Weetslade Relay

The last of the 3 spring relay events takes place on Wednesday 21st June thanks to Claremont Road Runners, the superb Weetslade Relay. This event is different to the previous two in 2 major ways. Firstly the teams have to be mixed male/female and secondly its not fast and flat! This one is multi terrain and there’s a hill in it!

Each runner will have to run a 2.5 mile lap and each team of 3 will include a veteran and a female (though this can be the same person). Each club can only have a maximum of 6 teams, so we have booked the maximum possible. Therefore only 18 Harriers can take part. Note that the minimum age is 18 for this event. The event starts at 7.30pm and more info can be found here http://claremontroadrunners.co.uk/weetslade-relays/. If you’d like a place please email Mark DOCTOR at dockie1974@hotmail.co.uk asap!

Weetslade Relays E Team-Denise DRUMMOND, Ruth DOCTOR and Mark DOCTOR

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