura McLEAN Jr, Tammy HALL and Karen LEADBITTER who were making their Harrier League debuts for us.


The Senior Men were missing a number of the fast lads like Graham SIMPSON, Ross WILSON and Dan TURNBULL but still performed well to finish high up in the league standings on the day. Fast Pack runner David MILNE was our 1st runner home in 54th, about 30 seconds ahead of Steve CARRAGHER who is now down in the Medium Pack. Steve narrowly missed out on promotion as did our 3rd counter, Adam FLETCHER, who is criminally down in the Slow Pack! Ian SIMON was our 4th counter, just over a minute ahead of team captain Dominic HARRIS. There was a decent battle between 2 Harrier League debut boys to be our 6th and final counter with Jason DAWSON just getting the better of Stefan TOWNSLEY. It was great to see Jim LILLICO and Mike TELFER in action, whilst John CUTHBERT and Chris HALL made their debuts in the mud for us.



Senior Women/Over 65 Men:


51-Alice TETLEY-PAUL 29.06 (S)

54-Rachelle FALLOON 29.12 (F)

96-Diana WEIGHTMAN 30.08 (S)

136-Tracey SAMPLE 31.19 (S)

175-Frances WILDE 32.20 (S)

189-Katie BLACKBURN 32.38 (S)

209-Pauline AITCHISON 33.08 (S)

243-Ruth DOCTOR 34.01 (S)

250-Laura McLEAN Jr 34.08 (S)

263-Alison WRIGHT 34.30 (S)

295-Mary PLUMLEY 35.21 (S)

362-Jocelyn BOLAM 38.12 (S)

419-Tammy HALL 41.12 (S)

436-Sheona DUFFY 42.55 (S)

441-Mark HUME 43.36 (S)

462-Karen LEADBITTER 58.32 (S)


Senior Men:

54-David MILNE 36.58 (F)

69-Steve CARRAGHER 37.22 (M)

72-Adam FLETCHER 37.28 (S)

105-Ian SIMON 38.12 (S)

168-Dominic HARRIS 39.23 (M)

239-Jason DAWSON 40.39 (S)

253-Stefan TOWNSLEY 40.51 (S)

293-John CUTHBERT 41.48 (S)

295-Jim LILLICO 41.48 (S)

308-Mike TELFER 42.16 (S)

325-David HINDMARSH 42.43 (S)

416-Mark DOCTOR 45.21 (S)

419-Chris HALL 45.25 (S)

FB_IMG_1506887255002The next fixture is at Druridge Bay next Sunday, hosted by Blyth Running Club. All the details will be posted here soon. Remember to keep your race numbers for the whole of the season!

22046907_10214128263302085_2572819154939511708_nPhotos are of the Junior Harriers, Ellie PRICE, some of the Under 11 Girls, Jason DAWSON, Senior Women, Senior Men, Frances WILDE, Stefan TOWNSLEY and Rachelle FALLOON/Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS.

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