Race Report

Here are the latest race results for Alnwick Harriers:


Druridge Bay
2 Paul WHITE 18:29
6 Joseph GODDEN 20:13
11 Paul GODDEN 21:03
15 David BARNES 21:50
30 Neil HAMILTON 23:15
36 Emma GIVENS 23:56 (3rd female)
45 Justine NORMAN 24:20
46 Phil HALL 24:21
84 David COOPER 27:19
88 Alex REED 27:39
90 George WILLIAMS 27:47
97 Karen LEESON 27:59
165 Lorna STEPHENSON 32:22
171 Jenni WILSON 32:35

Blyth Links
90 Philip LEE 25:11

16 David HINDMARSH 22:54
53 John ROSS 28:02

Rising Sun
114 Lindsey DAVIDSON 26:36
165 Victoria MATTHEWS 29:11

South Shields
159 Linda PATTERSON 30:28

129 Richard EASTOE 39:35
132 Gay EASTOE 42:02

Alwinton Junior Fell Race

Harry Knox won the junior race. Well done to Harry!

In the Alwinton Three Tops Fell Race, Ian Stephenson completed the tough course in around 3hrs 30mins.

Junior Round-up – Inter-counties Athletics Championship 2019

Alnwick Harriers Talia Thompson and Ollie Telfer from the Duchess’s Community High School represented Northumberland in the Inter-counties Athletics Championship at Gateshead Stadium on Saturday.

They faced athletes from Durham, Cleveland and Cumbria.

Talia, who is Northumberland County Champion in both shot put and the hammer throw, had a very successful day.

She competed well in the hammer to finish in third place but with another excellent
set of throws in the shot managed to secure a superb first place.

The English Schools’ Championships on 12th July at Alexandra Stadium, Birmingham, is the national competition which the athletes ultimately aspire to compete. The right to represent your county is not only based on success at regional level competition but you must also achieve the demanding entry standard.

During the season Talia has thrown the required distance on several occasions which has earned her a place on the team. She is the first athlete in Alnwick Harriers to ever achieve this! An excellent reward for all her hard work.

Ollie Telfer competed in the 1500m steeplechase taking on the challenging hurdles and water jump. He had a good run and finished in an excellent 2nd place.

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Grand Prix Latest

There has been some movement in the table of this year’s Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix following last weekend’s Blaydon Race.

Tim Falconer is now first, having notched a 75.70 WAVA at Blaydon, with Karen Kelly moving up to second with another great WAVA score of 73.52.

Angie Embleton is sixth with a 70.03 score and Louise Callaghan seventh with a 70.77 WAVA.

Here’s the full table:

We are now halfway through the Grand Prix, both in months (6) and races (10), but there are still plenty of opportunities to get six counting races completed, but you have to be in it to win it.

Click here to see which races are in the Grand Prix.

If anyone has any queries, contact John Ross via email.

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Race Report

Here are the latest results for Alnwick Harriers

Blaydon Race

203 Jon Archer 33:11
421 Tim Falconer 35:55
505 John Cuthbert 36:32
562 David Barnes 37:08
645 David Hindmarsh 37:52
646 Lisa Baston 37:53
891 Angie Embleton 39:38
939 Karen Kelly 39:57
1765 Louise Callaghan 44:19
1839 Laura Mclean 44:41
1892 Juhu Joseph 44:59
1971 Stuart Eaborn 45:23
2236 Ruth Doctor 46:51
2528 Morag Donoghue 48:35
2532 John Ross 48:36
2548 Jocelyn Bolam 48:41
2687 Melanie Smith 49:32
3410 Jennifer Knight 54:29
3549 Christine Mavromichaelis 55:53
3633 Ron Mccormack 56:46
3656 Stuart Bruce 57:07
3835 Joanne Morrison 59:37

Cheviot Trail

2 David Milne 1.39.57
4 Bruce Crombie 1.42.41
52 Bridget Peberdy 2.23.47
105 Mairi Campbell 2.57.14

Operation Overlord (Half-marathon)

Paul Robinson 2:19:55


Druridge Bay

3 Paul WHITE 19:17
4 Phil HALL 19:30
11 Harris HALL 22:06
19 Diana WEIGHTMAN 23:36 (third female)
21 Neil HAMILTON 23:41
26 Maddy HALL 24:05 (PB)
33 Justine NORMAN 24:43
48 Steve COWELL 25:49
79 Eleanor HEELEY 28:25
81 John ROSS 28:34
82 Alison HUTCHINGS 28:43
84 Karen LEESON 28:46
109 Eileen GUTHRIE 30:30
111 Rebecca HEELEY 30:46


1 Jon ARCHER 21:34
8 Michael TELFER 24:20
9 Tony JACKSON 24:22
16 Alice TETLEY-PAUL 26:22 (first female)
19 Frances WILDE 27:33 (second female)

Blyth Links

42 Ian STEPHENSON 24:53
124 Lorna STEPHENSON 33:02


158 Mark HUME 36:05

South Shields

66 Linda PATTERSON 29:28


171 Grazia CALVERT 37:02


121 Richard EASTOE 39:33
124 Gay EASTOE 42:56

Junior round-up – Northumberland County Athletic Championships and NOTAN Grand Prix

Conditions could probably have not been worse for the Schools’ County Athletics Championship on Saturday. Persistent heavy rain and wind at Wentworth, Hexham, made the running, jumping and throwing events very difficult.

Alnwick Harriers had a dozen athletes representing the Duchess’s High School and there were some great performances.

Talia Thompson had the most successful day, winning both her events to become County Champion in shot-put and the hammer throw.

Ollie Telfer and Lauren Brown both ran well in their 1500m races to finish third and there were good 4th-place positions for Sam Potts and Lydia Smith in the 100m sprints.

Joseph Godden high jumped superbly in poor conditions managing 1.55m but although this was the second highest jump of the day it only secured him 4th place because of the count-back scoring system.

Following the competition, Talia has been selected to represent the County in shot-put and hammer and Ollie in the 1500m steeplechase. They will compete in the inter-county Championship at Gateshead Stadium next weekend.

Meanwhile, in Whitley Bay, the younger athletes were representing the club in the NOTAN Minors Athletic Grand Prix.

Mary Fentiman and Alecia Purvis represented the U9s and battled hard in the
torrential rain. It was not a day for personal-best performances but the girls competed well with great spirit.

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Transfers for the Northumberland Coastal Run

With the 2019 Northumberland Coastal Run fast approaching, here is some important information for anyone who needs to transfer their race number.


All transfers are to be completed by June 23 – one month prior to the event.

Once that date has passed, there is no opportunity to transfer and cancellations will not allow for any refunds.

Please note that due to the terrain, and difficult access to runners once the race is under way, it is vital that nobody runs under another person’s number.

Our priority as a club is to provide a safe and challenging race and to do this we need to be able to identify each runner, which includes medical information.

Please adhere to these rules and any competitor found running under someone else’s number will be barred from any future Alnwick Harriers events with their running clubs being informed of the situation (where applicable).

It sounds rather harsh but we are very keen to keep you safe and stay in line with England Athletics, which is also strongly promoting the allocated number issue this year.

This year’s Northumberland Coastal Run takes place on Sunday, July 21, starting at 10.30am at Beadnell.

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Potential Club Trip

Just a quick sounding out of interest..

We are trying to organise a grand day out for a club trip and a possibility is this cracking trail race in Peebles on Saturday October 5th. There is a 10k and a 20k option, both of which feature a fabulous finishing straight through an underground floodlit tunnel.

We would leave Alnwick around 7am on the Saturday morning. Coach to Peebles for the race and then book a restaurant in or around Peebles for a group meal. Communal drinking would then probably ensue with a return to Alnwick for around 9pm

At this stage I am not looking for definite sign ups – but please indicate if you would potentially be interested. The trip would be generously subsidised to encourage members to join in. Please comment if you may be interested.


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Race Report

Here are the recent race results for Alnwick Harriers.


Druridge Bay

3 Paul WHITE 18:45
29 Jo POWELL 22:35 (PB)
35 Euan FRIEND 23:27
43 Alice TETLEY-PAUL 24:22
54 Alexandra HARWOOD 25:01
63 Rebecca HEELEY 25:31 (PB)
68 Lindsey DAVIDSON 25:38
69 Peter EMBLETON 25:39
77 Ruth DOCTOR 26:44
96 John ROSS 27:12
98 David COOPER 27:16
108 George WILLIAMS 27:52
123 Sharon MUNGALL 28:41 (PB)


2 Graham SYERS 21:22
9 Tim FALCONER 23:39
18 Keith SHOTTON 26:45
44 Linda PATTERSON 32:22

Blyth Links

58 Philip LEE 23:32


288 Mark HUME 35:52

Sheffield Hallam

694 Kim BRONZE 45:01


147 Richard EASTOE 39:46
156 Gay EASTOE 57:05

Ability 5k, Silksworth, Sunderland

9 Steve Carragher 16.40 (1st M45)

Bamburgh 10k

27 Steve Patterson (2nd V40) 40:55
70 Lisa Baston (3rd FV35) 45:05
82 Jo Powell (3rd FV45) 46:11
88 Tony Jackson 46:30
323 George Williams 56:18
381 Sharon Mungall 58:31
382 Alison Hutchings 58:31
389 Debbie Potter 59:36
452 Karen Leeson 1:01:44

Northumberland Pride LGBT 5k Alnwick

22 Cris Atwell 24:16
69 Joanne Morrison 31:57

Grasmere Gallop Trail Race

17k Race: Ian Stephenson 1:39:04 (PB)
10k Race: Lorna Stephenson 1:18:35.

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Latest Grand Prix Standings

Here are the up-to-date rankings in the Alnwick Harriers 2019 Grand Prix.

The latest standings follow the Druridge Bay 10k, which took place at the end of May.

To see which races are still to come in this year’s Grand Prix, click here.

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Race Report

Here are the latest race results.

Parkrun races:

Druridge Bay
27 David HINDMARSH 22:10
105 Karen LEESON 28:41

2 Michael TELFER 20:46
6 Tim FALCONER 21:33
17 Keith SHOTTON 25:06
21 Philip LEE 26:07
34 George WILLIAMS 29:51
37 Linda PATTERSON 30:25

224 Mark HUME 34:36

142 Chris FRIEND 27:18

314 Alice TETLEY-PAUL 32:55

Sheffield Hallam
597 Kim BRONZE 34:46

103 Richard EASTOE 39:02
111 Gay EASTOE 43:39

Druridge Bay 10k
7 Laurence Reeves 39.40
42 Lisa Baston 46.16
55 Tony Jackson 47.19
64 Jo Powell 48.05
66 Angela Embleton 48.11
69 Diana Weightman 48.19
76 Karen Kelly 49.04
81 Sarah Spiller 49.17
89 Adam Spiller 49.42
90 Neil Hamilton 49.54
98 Ian Stephenson 50.56
107 Emma Givens 52.00
108 Mark Latham 52.01
110 Philip Lee 52.05
129 Chris Stewart 53.16
143 Louise Callaghan 54.20
156 Rachel Armit McCoy 55.08
202 George Williams 58.17
260 Debbie Potter 1.02.41
274 Alison Hutchings 1.03.58
366 Neil Gair 1.14.15

In the Junior race at the Druridge Bay event, Alnwick Harriers took the top three finishes, with Ollie Telfer first, Millie Breese second and Lauren Brown third.

George Ogle Memorial Race
26 Tim Falconer 40:50
48 Jo Powell 43:17
66 Diana Weightman 45:00
72 Ian Stephenson 45:44
115 Louise Callaghan 50:12
140 Jennifer Knight 52:25
158 John Ross 54:01
167 Jocelyn Bolam 55:18

Clive Cookson 10k
272 Philip Lee 49:27
284 Denise Drummond 50:17

Rock n Roll Liverpool – 5k
104 John Cuthbert 00:20:41

Rock n Roll Liverpool – Half-marathon
217 John Cuthbert 01:33:06

Cheviot Trail Marathon
1 Bruce Crombie 4:04:44
2 Mike Telfer 4:18:32
20 Alice Tetley-Paul 5:41:52
23 Bridget Peberdy 5:47:18

North East Youth Development League Monkton
The Alnwick Blyth junior athletics team took a further step closer to league promotion.

The 55-strong team competed in wet slippy conditions across a whole range of athletic events to secure another win against five other North East clubs.

The team result is based upon the two best scoring athletes from each club who compete across all the age groups in every running, jumping and throwing discipline.

To maximise your score it requires the athletes to compete in up to three events. This generally means all the team members are taking on an event that may not be particularly strong at.

However, the positive attitude of all the juniors saw them trying hard and pushing themselves to their limit. This year discus has been introduced as an U13 event and Kate Burn, Tilly Hall and Leila Thompson took on the challenge. Leila threw the furthest managing a good throw of 14.55m.

In the U17 men’s competition, Euan Friend won the discus with a throw of 22.6m.
Javelin was the team’s most successful throwing event on this occasion with wins by Ruaridh Batley and Leila Thompson (U13), Gregor Batley and Talia Thompson (U15) and Antje Hall (U17). In the shot put there were third places for Noah Hall, Leila Thompson, Euan Friend and Talia Thompson managed first place in her category. There were also good throws from Xara Purvis and Ellie Price.

In the Hammer throw, Maddy Hall won the U17 women’s competition and Talia Thompson secured her third victory of the day. Finlay Telfer was runner up in his category.

On the track there were some excellent 800m times run, Hannah Johnston (U15) and Sam Potts had a fast race with Hannah finishing in second place breaking her own Club record with an excellent time of 2 min 27s. Ollie Telfer won the U17 men’s race with an excellent personal best time of 2 min 7s.

In the 1500m, Jack Price (U13) finished third in his first ever race and Gregor Batley and Max Murray-John ran good times of 4:52 and 4:58 in the U15 race.

In the sprints, Oscar Chisholm (U13B) won the 75m hurdles and in the 100m Sam Potts ran an excellent time of 13.9s to win U15 girls’ race.

Lauren Brown was runner-up in the U15 girls’ high jump and Lilia Purvis (U13) also had a good competition in wet difficult conditions. Katie Lou Friend, Charlotte Hughes and Eve Dixon supported each other well in the U15 girls long jump and Eleanor Heeley and Kate Burn did well in the U13 category. U13 boys Oscar Chisholm and Alfie Temple and Oscar Chisholm had good jumps also.

Good results across all the events earned the Alnwick Blyth team another excellent match win.

Blyth/Alnwick 605
Blaydon 551
Tynedale 522
Jarrow/Phoenix F 455
Wallsend/Gosforth 318
South Shields/Elswick 293

Here are the parkrun results for Alnwick Harriers from May 18

Druridge Bay
1 Dave RICHARDSON 17:32
17 David BARNES 21:26
24 Gareth BREESE 21:59
34 Chris STEWART 22:58
42 Alice TETLEY-PAUL 23:14
49 John CUTHBERT 23:32
50 Emma GIVENS 23:34
60 Neil HAMILTON 23:59
67 Robert BADDELEY 24:33
72 Frances WILDE 24:45
84 Paul WHITE 25:55
85 Rachel MCCOY 26:00
119 Mairi CAMPBELL 28:39
120 Mel STEER 28:40
123 Linda PATTERSON 28:42
124 George WILLIAMS 28:42
133 John ROSS 29:19

4 Tony JACKSON 22:28
7 Angie EMBLETON 23:38
8 Ian STEPHENSON 23:49
9 Mark LATHAM 24:00
19 Keith SHOTTON 25:22
23 Philip LEE 25:42
39 Alison HUTCHINGS 29:02
67 Michael HENRY 59:48

21 David HINDMARSH 22:14

212 Melanie Brigid BUCHANAN 29:23

264 158 Mark HUME Alnwick Harriers 00:36:52

129 66 Richard EASTOE Alnwick Harriers 00:40:26
137 69 Gay EASTOE Alnwick Harriers 00:47:08

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Blaydon Race Bus Details

The Club is running heavily subsidised transport to the Blaydon Race on Sunday 9th June.

Leaving Willowburn, Alnwick at 5pm and picking up at Felton and Stannington before dropping runners at the start in Newcastle City Centre.

The bus then departs from the Black Bull in Blaydon at 9.30pm after the race allowing time for a post race drink (or two) in one of the finest saloons in Tyneside.

Please book now via this link to secure your place



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Grand Prix Latest and Last Weekend’s Race Results (May 11/12)

Lisa Baston has moved to the top of the leader board in this season’s Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix, after a very good performance at last weekend’s Sunderland City Half-Marathon.

Lisa was first Alnwick Harrier home in 1.42.17 and was 257th overall.

Others to run were:

686 Keith Shotton 1:57:24
754 Paul Robinson 2:00:44

To find out more about the Alnwick Harriers Grand Prix and the upcoming fixtures, click here.

Other results from last weekend (May 11/12) were:

Druridge Bay parkrun

2 Joseph GODDEN 19:24 (PB)
17 Ian STEPHENSON 22:43 PB
33 Philip LEE 23:59 (PB)
70 George WILLIAMS 27:20 (PB)
103 Alison HUTCHINGS 29:22
114 Lorna STEPHENSON 29:43
141 Christine MAVROMICHAELIS 33:37

Pastures parkrun

5 Michael TELFER 20:48 PB
11 Alice TETLEY-PAUL 24:06 (Second female)
12 Mark LATHAM 24:13 PB
15 Neil HAMILTON 24:35
18 Peter LINDLEY 25:54 PB
20 Tania CONWAY 26:16 PB
54 Linda PATTERSON 47:03

Gateshead parkrun

222 Mark HUME 36:11

Kirkcaldy parkrun

137 Melanie Brigid BUCHANAN 28:35 (PB)

Rising Sun parkrun

161 John ROSS 27:51
179 Victoria MATTHEWS 28:15 (PB)

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

666 Kim BRONZE 34:32

Workington parkrun

141 Richard EASTOE 36:31
156 Gay EASTOE 54:40

NEMC Newcastle Racecourse Marathon

13 Cris Atwell 4:16:51

Run Cumbria Solway Half Marathon 2019

56 Richard Eastoe 1:54:18 (Third V60)
71 Gay Eastoe 2:02:31 (First V65)

Durham Trail 10M

227 Dave Bartrum 1:45:20.
304 Alex Reed 1:52:32
307 Maureen Bartrum 1:53:29
421 Carol Davison 2:07:39
469 Shelley Coates 2:17:54

Lowca (Whitehaven) 10K

88 Richard Eastoe 50:24

North East Athletics Championship 2019

The Thompson sisters had a fantastic day at the North Eastern Counties Championships at Middlesbrough on Sunday.

The girls were the only two athletes representing Alnwick Harriers on this occasion but were very successful.

Leila (U13) started the day with shot put demonstrating some fantastic throwing and was leading the competition until the last round, however she was narrowly pushed into silver medal position but still managed a best throw of 7.38m.

Talia competed next in the hammer with a brilliant set of throws and a new PB of 25.78m gaining her a well-earned silver medal.

Talia saved her best performance to last in the shot, she had a brilliant finish to the day with a throw of 10.91m.

This personal best throw and Club record earned Talia the gold medal making her the North Eastern Counties Champion!

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