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Blyth RC hosted the 2nd of the 6 North East Harrier League cross country fixtures on Sunday 9th October at Druridge Bay. Last years mudfest and freezing conditions were nowhere to be seen as this years races took place in warm conditions on a very dry course. Many thanks to Blyth RC for such a well organised event, and to the North East Harrier League committee.

Following on from their great showing at last weeks Wrekenton fixture the Senior Men were the standout performers on the day. Some excellent individual performances meant that the team finished a brilliant 2nd on the day, agonisingly just 1 point behind Sunderland Strollers. However the league table after 2 events reads well as it shows our Senior Men top of the pile in Division 2, with a narrow lead over Wallsend Harriers and Birtley AC. Our Senior Women fared much better than last weeks race as they finished 5th of the 10 teams in Division 2 on the day. They currently sit 7th of the 10 teams in Division 1. Latest league standings are here


For the Senior Men there was a top class performance from Dan TURNBULL on his Harrier League debut for the club. Of 584 finishers Dan was an amazing 3rd finisher from the Slow Pack. A couple of minutes further back and 2nd counter for us was Phil HEMSLEY, whilst Shaun LAND and Dominic HARRIS were next. All 4 of them will take their places in the Medium Pack for the remainder of the season. 5th counter was Medium Pack runner Graham SIMPSON and final counter, again on his Harrier League debut, was Phil HALL. They all contributed to a great team performance and were backed up by another 20 Harriers, with notable runs coming from Geoff CAMPBELL, Fast Pack runner Steve CARRAGHER, Rob MURRAY JOHN and Paul GODDEN.


The Senior Women saw some top class performances as well with Ella BROWN, just a day after coming 3rd in the Alwinton Show Fell Race, finishing 10th from the Fast Pack thanks to running the 4th fastest time of the day in the race. Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS, a couple of weeks after her superb marathon performance in Berlin, was 19th. Sam EMBLETON has recently rejoined the club, dug out her Harriers vest and finished 3rd counter from the Slow Pack. 4th and final counter was Angie EMBLETON, a runner who has come on in leaps and bounds this year. Rachelle FALLOON once again made the long trip from Cambridge to take part and powered past a good proportion of the field from the Medium Pack to finish 52nd, whilst another Harrier who was having her first cross country race for a few years, Lisa ATHEY, also performed well to finish just inside the top 100. Another notable run came from Mel STEER, whilst there were Harrier League debuts for Lynne BANNISTER, Frances WILDE, Angie DOUGHTY and Helen MOOR.


Meanwhile nearly 50 Alnwick Juniors turned out for the cross country races! The Under 11s as ever had the biggest turn out of new faces with Evie GODDEN leading home the 11 girls. In the boys race Max MURRAY JOHN ran an excellent race to finish in 4th place overall. For a large proportion of the runners in this age category it was their first race and they all coped admirably.

The under 13 girls finished the team competition in 4th place. Millie BREESE ran her best race ever finishing in 2nd place, whilst Ailsa BATLEY and Maddie HALL were the second and third counters which contributed to this good result. The first counter for the boys was James CARRAGHER followed by Ryan HARRISON FRATER and Jude HALL. The boys managed a solid 12th place overall.

The under 15 boys also managed an excellent 4th place with Ollie TELFER running the fastest Alnwick 3k time of the day to complete the course in 13.13. He was backed up by Ben MURRAY JOHN and new Harrier James GILHOME. All the boys just missed promotion to the Fast Pack so they’ll be expecting a good result at the next fixture.

Callie HENDERSON at last had a team mate in the Under 15 girls race in Kate BUDDLE who ran well from the Slow Pack to finish 20th overall. Callie herself managed an excellent 12th from the Fast Pack running the 3rd fastest time of the day in her race.

The Under 17 boys had a full team and finished 5th overall with Ben KELLY first home from the Fast Pack. Ryan HARRISON FRATER was next and Robert STEPHENSON was third counter. Rebecca REED and Sophie ENSER represented us in the Under 17/20 ladies race. Rebecca finished a good 11th from the Medium Pack and Sophie managed a good 25th out of nearly 50 competitors.

Across the age groups the athletes ran well with lots of enthusiasm. There were some great team results and hopefully they all enjoyed their day.



Senior Men:

3-Dan TURNBULL 35.57 (S)

16-Phil HEMSLEY 37.54 (S)

47-Shaun LAND 39.05 (S)

48-Dominic HARRIS 39.08 (S)

84-Graham SIMPSON 39.58 (M)

96-Phil HALL 40.15 (S)

125-Geoff CAMPBELL 40.46 (S)

145-Steve CARRAGHER 41.03 (F)

220-Rob MURRAY JOHN 41.58 (S)

223-Dean STACKHOUSE 41.58 (S)

233-Adam FLETCHER 42.11 (M)

255-Jon DUFFY 42.29 (S)

258-Paul GODDEN 42.29 (S)

275-Mike TELFER 42.52 (S)

276-Ian SIMON 42.52 (M)

295-Mark DOUGLAS 43.11 (S)

313-Jim LILLICO 43.30 (S)

347-Stuart MORRIS 44.31 (S)

366-Tim FALCONER 45.00 (S)

392-Mark DOCTOR 45.41 (S)

435-Steve STUDLEY 46.58 (S)

457-David HINDMARSH 47.43 (S)

472-Dave BARTRUM 48.09 (S)

538-Andy STEPHENSON 52.10 (S)

566-Paul DELLBRIDGE 56.08 (S)

583-Mark HUME 71.59 (S)


Senior Women:

10-Ella BROWN 28.46 (F)


41-Sam EMBLETON 30.15 (S)

48-Angie EMBLETON 30.26 (S)

52-Rachelle FALLOON 30.34 (M)

95-Lisa ATHEY 31.30 (S)

108-Diana WEIGHTMAN 31.43 (S)

130-Mel STEER 32.08 (S)

189-Tracey SAMPLE 33.19 (S)

210-Denise DRUMMOND 33.49 (S)

228-Justine NORMAN 34.18 (S)

234-Lynne BANNISTER 34.29 (S)

239-Frances WILDE 34.32 (S)

258-Rachel McCOY 35.03 (S)

287-Mary PLUMLEY 35.58 (S)

309-Mairi CAMPBELL 36.40 (S)

371-Angie DOUGHTY 41.50 (S)

372-Eileen GUTHRIE 41.51 (S)

373-Helen MOOR 41.54 (S)


Boys Under 11s:

4-Max MURRAY JOHN 5.34

44-Cooper WILDE 6.41

45-Harris HALL 6.41

56-Ruaridh BATLEY 6.50

57-Ben STUDLEY 7.00

72-Alex KNIGHT 7.11

73-Alfie TEMPLE 7.11

91-Thomas GLADSTONE 9.16

Girls Under 11s:

29-Evie GODDEN 6.57

37-Sophie BURN 7.10

38-Chloe GIVENS 7.10

39-Tess HINDMARSH 7.11

40-Molly JOHNSTON 7.11

42-Katie KNIGHT 7.16

52-Amy KNIGHT 7.29

60-Olivia TEMPLE 7.40

61-Tilly HALL 7.43

67-Katie Lou FRIEND 7.53

70-Eleanor HEELEY 7.56

80-Abigail MAVRO 8.21

Boys Under 13s:

39-James CARRAGHER 15.17 (S)

44-Ryan HARRISON-FRATER 15.23 (S)

49-Jude HALL 15.27 (S)

56-Joe HEMSLEY 15.37 (S)

62-Joseph GODDEN 15.47 (F)

66-Jamie GRAVETT 15.59 (S)

75-Luke STUDLEY 16.54 (S)

76-Thomas DAVISON 17.18 (S)

77-Euan FRIEND 17.56 (S)

80-Finlay TELFER 18.47 (S)

Girls Under 13s:

2-Millie BREESE 14.14 (S)

23-Ailsa BATLEY 15.46 (S)

31-Maddy HALL 16.05 (S)

56-Ellie HENDERSON 17.40 (F)

64-Antje HALL 18.25 (S)

65-Milli ELLABY 18.30 (S)

Boys Under 15s:

13-Ollie TELFER 13.13 (S)

15-Ben MURRAY JOHN 13.21 (S)

21-James GILHOLME 13.35 (S)

34-Max BREESE 13.59 (S)

38-Alex THRELFALL 14.15 (S)

44-Josh McMEEKING 14.51 (S)

56-Jack HALL 16.06 (S)

58-Luke McMEEKING 16.15 (S)

Girls Under 15s:

12-Callie HENDERSON 15.04 (F)

20 Kate BUDDLE 15.38 (S)

Boys Under 17s:

23-Ben KELLY 20.45 (F)

32-Daniel HARRISON-FRATER 22.09 (S)

38-Robert STEPHENSON 26.03 (S)

Girls Under 17/20s:

11-Rebecca REED 21.00 (M)

25-Sophie ENSER 22.05 (S)

Results from a brilliant day at the North East Harrier League cross country fixture at Druridge Bay are here Harrier League Grand Prix standings after 2 events look good for a number of Harriers, especially Ella BROWN who is still top of the female veterans pile

It may be a bit of a trek but fingers crossed we’ll get a decent number of Harriers out for the 3rd cross country fixture which is at Thornley Hall Farm, near Peterlee on Saturday 26th November. We’re looking into the possibility of hiring a coach so keep your eyes peeled on the website for more……


Above photos are of the Senior Mens team, Dan TURNBULL, Angie EMBLETON, Girls Under 11s, Shaun LAND, Jo GASCOIGNE-OWENS/Ella BROWN and the Senior Womens team.

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