Hulne Park Arrangements

Please be aware that Alnwick Harriers have an arrangement with the Estates which allows us special access to the park outside of the normal opening hours. However please don’t abuse this by trying to get in earlier as it may jeopardise not only this arrangement but future Harrier events on Estates land such as the Les Allcorn and the NEHL cross country. One final thing, if you are going into Hulne Park during our agreed early opening times carry your England Athletics card with you or you won’t be allowed in.

The agreement is as follows:

-To run in Hulne Park every Sunday throughout the year from 9am.

-Between October and February there is no entry into Hulne Park until 11am, except on Sundays. This is due to shoots being held in the Park.

-Access is also allowed outside the October to February period on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am (Spring), 9am (Summer), 11am (Autumn) and 11am (Winter).

Furthermore if the Estates decide to close Hulne Park for whatever reason at short notice please don’t ignore the “closed” signs at the entrances to the park.

Finally, enjoy Hulne Park!

Hulne Park

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