Grand Prix Update After Great North Run

Congratulations to the 24 Harriers who ran the 39th Great North Run in either their Alnwick Top or nominated charity vest.

Well done to the ever-improving John Cuthbert who was the first Harrier home in a pb of 1.26.59.

Lisa Baston is our first Grand Prix competitor to run six counting events and remains in pole position.

The best wava score of the day was achieved by Mel Steer – 70.50 which sees her move into the medal positions in 12th position.

Two other big movers were Louise Callaghan from 8th to 2nd and John Ross whose 36th GNR – plus finally running an Alnwick Pastures parkrun – resulted in moving up the league from 14th to 5th.

Here is the table in full:

The next Grand Prix event is a very scenic half-marathon at RAF Spadeadam held on the 22nd of this month.

There are still plenty of races left to secure wava scores in this year’s competition. Remember you have to be in it to win it!


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NE Harrier League Cross Country Season

The Cross Country season kicks off on Saturday 28th Sept at Wrekenton and we need to get our entries in now.

Under the Men’s Team Captain of Bruce Crombie and the Women’s Team Co-Captains of Lisa Baston and Diana Weightman, we are looking forward to an exciting season of thrills and spills.

This is a fun series of events for all runners, of any speed or fitness. Beginners to cross country are very welcome.

Women run about 4 miles in each event. Men run about 6 miles

These are great team events for all runners. The club will pay for everyone’s entry if you let us know that you would like to run. You can do all or just a few of the events.

If you would like to take part or if you have any questions, please email ASAP and include your full name and date of birth.

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Race Report

Here are the latest race results for Alnwick Harriers.

Druridge Bay parkrun

1 Paul WHITE 18:33
10 David BARNES 21:01 (PB)
16 Edward LONGSTAFF 21:40
39 Justine NORMAN 24:44
53 Philip LEE 25:14
56 Rebecca HEELEY 25:20 (PB)
66 George WILLIAMS 25:45 (PB)
141 Lorna STEPHENSON 32:23
142 Ian STEPHENSON 32:24

Pastures parkrun

7 Tony JACKSON 22:47
15 Keith SHOTTON 23:41 (PB)
68 Michael HENRY 52:31

Hasenheide parkrun

147 Alice TETLEY-PAUL 35:04

Lochend Woods parkrun

21 John ROSS 27:12 (PB)

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

519 Kim BRONZE 31:54

Workington parkrun

139 Gay EASTOE 46:22
140 Richard EASTOE 46:23

Matfen 10K

39 Jo Powell 47:10 (1st VF45)

Ingram Show Fell Race

Ingram Show held another great fell race. For Alnwick, Harry Knox was first junior and Finlay Telfer was second. Ollie Telfer was second overall and Mike Telfer was third overall. Max Breese came fourth overall, while Jess Moses ran well in her first fell race.

Ken Jefferson Memorial 37th Farringdon Open Cross Country Races

U15 Girls: 1 Millie Breese, 10:32

Veteran Women Relays: 7th team: Denise Drummond, 13:27; Ruth Doctor 14:50; Angie Embleton, 12:58. 11th team: Diana Weightman, 13:14; Sue Skirrow, 16:44; Jennifer Knight, 14:16.

Alnwick Harriers are reminded that the first fixture of the new season of the North Eastern Harrier League takes place at Wrekenton on September 28.

Northumberlandia 5K Trail Runner

28 Jennifer Knight 25:34

Alex and Oliver Knight also ran in the race.


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Race Report

Here are the latest results for Alnwick Harriers.

Great North Run

546 John Cuthbert 1:26:59
895 Jon Archer 1:30:35
1,334 Laurence Reeves 1:33:56
1,502 John Horsley 1:34:55
1,632 Steve Patterson 1:35:53
1,691 Adam Stott 1:36:14
1,810 Lisa Baston 1:36:48
2,571 Michael Telfer 1:39:51
2,912 Paul Wilkie 1:41:15
4,611 Ian Horsley 1:46:52
4,697 Melanie Steer 1:47:06
6,807 Laura Mclean 1:52:20
8,808 Philip Lee 1:56:18
10,893 Mairi Campbell 1:59:58
10,972 Alexandra Harwood 2:00:06
11,117 Stuart Eaborn 2:00:19
11,458 Lee Hope 2:00:57
12,098 Sarah Spiller 2:02:10
12,103 Adam Spiller 2:02:11
12,193 Lindsey Davidson 2:02:19
12,567 Louise Callaghan 2:03:04
13,612 Paul Dellbridge 2:05:03
14,525 Jennifer Knight 2:06:40
14,717 Karen Leeson 2:06:58
15,348 Ruth Doctor 2:08:08
17,630 John Ross 2:12:13
18,955 Julia Scott 2:14:40
22,632 George Williams 2:21:37
24,391 Sharon Mungall 2:25:06
29,589 Camilla Campbell 2:35:56
41,002 Nell Gair 3:24:14

10K Poacher Run

6 Peter Grey 46:25 (1st VM60)
34 Diana Weightman 54:58 (2nd VW55)
41 Mark Latham 57:45
82 Susan Skirrow 68:32

Salford 10K

Carole Page 43.17 (2nd VW55-59). This fixture was a qualifier for the Age Group England 10k team to race next May when Carole will be in the 60-64 category. It is believed that her time is enough to place her first in this older category.

Druridge Bay parkrun

2 Paul WHITE 18:32
18 Neil HAMILTON 23:17
47 John ROSS 26:49
50 Louise SYERS 27:10
51 Graham SYERS 27:11
54 Justine NORMAN 27:26
55 Denise DRUMMOND 27:26
105 Eileen GUTHRIE 31:32
108 Eleanor HEELEY 31:54
117 Philip LEE 33:18
124 Lorna STEPHENSON 34:24

Pastures parkrun

1 Michael TELFER 20:16 (PB)
11 Angie EMBLETON 23:42 (1st Female)
18 Michael HENRY 25:04 (PB)
19 Keith SHOTTON 25:16
22 Frances WILDE 25:59 (PB)
24 Caro FENTIMAN 26:14 (PB)
37 David COATES 31:20

Gateshead parkrun

191 Mark HUME 36:18

Workington parkrun

149 Richard EASTOE 40:57
153 Gay EASTOE 46:22

Alnwick Harriers Junior Round-up – Junior Great North Run

10th and 11th places for Lauren Brown (13/14 girls) and Ollie Telfer (15/16 boys) in their races. Decent time of 13:48 for Ollie over the 4km course. Liam McDonogh ran in the boys’ 11/12 race and finished a good 55th out of 443 runners!

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Race Report

The latest results for Alnwick Harriers:

Druridge Bay parkrun

4 Paul WHITE 19:02
5 Jon ARCHER 19:31
8 John HORSLEY 20:06
15 Carole PAGE 21:14 (2nd Female)
23 Robert BADDELEY 21:52
26 David HINDMARSH 21:58
46 Neil HAMILTON 23:51
65 Euan FRIEND 25:04
70 Philip LEE 25:17
79 Harry ELLABY 25:37
81 Jennifer KNIGHT 25:41 (PB)
102 Christopher ATWELL 26:38
106 George WILLIAMS 26:58
113 Chris FRIEND 27:24
144 Sharon MUNGALL 29:48
157 Alex KNIGHT 30:27
194 Lorna STEPHENSON 33:53
213 Oliver KNIGHT 37:39
216 Linda PATTERSON 37:50

Pastures parkrun

41 Denise DRUMMOND 25:36
46 John ROSS 27:43
48 David COATES 27:48

Blyth Links parkrun

35 Chris STEWART 23:59

Gateshead parkrun

198 Mark HUME 35:35

Rushcliffe parkrun

384 Alice TETLEY-PAUL 38:06

Sedgefield parkrun

190 Kirsty STEED 33:52

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

575 Kim BRONZE 33:03

Workington parkrun

91 Richard EASTOE 42:40
93 Gay EASTOE 43:06

Carlisle Half Marathon

304 Gay Eastoe 2:04:44 (2nd 60-69 Female)

Blyth Links 10k

126 Diana Weightman 49:25 (1st Female 55)
159 Graham Skirrow 52:23
231 Sue Skirrow 1:00:36

Alnwick Harriers Juniors Round-up – NEYDL Inter-League Match v Yorkshire

Athletes from the three North East Youth Development League Divisions were selected to form a team to compete against Yorkshire last weekend.

Hannah Johnston travelled to Cudworth, Barnsley, to represent the region in the 800m.

Although she was not able to match her Club record time on this occasion, Hannah finished in a respectable fourth place contributing to the overall win for the NEYDL team.

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Sign up for Farringdon XC Relays

As a warm-up to the cross-country season, we are hoping to enter a couple of teams into the Farringdon XC Relays on Saturday 14th September.

The event takes place at Farringdon Community Academy. Each leg is 1.8 miles.

The timings are:

Noon: Senior Women’s and Veterans’ Relay – 3 x 1.8mile (Aged 17 & over on day of race. Vets aged from 35).

12.45pm: Senior Men’s and Veterans’ Relay: 4 x 1.8mile. (Aged 17 years and over on the day of race. Vets aged from 40.)

If anyone would like to run please could you email by the 4th of September. Any questions, please ask.



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Race Report

Here are the latest results for Alnwick Harriers:

Druridge Bay parkrun

5 Paul WHITE 19:00
12 John HORSLEY 20:12
66 Rachel MCCOY 24:22
67 Denise DRUMMOND 24:26
82 Tania CONWAY 26:00
94 Ruth DOCTOR 26:37
95 Ian ATHERTON 26:38
96 George WILLIAMS 26:39 (PB)
106 Christopher ATWELL 27:02
129 Mark DOCTOR 29:02
150 Michael TELFER 29:51
163 Eleanor HEELEY 30:51
177 Eileen GUTHRIE 31:54
267 Rebecca HEELEY 50:57

Pastures parkrun

18 Graham CROW 21:27 (PB)
42 Euan FRIEND 24:29
50 Keith SHOTTON 25:15

Aviemore parkrun

5 Harris HALL 20:47
21 Maddy HALL 24:41
22 Justine NORMAN 24:41

Blyth Links parkrun

129 Philip LEE 26:09

Gateshead parkrun

196 Mark HUME 35:49

Hay Lodge parkrun

29 Michael HENRY 24:50

Hazlehead parkrun, Aberdeen

150 Gay EASTOE 29:49
237 Richard EASTOE 47:37

Keswick parkrun

22 Peter GREY 20:03 (80.71%)

Lochend parkrun

45 John ROSS 28:00

Newbiggin parkrun

42 Jennifer KNIGHT 26:03 (PB)
48 Linda PATTERSON 27:11 (PB)
75 Alex KNIGHT 30:38
107 Oliver KNIGHT 36:28 (PB)

Northallerton parkrun

41 Mark LATHAM 25:03

Rising Sun parkrun

29 David BARNES 21:37 (PB)

Sedgefield parkrun

152 Kirsty STEED 32:20

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

422 Kim BRONZE 31:39

Triathlon Relays Championships

Ian Simon, Tracey Sample, Carole Plage and Robert Baddeley wore the Alnwick Harrier strip at the Triathlon Relays Championships.

Named Alnwick Tri Mixed Vets, the team finished third in the BTF Club Mixed Vet 40+ category.

The team’s running legs were: Ian Simon 17:52; Robert Baddeley 21:24, Tracey Sample 25.17; Carole Page 22:10.

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Race Report

Here are the latest race results for Alnwick Harriers.

Druridge Bay parkrun

2 Jon ARCHER 19:04
5 Peter GREY 20:31
6 Dominic HARRIS 20:36
12 David BARNES 21:46
39 Neil HAMILTON 25:07
56 Ruth DOCTOR 26:52
59 John ROSS 27:20
63 David COOPER 27:34
83 George WILLIAMS 28:26
97 Karen LEESON 29:29
147 Lorna STEPHENSON 34:07

Pastures parkrun

8 Graham CROW 22:19 (PB)
10 David HINDMARSH 23:11 (PB)
28 Keith SHOTTON 26:08
30 Mark LATHAM 26:14
33 Karl MCEWAN 26:46
56 Kim BRONZE 32:00
84 Michael HENRY 48:27

Gateshead parkrun

231 Mark HUME 38:27

Örebro parkrun

37 Chris STEWART 23:39

Sedgefield parkrun

212 Kirsty STEED 33:06

South Shields parkrun

127 Linda PATTERSON 28:02 (PB)

Workington parkrun

138 Richard EASTOE 51:51
140 Gay EASTOE 52:30

Tynedale Harriers Jelly Tea 10 Mile Road Race

334 Karen Leeson 1:38:01

Trail Outlaws – Branches & Bays 10K

174 Dave Bartrum 1:04:03
242 Maureen Bartrum 1:09:10
317 Carol Davison 1:16:40

Quayside 5K – A Race

48 Steve Carragher 17:00
146 John Cuthbert 19:28

B Race

105 Angie Embleton 21:56
189 Alexandra Harwood 23:39

3K Race

4 Millie Breese 10:55 (2nd Female)
7 James Carragher 11:14 (2nd U15 Boy)
30 Elizabeth Carragher 12:51

Warkworth Show Fun Run 2019

Eighty runners lined up within the walls of Warkworth Castle for the start of the show’s 2.5km fun run.

First back and overall winner in 8min 30s was Junior Harrier Ollie Telfer, followed by Ben Murray-John, while Rob Murray-John did well to keep his son in sight to finish as 3rd senior male.

Millie Breese had an excellent race finishing 3rd overall, first female and first U16, Lauren Brown was second in this category and Beth Carragher 3rd.

Max Murray-John ran an excellent race finishing fourth overall and first U16 boy, Thomas Davison was 2nd U16 boy and James Carragher was 3rd!

Harris Hall had a good race and he won the U13 boys category.

Junior Alnwick Harriers Round-up

NOTAN Athletics Grand Prix

On Sunday, Alicia Purvis and Lucy McGowan competed at the final NOTAN (North of Tyne Athletics Network) match in Whitley Bay.

Alicia rounded off an excellent season with an all-time championship record performance in howler throw, where she managed to smash the existing record by 7m with a throw of 28.4m, outstanding for someone who is still only 8 years old!

Alicia performed well in all the running, jumping and throwing events throughout the season and went on to win the overall first place award for Y3 girls!

Leila Thompson who was competing in Liverpool this weekend managed to secure an excellent third place in the Grand Prix in the Year 6 girls’ competition.

Northern Athletics Age Group Championships

Also on Sunday, Talia and Leila Thompson travelled to Liverpool for the Northern Athletics Age Group Championships.

Both girls competed in shot put; Talia in the U15 category and Leila at U13.

Talia, who has been injured for the latter part of the season, managed an excellent 5th place, while Leila, who threw a personal best of 7.88m, took an excellent third place.

Leila’s throw was particularly impressive as she is still in her first year as an Under 13.


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Grand Prix 2019 Update After Morpeth 10K

Lisa Baston has moved to the top of the table in this year’s Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix, following the Morpeth 10K.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Knight has moved from 14th to 7th and Louise Callaghan has moved up from 8th to 5th.

Alnwick Harriers are reminded that club vests must be worn in all Grand Prix races to earn your points, with the exception being the Great North Run, where you are allowed to run in your nominated charity top.

The latest Grand Prix standings are below:

For more information about the Grand Prix, click here.

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Race Report

Here are the latest results for Alnwick Harriers:

Druridge Bay parkrun

6 Paul WHITE 19:08
33 Chris STEWART 24:06
46 Neil HAMILTON 24:52
48 Paul WILKIE 25:07
58 Tania CONWAY 26:21
59 Ian ATHERTON 26:25
83 Linda PATTERSON 29:09
118 Lorna STEPHENSON 32:44

Durham parkrun

254 Kirsty STEED 36:04

Rothwell parkrun

252 Nell GAIR 36:07

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

432 Kim BRONZE 31:45

Workington parkrun

92 54 Richard EASTOE Alnwick Harriers 00:42:27
94 40 Gay EASTOE Alnwick Harriers 00:42:42

Morpeth 10K

93 Carole Page 43.33
128 Angie Embleton 47.04
156 Chris Atwell 48.51
189 Philip Lee 51.45
191 Rachel Armit McCoy 51.49
201 Jennifer Knight 52.38
232 John Ross 57.40
246 Linda Patterson 61.05

Try on The Tyne 10k

182 George WILLIAMS 1:01:27
185 Sharon MUNGALL 1:01:42

Gateshead Trail 10k

120 Lisa Baston 46:02
275 Jo Powell 49:54
277 Diana Weightman 49:56
508 Philip Lee 54:27
582 Laura Mclean 55:42
609 Jennifer Knight 56:08
625 Juhu Joseph 56:22
710 Karen Leeson 57:45

Alnwick Harriers Junior Round-up

The final North East Athletics Grand Prix was held last Wednesday at Gateshead Stadium.

Athletes have competed at six mid-week evening athletics matches and points have been scored depending on their success.

In the final meeting, Oscar Chisholm, Finlay Telfer, Ollie Telfer, Leila Thompson and Talia Thompson competed in a full range of track and field events.

Leila had an excellent night winning the javelin with a throw of 26.85m and then going on to win the shot put.

Talia, still recovering from an ankle injury, also won the javelin and came runner up in the shot put.

Oscar Chisholm had a busy night competing in the javelin, shot and 100m.

An excellent set of performances resulted in an overall win in the Grand Prix series for Talia for the second year in a row! Leila managed a superb second place and Oscar a fantastic third place.

A great set of results to round off the season.

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