NEHL Herrington Park/Great Edinburgh Winter Run/Druridge Bay Parkrun/Workington Parkrun/Durham Parkrun

A decent group of Harriers travelled down to Herrington Park near Sunderland to take part in the 4th of the 6 North East Harrier League cross country fixtures on Saturday 7th January. For the Seniors the stars were Isaac MOSS and David MILNE for the men, and Karen KELLY for the women. There were also some excellent runs by a great number of Juniors who took part!


The Senior Men finished a credible 6th of the 11 teams in Division 2 on the day, a performance which saw them drop down to 5th in the overall standings. However lots of the teams are bunched together and with the home fixture looming on the horizon in early March we should finish well up there at the end of the season. First home for us, in his first race in the Senior ranks, was Isaac MOSS. He was 10th overall, not far ahead of the impressive David MILNE. As a result Isaac is now in the Medium Pack and David joins the really fast guys in the Fast Pack. Adam FLETCHER was 3rd counter from the Mediums, just under a minute ahead of the fast improving Jon DUFFY. 5th was Medium Pack runner and team captain Dominic HARRIS, whilst 6th and final counter was Adam SPILLER. Well done to the non counters, among whom Howard TAYLOR was making his Harrier League debut. Results:

10-Isaac MOSS 37.42 (S)

16-David MILNE 38.31 (M)

82-Adam FLETCHER 41.11 (M)

116-Jon DUFFY 41.54 (S)

169-Dominic HARRIS 42.42 (M)

195-Adam SPILLER 43.22 (S)

225-Phil HEMSLEY 43.52 (M)

243-Shaun LAND 44.05 (M)

257-Dean STACKHOUSE 44.18 (S)

280-Stuart MORRIS 45.00 (S)

309-Tim FALCONER 45.53 (S)

322-Paul GODDEN 46.22 (S)

363-Howard TAYLOR 47.40 (S)

434-David HINDMARSH 50.50 (S)


For the Senior Women Karen KELLY was very impressive from the Medium Pack finishing 29th overall, a result which sees her promoted to the Fast Pack! Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS, despite a footwear malfunction, was our 2nd counter and finished ahead of Diana WEIGHTMAN and Rachelle FALLOON. The women also finished 6th on the day and are now 7th overall, an improvement of 1 place from the Thornley Hall fixture back in November. Results:

29-Karen KELLY 32.14 (M)


67-Diana WEIGHTMAN 33.06 (S)

95-Rachelle FALLOON 33.40 (F)

229-Ruth DOCTOR 38.17 (S)

261-Emma MURRAY 39.33 (S)


Boys Under 11s:

44-Harris HALL 7.32

Girls Under 11s:

25-Evie GODDEN 7.56

43-Chloe GIVENS 8.32

Boys Under 13s:

43-Ryan HARRISON-FRATER 18.00 (S)

48-Angus OWEN 18.31 (S)

51-Joseph GODDEN 18.44 (F)

59-Joe HEMSLEY 20.10 (S)

63-Finlay TELFER 23.17 (S)

Girls Under 13s:

26-Ellie HENDERSON 18.33 (F)

30-Millie BREESE 18.42 (F)

52-Maddy HALL 20.14 (S)

Boys Under 15s:

34-James GILHOME 16.40 (S)

35-Max BREESE 16.47 (S)

43-Ollie TELFER 17.26 (F)ollie-telfer-070117

Girls Under 15s:

17-Callie HENDERSON 18.05 (F)

Boys Under 17s:

13-Ben KELLY 18.38 (F)

24-Daniel HARRISON-FRATER 19.57 (S)


Also that day Dan LENG was in Edinburgh taking part in the Great Winter Run 5k. In a very impressive 17.06 Dan was an amazing 4th finisher!!


At Druridge Bay that morning Carole PAGE kept up her recent top form by finishing 1st lady once again, in 22.04. David HENDERSON was our first male Harrier to finish and was 1st male 60, whilst another noteworthy performance was from Paul ROBINSON who scored a course best. Results:

23-Carole PAGE 22.04 (83.16%)

27-David HENDERSON 22.36 (70.94%)

30-Graham CROW 23.06 (57.43%)

37-Paul ROBINSON 23.53 (54.01%)

59-Thomas DAVISON 25.45

75-John ROSS 27.38

125-Nell GAIR 31.12

131-Alex REED 31.39

158-Melanie BUCHANAN 34.17

173-Lorna STEPHENSON 37.14


Finally at Workington Richard EASTOE was 43rd in 24.06 and at Durham Kirsty STEED was 279th in 36.28.

Photos are of Karen KELLY/Senior Men/Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS/Ollie TELFER/Junior Harriers at Herrington Park, Dan LENG in Edinburgh and Paul ROBINSON at Druridge Bay.

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