Warkworth Show “Fun Run”

A report by Mike TELFER on what many see as the race of the year…..

After completing our first Warkworth Show fun run in 2008 when Ollie TELFER was aged 5 we wondered how long dad Mike could hang on until he was beaten over the 2.5km course by the younger members of the family. After a couple of years of good progress the boys predicted that 2016, when Ollie turned 13, would be the ‘golden year’! Bearing this in mind and trying to fight off the inevitable Mike started training hard three weeks before the race with a few ‘secret’ track sessions down at Amble. Unfortunately, there were other excellent Junior Harriers now also competing so the pressure was really on for the ‘biggest race of the year’.


Starting within the castle walls the race sets off at a furious pace as the competitors fight for a good position as they sprint out over the drawbridge and through the show ground to fields beyond. Harry BROWN and Robert STEPHENSON set off at such a blistering pace that not even veteran legend Steve CARRAGHER could keep up! Fortunately after about 500 metres things ‘calmed down’, Steve took the lead and the others all settle down to a less suicidal pace.

By the time the leaders had reached the river opposite the Hermitage, Steve was long gone and so far ahead his victory was secured for another year. That left Mike TELFER, Harry BROWN and Joseph FLANIGHAN of Amble to battle for second place. Ollie TELFER had been dropped and family bragging rights had been secured for another year providing nothing went too wrong over the last kilometre!

Harry was looking pretty tired before the steep climb from the river back up to the castle but sadly he got his second wind and he and Joseph disappeared at a pace that was far too strong to challenge. At this stage it was time to have a good look behind to check Ollie and Lauren BROWN weren’t closing too quickly. Fortunately the gap was big enough and Mike was able to ease off and plan how he was going to survive next year!

There was an excellent turn out by the Harriers for this marvellous race. Steve CARRAGHER was the eventual winner finishing 30 seconds ahead of first U16 Joseph FLANIGHAN. Harry BROWN was beaten by 1 second and finished 2nd U16. Next was Mike TELFER (2nd senior) followed by a pack led by Dave COOK (3rd senior), Ollie TELFER (3rd U16) and Lauren BROWN(1st U16 girl). Sarah GRAY was next in for Alnwick and was the first senior lady for the 2nd year running, whilst Hannah TAYLOR managed 2nd U16 girl!

Another successful year at this great race.

photo (85)

Harrier results:

1-Steve CARRAGHER 8.25

3-Harry BROWN 9.06

4-Mike TELFER 9.31

6-Ollie TELFER 9.52

7-Lauren BROWN 9.55

13-Sarah GRAY 10.31

18-Robert STEPHENSON 11.07

21-Hannah TAYLOR 11.35

25-Kim BRONZE 12.10

27-James TAYLOR 12.36

29-Finlay TELFER 13.17

67 Finished.


Photos courtesy of Kim BRONZE and Melanie BUCHANAN.

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