Blyth/Wooler Social Night

On Wednesday 27th July Alnwick Harriers once again hosted the awesome Wooler RC/Blyth RC Social event.   It was a glorious evening of social running where the finest athletes from Alnwick, Wooler and Blyth took part in a blind handicap, running a 4.7 mile route around Hulne Park.

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Over 20 teams took part, the majority with 3 runners though some had 4, with each group trying to finish the course as close as possible to their predicted time without the aid of a watch!


Richard JOHNSON (Alnwick) and Dan TURNBULL (Alnwick) where the fastest team by far finishing the course in only 29.39. They were awarded with a huge bag of chocolate M&M’s.

First prize however went to Victoria CURRY (Wooler), Ewa JOHNSON (Blyth) and Tony ROSKILLY (Alnwick) who were 7 seconds faster than their predicted time. This year each runner received a bottle of wine (much healthier than chocolate…)

Second prize went to Claire RIDDELL (Wooler), Laura McLEAN Jr (Alnwick) and Jenny WILSON (Blyth) who were 22 seconds slower than their predicted time. Many thanks to Claire for kindly sharing her prize of an enormous Toblerone with those of us lucky to be next to her at prize giving!

Third prize went to Leanne HERON (Blyth), Davina LONSDALE (Blyth) and Denise DRUMMOND (Alnwick) who finished 35 seconds slower than their predicted time. This was rewarded by a huge bar of chocolate for each runner!

Adam SPILLERS world famous wooden spoons went to the team with the most inaccurate estimate. These were won by Charlotte DODDS (Wooler), Emma GIVENS (Alnwick), Alison WARNES (Blyth) and Eileen GUTHRIE (Alnwick). They were a whole 3.23 minutes faster than they predicted!

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The food this year was at the Hogs Head in Alnwick which turned out to be a great venue. We were provided with more rolls than you could shake a wooden spoon at! Apologies for the small rations of chips; this will be addressed for next year!

Finally, many thanks to all those who travelled from Wooler and Blyth to take part on a weekday night and to all the Alnwick Harriers who helped on the night. In particular, the marshals Sue BOLAM and John ROSS. Also to the timers Tracey SAMPLE and Mark DOCTOR. And of course a big thank you to Adam SPILLER for the much coveted “Wooden Spoons” and organising the event with his amazing sidekick, his Debbie McGee, Sarah CROSS.

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